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Monday, December 24, 2007

A black hole seems to have a singularity at the center. This is not fusion. It is most likely two particles pushed together with such great force that they have become entangled and are infinitely cascading towards one another into infinitesimality, with differing bh mass levels depending on the size of the original particles, progression of spin, local debris, and lifespan.

Sources say black holes emit a radiation over time and will burn out over 60 billion years.

The distance between these two particles is incredibly small and their orbit around one another becomes increasingly tight and low radius into this infinity, never actually reaching infinity. However, this spinning superconductor and the whirling particles around it produce a gross amount of gravity as the spiral continues. They probably lose radiation from inefficiencies in their curve spin and are fed as em by the surrounding particles, which could potentially be crushed and electrically drained into the original spinning pair. Electromagnetic data from before their introduction remains beneath or through the infinitesimal spin of the original particles as they are emitted as radiation is quantum-possible.

This is not fusion, but is the attempt at fusion without a 12. Fusion by 11-association, or relativity, which never actually fuse. [This is satan's loveless attempt at forming fusion, which is the key to life.] God's fusion, the sun, works by flooding a place with potential, as radiation/heat is a string of energy and information. Assembling all energy there produces the new love.

Mankind's intelligent fusion will be real and efficient love. A race that has ascended to heaven as the gods to be with God has reached fusion and constructed their own energy formation, ruling the universe and helping build its ways.

When we have the infrastructure and capabilities to perform fusion we will join God, and be judged by him and the angels.

Producing this energy will make a social 'heliosphere' and will keep out disgusting spirits and people. We will no longer need to be part of the black hole energy cycle that loops from sun [12] to [-11], ourselves somewhere inbetween that massive energy circuit, googles of amperes wide and spanning billions of years.


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