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Monday, March 31, 2008

Solar IR

"Solar's had a pretty rough time breaking the ~40% efficiency level over the years, but Idaho National Laboratory researchers have apparently developed a nano-antenna array capable of collecting power not from photonic energy as is done today, but from infrared energy that could be harvested in any weather (or even at night). The cell production process is even supposed to be ridiculously cheap compared to making standard silicon photovoltaic cells, but, as always, there's a rub. The grid collects its oscillating IR energy at ten thousand billion times per second, which is proving to be a challenge to the nerds behind the tech, who are working on a way to convert that to the 50-60Hz power that the world uses. So yeah, it might be a few more years before this one pans out (if it does pan out)."

We will need to use an 8<9 system. 8 is a very effective damper of electrical systems, and is the myelin or fat of a system that insulates electricity. If we pass the energy through a kind of fatty membrane that will resonate and produce a circuit from being surrounded by a more dampering shell, this will be a good start to collecting that energy by field as a step-down from the 10 trillion hz system.

The car remote is a portion of the circuit. I could imagine the ionosphere as an energy background and each specie and the cosexes of the species, and man and gods and spirits, as cooperators of a complex system of circuitry, mostly by field in some cases. Mostly interactive em fields rather than circuits.


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