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Sunday, June 15, 2008

This is roughly what I have been trying to accomplish, but doing it myself without the sun. We draw energy in a Tesla field pathway from our food sources, and from future confidence in new energy, not just the momentary infusion of 'energy' from eating or drinking or other invigorating functions. We could arguably include the energy of a food source into our personal energy 'grid' connected to our consciousness without eating it. [the grid from our Z, each of which is unique and untouchable but by voluntary association, and each of which makes each field and collection of energy alive, including vibrations]. Humanity's voluntary association of energy is bizarrely distorted.

There are 3 kinds of life: field, dust, and vibration. Humans are as the Bible recalls dust at the core and a field around it, with vibrations introduced from the apple of knowledge of good and evil. Some life forms are only dust, some only vibration, some only field, and some a mixed drink of the many in parts and segments. Astounding. Energy field parasites are real beings. So are vibrational parasites. Some life forms use others as batteries to store energy they cannot meaningfully collect. They say that man does this to woman by design from Yahweh, a field life form. This is arguably a relationship that could change. Women are living beings as well as men and there are other ways to reproduce. I seek comments on this, genetic unraveling and reproduction. Who wants to build new species with me?

Metabolically, future actions have repercussions on the present. Literal measurable electrical causation. They affect probabilities like a navigated golf course providing points for near-misses, depending especially on the size of the goal. The president almost being assassinated: many big changes. Me almost eating a single peanut: minimal changes. Usually not substantial to other activities. The bomb almost going off: substantial. Me almost going to Seattle: major. Me almost getting elected: substantial. This is the wire behind how candidates affect races even if they don't win and probabilities affect our lives.

So also we gain energy through expected pathways and are classified by living beings as 'meat eater'. Not so much by 'have you eaten meat' although some still would be in your digestive tract if you had recently. It is conviction for the future.

I was trying to perform energy fusion. This would likely be fusion by field. A vibrational process which would be buoyant of energy production. Imagine atoms fusing from hydrogens into helium. Now imagine those atoms 'untied' into a field effect, which still contains substantial energy, arguably as much energy as before. Now imagine just those fields of energy fusing.
That is field fusion, and it theoretically can be done. I'll draw it here finally.

Fusion is nature's nipple too. Accomplishing this is how 'gold' strings/yarns are spun. We're knitting electrical clothing.

If we gain energy in this manner from the sun or from universal fusion, our ecological position will become different. The field circuits of our ecology will extend from our own planet to attract energies from many places in the universe. We will begin to emit as a planet the kind of signal and electrical draw, since fusion doesn't truly produce new energy, that a sun emits. We'll be like a new solar system inside this solar system. On a galactic and extraterrestrial level this is substantial and the biting of a pie. Anyone who has the intelligence to bite such a pie should be able to.