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Monday, March 31, 2008

Our earth is moving around the sun at approximately 19 miles per second. The sun is moving through the milky way galaxy at a searing pace. Yet here on the ground we are not. I speculate that the contraction and compression of these forces provide a large portion of the energy required for form a sun. These formations may very well derive a large portion of their energy from the 'wonder' or chaos or wind and cosmic radiation of the universe beyond the heliosphere carved out of background space by the sun. I would call that wind unstabilized string particles, which eventually stabilize as dust and the many atoms, which together compact into suns and the life that those wonderful strings first wanted to be.

I wager that we could derive a large amount of our power from this force. Reiki is a massive power source from the earth. There may be fantastic formational reiki forces from inside and outside the solar system.

This is closely in order with the theory of infinite smallness and an echoing of scale obeying intelligent order.


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