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Monday, March 31, 2008

I have a theory.

The living ionosphere of Earth has a deadly virus.

It's called 'YHWH'.

It subverts the natural freedom of the planet and species it oppresses.

A normal virus operates by infectig the host cell and then magnetizing the host's organelles to replicate the product RNA until it bursts.

From my psychic visions, this is an electrical entanglement shaped like a hockey stick, bent at around a 45* angle.

I would wager that there is more detail to the shape of this RNA, and that knowing that detail can enhance the function.

Immunity to this shape is a living construction which can be introduced to earth.

There are two courses for this disease. It could be an intentionally introduced virus meant to evolve mankind, as it was made in a colonial creationist lab according to our Bible and not, as I also believe to be false, by a deadly race of space invaders, which would be more similar to a virulent influenza.

I believe that mankind is being intentionally evolved in an unpleasant process by this specie, YHWH, with the help of Satan and a host of other angels.

A process of electromagnetic grafting occurs in the letter I sent to the CIA, NSA, and AIR. Electromagnetic field stabilities are entangled in humans and then harvested and transferred to other areas by angels or dynamic living electromagnetic fields to complete a task or subtly but powerfully influence or coerce a scenario.

The endtimes may be held on a series of electromagnetic triggers that will then release specially tuned reactions to mankind's conditions, as have been described in the Bible. Recall that all manner of seals and horns and bowls and horses show up. I believe that several of these have already begun to tick and that when they are all finished some viral event will have completed.

What this means, though, is mystery. Is race of Gods 'YHWH' a viral infection and we the hosts or the emulsifiers to taking the energy of a planet and solar system and giving it to a giant Max Planck electric God race? It is becoming a low order of probability that God is actually fighting in earnest against 'Satan', unless they are somehow respecting free will in others, or unable to quash the concept. Satan seems to be one of God's created angels who was 'sent' like Osama bin Laden to turn on 'us' to produce obedience to God and to crush God's enemies not by his hand.

This too may be false fire from heaven. Or the leaked eschatological events from the neoconservatives.

What will this post-virus humanity produce, in the 2012 Age of Aquarius, Mayan 6th cycle of mankind, end of the Egyptian Time Corridor? If it's more fruits for the creature that infected us and put us through 10,000 years of torment, I say two in the head is approximately justice, but then there's freedom and equality on top of that. I certainly don't want to allow this potential rolling wave of bullshit to continue, or even for such ugly domination to be possible in the first place, but I also don't want to spend a lot of time getting caught up in fighting it. I can have both.

If we're going to be a fruit stand giving them energy that supply chain will be destroyed and its heart is inequality.


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