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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our brains may send ourselves subliminal messages from inside our nervous system. These may have a great extent of functionality in our psychosomatic response systems.

A subliminal message may operate by activating a portion of the brain that sends approval messages by electrical wave frequency which triggers functions in cells. This also may be the way all of our nervous system signals work.

These signals would remain circulating in cell or nerve networks in the PNS [peripheral nervous system] and body or act as 'mods' waiting to be actively triggered by stimuli. This may also accumulate into our social function and personalities, and could be dictated by the pro-drugs put into cells from strands of DNA, giving us propensity to alcohol or nervous signals tied to the chemical.

This is how our body 'appreciates' chemical experiences aside from their direct chemical function.

We may be able to store these electrical code segments to be released upon a trigger inside electronics or other machinery. As it stands, our brain sews them together and houses them in neurons to be triggered, likely in easily-chemically altered 'RAM' that is stored in the cells to remember a kind of electrical signal sent, and to know when to respond with it's release or another function.

Viruses likely take extensive advantage of this electrical system.


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