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Sunday, January 06, 2008

I believe macrosocial trends may be the result of mass electrical themes of the previous months, years, and generations. These seem to have geometric representatiosn and reflections upon themselves encompassing the intelligent organization of mass social fields.

ADHD is party too, as a response to a level of privacy achieved and made electrically popular around 1904. These fields and their predecessors spread and formulate as math like bacterial resistance, and their social and individual reflections are symptoms of the shifting of these electrical 'forms'.

Very strong electrical circuits can be made and select by field through conductive individuals, formulating over time into massive high amperage low density fields, likely in the 8hz schuman resonance area, oceans, or ionosphere, or in the blood and DNA of these humans represented collectively by field.

This argument is to be presented to research agencies for study and confirmation or pattern origination.


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