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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The interior of an atom

The interior of an atom is not empty, as this text states. It is full of tiny very low amperage tesla circuit pathways. These airborne wireless energy exchanges may steer the atom through 'wonder' like a rudder and guide its interactions. Also inside the atom are the reverberations of the electrons' 'wobbles', which are irregularities in their orbit storing up charge like a Tesla battery. Some modern cell phone chargers use this electrical field technology.

So the inside of an atom is not empty. It is a very busy electromagnetic field that is invisible or unstable to the naked eye. The electron is the tiny stable portion of the field. The field itself may be equal in string potential to the proton, and guided or headed by the electron, which would be an inverse cave of the electrical functions of the surrounding field, responsible for organizing the qunatum events that occur every second.

The electron itself may be an amazingly dense piece of data by omission. A 'wing' if you will, with infinite tiny flaps, a fractal stemming inward to the edge of data.

It looks like a fingerprint on the video recording, the first time an electron was ever caught on video.

The relativity between a human neurological circuit and the organizing properties of a quantum electron field and its role in magnetizing stable visible reality may be more interesting that we know.


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