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Sunday, April 27, 2008

201st Post!!

I have had less time to post, as I am busy running for Massachusetts House of Representatives. The election is November 4, 2008. Primaries in my District are September 16, 2008. I will be campaigning extensively during that time and working on group organizational projects and social theory more than physics and science, sadly. I know enough to apply it in the world. Vote for me!

I want to be ready for CERN's LHC going online in May/June. I plan to study up on the Higgs-Boson and our existing and new stockpiles of scientific data on background physics, number theory, and observed phenomenon 'high energy physics', magnetic field origins and interactions, string theory, atomic stability, atomic vibration, and molecular organization.

Does number theory [#t] begin to become useful local to string theory, or is it universally useful and have language-specific probabilities of usefulness? Any energy set can be observed relevant to #t, but the resolution of it on scale of origin, from simple background physics to complex polyvibrational systems, makes it like an infinitely tall and zero/low-gravity game of jenga with local magnetic forces and magnetized pieces. This is much like the entire set of energy physics.

I have begun studying in earnest vibrational physics, which is even more useful to the science of creation than #t. Living electromagnetic fields and living vibrational patterns in our world can use Tesla-field high energy electronic exchanges to cause localized miraculous events, such as biogenesis, creation, introduction of vibrational patterns that will terminate in desired results unless adjusted or dissolved, energy grafting on all scales, and other intentional intelligent reactions and synchronicities. They routinely interact with humanity, although many do not recognize these events.

These species and other more complex species from infinity years ago [and in the future] and from infinity light years of radius throughout the universe frequently visit earth and apply remote electromagnetic interaction with us at will.

We have a local anchor structure, a massive polyvibrational high energy system that we call the sun. It is alive. So is the earth which it primarily controls electrically by scale and by its varied and intelligent ionic systems production, which the earth, also living, is constantly bathed in. Inside the sun's heliosphere and earth's ionosphere we experience a buffered and controlled reality.

The old testament God is a 'Fire God', and I am convinced the God is literally the living sun of this solar system, and perhaps the entire united system of living suns in the Milky Way galaxy which are species as well as astronomical arrangements.

The God we know admits it is a jealous God.

I am wildly insulted that they seek to control my life and the lives of others, and I believe that there are special hz vibrations that can rule, affect, deny, or destroy the actions of suns, planets, ionospheres, all possible alien races, and all individual species in biospheres.

Truman Admits UFOs are Real, 1952:

NASA airbrushes alien bases on the moon:

See supporting evidence at

These suns desire to produce an "8=10" condition relative to #t. This 8=10 condition is a desire for infinite magnetism and infinite control and energy. However, the suns are limited to their reactive mass and the reaction that they produce, and will only live for about 15 billion years before burning out into lumps of coal or supernovaing into black holes. These are probably star death or the late stages of the life of a star. Their hz frequency and scale may make this seem like only a long time.

The 8=10 produces a new number line of geometry, a pyramid, which forms with 8 being the highest number, and the 9 or the 10 being a cap to it. This cap [10] is separated from the [1-8] base by a !9. The 9 symbolizes separation or intelligence. This 10 without 9 is repeated in the mathematical arrangement infinitely, in an "A" shape, but the A extends into infinity and has "infinity minus 1" joints beneath the theoretical cap. The masonic pyramid shows only one gap. This gap is 'the air' and is allegedly given over to an electromagnetic function we call 'Satan'. Lucifer. Perhaps the brightest star nearby, the Sun's/God's biggest local singular threat, or a being from the space between the stars. Satan seems to have a desire to become nothing, or commit suicide, but has to take everything else out first or "he'll" be observed and recoalesce. He may seek to operate a 0hz in absolute zero, which is unattainable. The sun or God may seek to operate at [8]Hz, or infinite Hz, which is also unattainable.

To achieve this infinite Hz, the sun God wants to make a condition where it has infinite fuel and controls everything. This is impossible, mathematically. The theory of infinite smallness is a bell curve that extends infinitely in both directions, and our sun cannot hope to dominate systems billions of light years away which truly exist and are part of this 10, nor can it hope to control the innermost workings of subtle electromagnetic fields such as your heart and your desire. This is clearly unfulfillable jealousy. A stalwart against it could be built in the form of stockpiles of goods. While the Bible is full of stories of great empires crumbling, that seems to be one primary principle of powerful people who control themselves, and requires the resources of more and more powerful electromagnetic attention sources, of which the sun/God has but a finite [8] amount.

