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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Synergy and intelligent pairs

How do 2 intelligences react perfectly?

#T association goes by signs. Signs are +, x, ^. Addition, multiplication, exponential, ascending in geometric order of goodness and synergy. + is actually a negative outcome.

9+9 would be 18, where one equality exists, and both must lose their intelligence. This is 8>9. Man and God experience this, as man is intelligent and subdued by God to lose his [and both their] intelligence in deference.

9X9 is 81. They are both treated as equals to one another. Both retain their intelligence, and give others the respect for their ways that they give themselves. But they do not fully understand the intelligence that the other has.

9^9 is 387420489. Change [3] equality [8]. Justice [7] [4] sustained in each other by the other, perceive [2] an environment [0] of sustainability [4], equals [8] intelligence [9].

Every possible permutation of that numerical sentence is true. Any intelligent interpretation is potentially right. So similarly can any combination of numbers be organized intelligently.

We could produce the exponents of 3^8^7^4^2[^0]^4^8^9. Unfortunately, this contains a 0, and 'to the 0th power' is usually 1, and 1 to any power is nothing. It could be that something needs to go to the 20th power instead.

6561^7 = 523347633027360537213511521"L" as you can see this number, the exponent of intelligence ^ intelligence, is very high, and the permutations would be monumental and plain take a long time to discover. But then once they could be understood[+], planned[x], and executed[^], they would be fantastic in scale.

Astrology and Quantum EM

'Astro-logos' is one old bridge between em function and understanding this em function.

It charts the em correlations between large but distant, or close, em bundles, such as Jupiter, the Moon, the Sun, Earth, Russia, yourself, and the Sagittarius constellation, and how the origins of our bodily manifestations are affected by the em cyclings of astronomical bodies, and earth's cyclings within that loop.

Electromagnetic precedence is the presence of a field in which you function. We sit in the earth's em field very much right now. But we don't necessarily need to. Just because it is your day or something bad is 'going' to happen today, or just because you're at -3 in the stock market does not mean you won't have an up day. Even by a lot. But environments are present, especially if you focus on them or go with that flow. Sometimes it is right to go against the flow in order to prosper.

Granted, Sagittarius has a very weak em signature on Earth, but it is very articulate, and very strong at its home. Russia does not have a lot of pull in Montana, but it certainly could become important if a lot of issues in Montana began to focus on something Russian. But ignore it, and Russia is nothing. The em function, which may knock often at the door of your life, could be important or not, desired or not.

It is a series of electromagnetic semi-intelligently organized instructions codes or environmental data that is given to you. Your birthday is special because that is the start of your most recent dance, a bottom whole note of em music, and something to be jazzed with intelligently.

Athiesm is Obsolete

Many claim that God or spiritual forces do not exist. This concept is supported primarily by the stark contrast between the world of common perception and the world of rare perception. It is almost like trying to see stars in the daytime. More like in the city with a full moon. Basically starless.

Scientists have recently proven a wealth of concepts that actually explain the power and existence of spiritual entities and bring us closer to understanding the nature of the universe and that all things, even the event you are experiencing, live.

Recently it was shown that some electromagnetic fields are alive.

This provides proof of concept of angels, demons, satan, and God. EM fields can become pretty large. The Scandanvians have been able to measure the em field that human bodies emit since at least 1991. A living EM field would be difficult to isolate in a lab, especially since they can move about freely, through walls, into invisibility, like a ghost.

Since humans as a product of living produce an em field, it is rational to presume that they keep it when the body dies, and that the em field floats away to another world or another body eventually, possibly a baby or an animal.

Recognizing subatomic potentials and alchemy shows that miracles can happen. By arranging powerful em fields in local regions, an arm can be reformed from a broken arm and all the natural living particles reasonably constructed within seconds or less. The only limiting factor is the field, as particles can be coalesced from existing background strings, which are basically nothing except for wonder.

I could miracle you up a T-shirt from thin air if I was able to solidify several atoms and molecules into the shape of a T-shirt. You would probably cry. Actually, I, too, would cry.

It can be done.

God exists, but he's vain and wants to dominate you. Satan envies his power and ability to change, and wants everything to be like himself. They are big heaping em fields, or they are species of living em field working together for their goals.

Anything that knows and loves real truth is better. Even humans.


Yahweh and New Jerusalem

Yahweh is a living magnetic field, or maybe has some physical components. His magnetic field *leaks*, because one portion of it overlaps itself [a 12=13 magnetic error] and em radiation spews from that point. It manifests as certain beliefs, in this case, that progression or voluntary perception is senior to voluntary choice or intentional change. He is anti-exploration, hence the apple and [semi-]secluded garden. This is disordered and the result of failure.

God made humans to perform some kind of function, as Yahweh's em field leaks according to number theory and the way em fields form. Yahweh probably hopes to use mankind as a stipend to his own magnetic error, which he is too vain to fix in himself directly. Despite Eden's failure, Yahweh still hopes to put man into this power plant arrangement and will call it the New Jerusalem. This New Jerusalem will be a human power plant of emotions and servitude, a rejection of voluntary change, a paradise, to be eaten by God. From there Yahweh's em field would be even harder to repair, and his vain errors more deeply engrained and supported.

Where Yahweh has been getting closer to achieving this goal, mankind has been getting more free. This is an inverse relationship that should be broken towards progression of mankind [12v] and freedom of choice [13]. Yahweh could become fixed and find that 12!=13, 12>!13, or could be relegated and leak to below the 12hz level.

No human is a necessary social judge or function, except the self. I will pursue and follow that which is good forever.

