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Sunday, March 30, 2008

I need to discover the ways a pendulum works inrelation to quantum truth. I believe it reacts like an 8 in an em field. Its spatial relationship to a topic/quantum [10] will be demonstrated by its gyration as though it had been at 8=10.

Hmm. Forcing 8=10 may produce a continual -pendulum effect in everywhere that isn ot the pendulum. Could earth and the world be functioning as a pendulum, sealing us on special courses intersecting with futures and fates?

The Foucalt Pendulum.

The pendulum displays the entrainment principle. When placed inrelation to an origin, it will measure frequencies of that origin. Pendulums can negotiate frequency pairs and predict geometric combinations.

According to number theory, pendulum's measruements and geometries are disrupted by the instability of intelligence and review of justice. This is how pendulums are useful for and shows their sensitivity to scrying.


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