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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Exotic Electronic

I estimate that Dr moray's machine from the late 1920's behaved in the same way as the electric company's principle of a barrel coil in a field. The earth swims in an electromagnetic field. If you take a metal 55-gallon drum and wrap copper wire around it, it will accumulate electricity from that field, even without touching the wires. This is illegal because it's not on a meter, but electric companies do it internally to move energy along routes. The Moray device is doing the same thing to the earth itself. It can easily be transformed into a 1.5Mw power plant. Achieve this technology, dispense it to IRAN instead of nuclear secrets, and move along, move along.

And instead of coveting Iran's oil, use Stanley Meyer's water splitter to generate hydrogen power.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

A lot of people say perpetual energy, but what they probably mean is energy that replenishes itself from an unknown force. There was an indian dude who meditated himself to not need food. scientists examined his belly and found food particles breaking and reforming without explanation. Nifty. Energy could do this in the right way.

10 watts of power can only to 10 watts of force. But if it is replenished by an exotic machine it can do massive things.

For example, the moray device, resonates and entrains with cosmic rays, background radiation, to generate electricity. Seems to come from nothing, but it actually is resonation and entrainment energy. it was hated because people didn't understand it. Today's scientists still don't understand a lot of this kind of thing.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Embryo Ethics

Regarding selecting embryos: in nature, the fittest embryos are put up to the test. Those that are fertile and fit enough make it. Others don't and die. We can work with this process and make fertile embryos by choice. We may be by nature of life be unable to produce something that shouldn't live. However, to pursue this life with kindness and love for it and all things is what is right and love. The body is unimportant. The planet and loving God are important. No special body will ever replace man's need for God, nor will we be able to shift the fundamental challenges of life without God.

We are in a closed set existance. There is no way to leave it, and we can only change it from the inside. God is the Alpha and Omega. If I make anything in earnest pursuing God's glorification, and God is the first and last thing I think of when I make it, I believe it has righteousness in it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Help Standofrd Research Proteins

Stanford University in California is researching the ways proteins manipulate and bond, 'fold', and are engaging in a massive processing-intensive study of the ways proteins work. Download this program and help them perform research with your processor's spare cycles.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Empathy and Science

Ritalin For ADD

i recently cited empathic experiments in how the mind functions with ADD and how to cure it intramentally. this article recently described the neurological effects of methylphenidate in the brain. the effects are similar. i have mentally programmed the same effects that are produced by a drug for the first time that i am aware of. the efficacy of the drug may be improved by teaching patients to stack tasks in their brains in the way i described in a previous article.

i also cite this as the conjunction of conventional science and the thread of spiritual devotion. these two paths are coming close to joining and recognizing one another in their own terms. i have been studying science and translating miraculous events into scientific terms for years. science has been coming closer and closer to finding the existance of quantum effects of attention, spiritual efficacy, and neurological centers and fields associated with empathy and spirituality.

what is the point of convergence? and its result?