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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Psychohistory and Temporal Mechanics

In 2007 NASA scientists found that certain kinds of electromagnetic fields and dust may fulfill the requirements of being called 'alive'.

Recently the Russian Acaddemy of Sciences, the Max Planck Institute, and the University of Sydney have discovered that electromagnetic fields form helixes and double-helixes in plasma from space dust.

Furthermore it has been found on earth that DNA particles attract to one another 'by telepathy', and can recognize one another and pairs from long distances without explanation.

I understand that this is caused by Tesla circuitry. Cellular phones can be charged by this process. This electromagnetic field contains a powerful and useful charge. It can be used to magnetize chemical components and areas to pull physical DNA together into desired forms. This kind of field effect can trade amperage between species and most likely intersects every biological life form on earth, and if electromagnetic fields themselves are alive, each aphysical electromagnetic life form on earth.

Scientists have moved subatomic particles briefly through time. This is a proof of concept of dimensional or temporal progression being permeable. This permeable jello we are continually squeezing through conducts our circuitry through timespace. Different events or time-sensitive circuitry can have different levels of probability, or different levels of electrical resistance measurable in amperage. It is probable that forces will cause the path of least electrical resistance and probability to be taken unless acted upon by forces.

The BBC produced an article saying that astronauts taking bacteria into space, away from the earth's bioelectrical field, found that it mutated more quickly and became more deadly as a disease. I believe this is because the bacteria was attempting to restore the DNA Tesla circuit to sustainability or completion, which is probably the electrical minimum or resting point of each living biological field, considering its resources, electrical environment, and probable temporal pathways.

Studying this and surrounding conditions, we can know how much electrical force it will take to produce an atom, life form, or condition at a certain time and space or duration of time and spaces, and the probability of that condition being met at rest and with input.

This is nothing short of divination and as those who practice it are referered to in Cyberpunk novels, 'psychohistorianism'. When it involves biological or living systems, a new term is needed. What would you call it?

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