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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Where did all the 9 Go?

This article says that in the early days of the universe, the universe was full of radiation and had equal parts of matter and antimatter.

This may not be so. In number theory, 8 is stability and equality, while 9 is intelligence and inequality, or leaving and failure to rejoin, [until 10, which is pairing and magnetism and local effects.]

The Old Testament God is also #8. While Satan is #9. Man was supposed to be a justice, 7, which would never leave God. But we did.

I suspect that these antimatter particles quickly take 9-routes away from the matter instead of rejoining with it and crushing themselves.

As opposed to producing 'nothing' by anti-matter and matter striking, they form a large explosion of energy, which is fantastic and A-shelf, or 100% recovery of energy.

Satan would want there to be ~nothing, or for separation to rule the world, so he becomes #9, of leaving and inequality. A real thing plus a fake thing does not equal nothing, though.

Matter and anti-matter may simply be 'fake' and 'fake'[-1] energy stabilities. Energy being the real thing present, and energy being 10.

This would display itself on a graph as a dip around 8 and a surge around 9, or the opposite, on an x-slope rising at 45*. This is caused by an inequality, possibly a horizontal line forming at the 8, a literal form place, a Tesla circuit creation, which sprays or distorts matter or energy from other Tesla style electromagnetic field circuits, really more like meteorological patterns of energy than 'circuits' as we are accustomed to, but functioning in many ways as circuits nonetheless.

This causes the astronomically magnetic tendencies we see in this local environment, local being a scale of earth, and possibly as much as several solar systems away, or possibly the entire galaxy or all of reality, but more likely a local circuit board expression of a common systemic 'global' field problem, or a result of the confluence of energy patterns from this part of the milky way galaxy or the whole galaxy, or from numerous galaxies MR [major radius], or a collection of the magnetic input of all circuits everywhere effected on us locally.

This is a cloud of electromagnetic tendency that likely contains our local laws of physics, or our local prescription for the general laws, or our method of interpreting the incoming energy sigals altogether, extrapolating more distant effects, or recovering as such from the radius of our known and visible universe, beyond which energy flow patterns that we have not yet interpreted with our local-physics lens lay.

You may recall a post I made earlier regarding a possible electron the size of about 2-3 AU. And another much earlier about the particle form of a love-field., as all fields can be condensed into particles, and it is probable that all of our laws of physics are actually electromagnetic effects or circuits forming fields.

Theoretically, this provides a conceptual theory of 'forms'.