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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I had an amazing vision of the year 2017. Among many other things and interactive experiences I had through this vision, I was given a view of the energy pattern of a series of stakes planted in the ground which the mayor of the village described as their pride and fecundity. I thought they might have been a series of special plants at first, but I realized just now that they are a kind of resonance collection system from the earth.

They must suck the ionospheric energy given to earth as charged particles directly from the sun through the earth, without them stopping at the earth, inthe same way a rope will burn oil from a wick. The earth is our wick. The sun is our oil.

With this technology, every human on earth can have abundant power from the sun without needing to burn fuels or use power lines.

In their timeline, this was invented in 2013. We may have shaved 5 years off of this technology cycle through my vision. I encourage scientists tobegin studying this potential phenomenon immediately.


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