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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I also speculate that matter and anti-matter are the formation of two stable formulations from a single original energy system, and that this system is a dimensional structure.

Fate may be dimensional energy formation as polynary forms of matter becoming relatively entangled clouds.

Fate seals or approaches and 'time' passes as possibilities are solidified when opposing clouds of fate are solidified and destroy or re=enmesh one another, by field, forming new realities and new vibrations, which we call change.

for example, matter and anti-matter will form when electrons begin spinning in different directions. But polynary matter will form when energy hz causes matter to spin in 3 different directions, only one of which can be displayed in the 'foreground' or electrical probability at a time. This is multidimensionalism, which is overlapping our experiences and our realms of physics right now. Matter vibrating at frequencies irrelative to our own do not even appear on our radar, although they may produce sporadic emissions into our dimension.

This is 'the veil'. This is the interdimensional realm. Living beings reside in these realms, and can enter our world by changing their vibrational systems.


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