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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spacecraft and 4mm

If you have not yet checked for relativity from this slingshot operation, involving high speeds and astronomical distance, consider the atomic clock that circled the earth 300 times and lost 1/600 of a second. If the rotation was in a plane traveling only several hundred mph and the slingshot is an operating approaching 30,000 mph, is 1/600 of a second enough to add 4mm/s?

This is a copout. There is denser physics afoot.

Also consider the comparative pressure of a hole in a rapidly moving train. It is lower because of the rushing. Temporal pressure may be lower because of this rushing in comparison as well. Even rotating energy density becomes a low pressure zone that attracts other things. This is why entrainment occurs and how we get 'le clusterfuck', or hz-activated quantum bunching.

An hz-activated event is electronically coded to have certain hz frequencies either lighter or denser than the regional average. This sequence of spectrum difference, which could be grand or slight, and will show up as a single color on many machines even if it is 10 data centers of articulation. It is like a swizzlestick with the curves varying in size, made of energy. When you pass it through a system, it will produce a special kind of whistling that farther dow2n the chain of reaction influences and condenses quantum events and other energy signatures.

The normal energy for a given area is "8". This is the environmental constant, which is actually moving very slowly, but entrains and bunches together enough to look like it is not moving locally, although pressures and 'confidences' are shifting. Articulated or hz-activated energy is a '9', which has either more or less energy on various levels of the spectrum.

The 8 literally looks like a stabilized area, with two portions measuring and cycling everywhere, locally. The 9 looks literally like an 8 with a bite out of it somewhere, or an inequality in it making the top bigger than the bottom. This is an intelligent organization, which has been done for a reason, stupid or wise, which is 'intelligence'. On a macroscale, the entire universe is actually <9, as it is dissimilar, and will serve "10", or quantum entrainment and other energetic properties that make it 100% efficient and A-scale. Can anything be 100% efficient on a local level? Maybe, and more? Forever? Probably not eternally in a single dimension.

A 12hz energy slice has several geometries overlapping. All possible geometric combinations that add up to 12 are there. Putting 8hz energy in earth's 8hz resonance field produces no loss. Similarly, 3x4hz produces no loss in a 12hz system. That hz geometry is there, waiting in activated potential, with ~100% efficiency, and could be sucked out of the 12hz at a moment's notice.

This is not an argument that inequality is intelligent, although it is proof of someone having moved the dots of infinity in the past by changing or writing the laws of nature which are little more than "Phun", and have even changed very slowly, such as the speed of light declining. That may be the work of some gross 9 resolving slowly. Solve for trillions of years. That is a very large gear.

I wager that all laws of physics are actually electronic field effects. Because they are electronic fields, they are -11's<12 which means they are cogent to a single dimension, and you can probably turn them into particles. Give me the particle that articulates the speed of light law. It is probably an electron spanning roughly from the sun to mars or jupiter with smooth or sloping relief facets that are tens of millions of miles long. This may be orbiting a proton that is light years long. It might actually be a galaxy, and the electron a solar system, or perceived charge, a black hole, or a macroscale electromagnetic field, perhaps the relief structure in the form of Hawking Radiation. Actually, considering the relief structure, saying that an electron is a black hole on the astronomical scale would be rough-consistent. This could explain the electromagnetically enhanced principles of extra gravity and physics around a black hole that could describe the exponential scale of magnetism.

Please examine the effect and composition of Hawking Radiation to see what hz spectrums come from it and what geometries it produces down the road, away from the BH.

I have discovered the way subatomic particles coil. They are gendered. The electron is female, and proton is male. They both behave along lines of similarity to the behaviors of humans with those genders. We also are electronically motivated and influenced beings, likely to produce an electronic effect or product, in a 9-environment that is resolving. After this resolution and even beforehand we are physically able to change our capacities and resolutions.


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