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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Quantum Byte software for the computer uses special code to shift the computer processor's functions to a special frequency that is healthful.

Today I had the treat of feeling or realizing that computers produce a special electron alignment pattern that cascades from the processor. This probably affects the radio transmissions nearby. It is actually electromagnetic or quantum probability pull from a rapidly shifting e- source. This produces whatwe might call 'suction' and causes nearby electrons to fall into differing probability arrangements, which is measured by a series of geometric arrangements.

The normal geometric arrangements of quantums is probably about a million-sided shape, and a human is probably a multimillion sided shape, but if bad things are happening it can become depressed down to, say, 350,000 sided shape, or somesuch. Satan wants this solidified to one side or none.

YHWH wants omnisided shapes. These produce certain inefficiencies and are both not necessarily Z.

This happens with power lines to a geometrically lesser degree.

I bet I can change it. I bet -? affect these functions. They and vibrational beings may be affected by it.


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