The Egyptians made the Pyramids of Giza like the masonic arrangement, with gold conductive plates on their points, and arranged them according to distant constellations, likely to collect special relative energy from other stars / Gods. This must have made our local God quite irate. The jealousy between these Gods may be monumental.

I believe the ancient Jews are our God's race, which it chose to make most hz conductive relative to itself, for the purpose of manipulating the special hz energies found on earth and created by humanity. The God is very particular about 'seed' and 'blood' and readily kills those who disobey his ways through lightning and other reactions which could be intelligently engineered by sympathetic aliens or other beings, or the living Earth's ionosphere. It seems that God or Sun is polishing the conductivity of these Jews to be able to do more powerful electrical works using them, to feed it's infinite jealousy. They likely are Sun's political wing to control structures on Earth so humanity can make more or stronger or different intelligent electrical field entanglements, these electrical fields themselves 'grafts' of energy to be stolen from us like farmed plants and used to modify existing energy fields in the Sun, elsewhere on Earth, or in the galaxy. I have empathically identified a few different field arrangements that are 'popular' electrical products made by men and women. Their larger use among polyvibrational fields will be discovered 'soon'. This, again, enslaves us against our will and bribes others among us to serve a jealous will and enslave others by series, primarily using shortage of material goods, intelligently organized vibrational 'cloud' [reality] bottlenecks, and remote viewing styled empathic influence. These are mentioned and prophecied specifically by other names in the Bible.

The Sun also gave the Jews directions to build an Ark of the Covenant using special conductive materials and containing special tablets inscribed by God, and then by Moses. The thing was to be stored in a special tent. Priests from a special bloodline were to use it. No one was to touch it, and it was to be carried on insulative wood poles. A man who touched it in one of the books was 'fried instantly'. It's clearly an electrical tool. Reports also circulate of the Ark flying around during 'battles' and zapping or killing enemies. When the Philistines [Palestinians] stole it, it caused such horrible curses upon them that they gave it back.

A rope was tied around the ankle of the priest in case he died while near the Ark.

Some God. This God makes *mistakes*. This God is admittedly jealous, a negative trait. This God does not see immediately into the minds of all men. This God allegedly builds or crushes empires, but was either not powerful enough or smart enough to prevent Adam from eating the apple.

God's creatures graft energy from us.

We're being farmed. The Garden was a frame-up. God is fallable, or malicious, but clearly finite. Miracles do happen. Prayer does work. Satan is real and works for God. Aliens are real and they visit Earth often. Angels are living electromagnetic fields.

Jesus Christ is real and lives and did and can still do many miracles.

I don't buy into the Israeli infallability or their reich. They are war-criminals and barbarians. Unfolding events among men and prophecies show that Israel and the neoconservative conspiracy will try to enslave and control all mankind, put RFID microchips in them, try to force them to worship a golden idol, produce a one-world government, and produce false signs interfering with religion. They have secret technology and earthquake machines. They communicate with aliens frequently and hold no regard for us that does not serve them.

I want an Aquagen. This is slavery and it is wrong.

This is where the Old Testament and New Tesament leave off, and the modern Christian religion begins. Natural law is a great guide and love is the answer. Slavery is evil. God is evil. Satan is evil. Some aliens are evil. We should be immune to them and live in peace.

I call on helpful aliens to rescue humans from Earth's destruction. Maybe later we can study suns to find the source of their jealousy and untie it. This pursuit seems worthwhile to study in order to have our just "Z", which is what we truly want in the densest and most pure form possible, without jealousy and with all possible love [#5].

[The internet may be called 'the air' in some ways, representing a separation, intelligence manifested sometimes [r] as avoiding something. 9 being a refinement of the given 8-field of randomized infinity, between the Suns. The Sun wants this refinement process entirely to itself, maybe to try to join 8=10 by minimizing 9 to a 9=0, other than its own 9. This process as well is impossible by TOIS.]


Anonymous Jason Dodson said...

Hey William,

In my research, I have come to the conclusion that Satan is not Lucifer. Lucifer is actually another term for Jesus- Lucifer=Light=Knowledge.

Satan was the opposite of knowledge and progression. Adam and Eve were created by living beings that were sent by the ultimate Creator-Creative Force of Energy (not the Sun God) that formed human beings. Satan was one of the ones sent here to help with the creation process, and he, being imperfect, inserted the viral code into human beings because he knew the creation inside and out. He then pretended to be the YHWH God but was not.

More later....

3:11 PM  
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