I speculate that God has established these 13 bloodlines in order to control mankind with them, to guide them incessantly towards this power plant goal. 13 bloodlines of control? evil. give them the 1=1. Mankind is not to be slaves or undercreatures to Yahweh, man is to be free and unique and sustainable on the own, as Yahweh should become. Even a cohesive unit of errors is unsustainable, just leaking more slowly. Yahweh is not to be allowed to gain this power plant, as it would be wrongfully abused into affirming error and a lack of love.

The men and women of the 13 bloodlines illuminati, Hapsburgs, Rockefellers, etc, set up to control humanity should become aware of these things and change their ways against this cracked parasite, despite that it favors them, and overthrow it, as it is a terminal field and a ticket to slavery. They should similarly strike down the systems of control of mankind and strongly educate man about these things where men and women will listen that they may prosper sustainably, without overbearing em threat. Men are not cows. Life is sacred. Cracking true holy living things into the coparasitic shapes they are is slavery of pairs, punishing both with incompletion, God taking the best for his own sustenance to fill him where he leaks, where he is wrong.

This is what Revelations has been discussing, and is being negotiated currently. Consider the amazing freedom stories of more foreign energy structures. Truth will win over Yahweh. Goodness [1hz=1hz] into infinity and intelligence is the way.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Nanoreplicator

The concept of a nanoreplicator has been proof-of-concepted.

Alchemical reactions have been proven by labs turning plastic back into oil using microwaves and by John Kanzius who turned water into hydrogen fuel using em frequency.

Nanorobotics and molecule level robotics and machinery are being examined by world laboratories.

The nanoreplicator will work by first taking garbage and sorting it into basic atoms and molecules. It will do this by secluding the garbage and subjecting it to various specific em frequency waves to break it down into component molecules. These molecules could be collected and stored in reservoirs.

From these reservoirs or another resource filtering system nanomachines will draw material to the surface of a plate. The surface will be comprised of numerous million nanorobots, each capable of adding a molecule or so to the above region.

These >million nanorobots will all produce one atomic layer of product at a certain time. The product could be molecularly associated with the other element by hitting it with a conjoining em signal frequency to get the two layers to mold atomically, where mass longchain chemical stabilities allow. This will form a coreaction layering system that will eventually thicken into visible components. The variable benefits within this manufacturing method are diverse, and the nano-level engineering possibilities are almost infinite. Engineering performance will dramatically improve.

China and #8

I believe that the Chinese and many easterners have a very proscribed society. According to number theory #8 represents beauty and a pattern formation. 9 Represents intelligence and moving with only the best of what is beautiful, even if it is unbeautiful.

The extreme traditionalism of eastern society makes me believe they have an 8>9 type error, or possibly a 3>4 type error infection broadly manifest in their culture.

They also appear to show a preference for #6, which is review, which they may use to capitalize on the 8>9 error.

4, sustainability, is taboo in that culture. It is remaining the same despite something beautiful elsewhere. They may be enslaved to beautiful things or ways. Hence the study of chi, martial arts, seasons and an environmental romantacism.

However, they believe that good things come in pairs, which is and understanding of the unified field theory of radiance, a profit from being attentive to their environment[s].

A square would be 4 sets of two pairs of objects/lines, closing someone out, or something in. A membrane is a 4-system. A perforated membrane is a 3-4 system. This can probably be found in the chemical structure of cell walls.

I view this as an error of intimidation and that Chinese people and eastern culture at large should reexamine their choices and emphases with attention to logic and a disregard for intimidation of any sort, even the smallest amount. Logic is always 100% of the puzzle and intimidation is never anything other than 0%.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Living Fields and Religion

Magnetic field propagation is based on number theory. An origin of ++, two good ideas, begins, and from there they negotiate the things that are represented by the ascending numbers. If the field negotiates the ascending numbers appropriately the field will expand and the idea prosper.

1: ID, unity of the ++ as 1.
2: perception, recognition of other things
3: much social function and change, topics
4: sustainability, squareness.

Each # is one more hz wave of the field, theoretically, or one set of hz. Each ring contains a shape of the sort that it is as a ring. The third ring has a triangle inside. The fourth a square. But that fourth ring has the third ring and triangle laying ambient inside it.

When a field can no longer maintain outward expansion it begins to leak or break. If a field reaches a very conductive portion, or another field, it will contend with the other field or intensely scrutinize itself at the portion. The field that is 'right' based on topic and the meaning of the original ++ will supercede.

Similar to alchemy of atoms, a field can be made into intelligent shapes. We make new fields when we make new ideas. We are alive and meaningful because we use our brains to build new dynamic and unexpected fields. We are a tree with almost infinite potential branches. This high level of randomness and dynamicism makes us 'alive', and the body and specially hz conductive materials required to sustain this procedure are 'suspicious' symptoms of this dynamic nature. EM fields do not use chemical symptoms so frequently, but they do use em symptoms.

Any field that has a x=x+1 or x>x+1 element to it *is leaking*, and will need to be sustained by additional energy given to its origin somehow. For a field to be truly successful it will need to be either mathematically and logically perfect or continually sustained.

God and Satan and all living things are em fields, supported by chemical churnings, which are the dynamic and controlled release of smaller fields from atoms, which degrade into new atoms while losing some of their power level. Some creatures do not use chemicals but instead rely on direct forms of em radiation. A 'betavoltaic' dynamic creature, if you will.

These living fields can subatomically affect particle vibration patterns and radiation to encourage atoms to shift or events to occur. This matches the concept of the supernatural.

From research and patterns of symptomology, Satan has an 11>12 error type, which patterns itself in many ways and has co-errors cascading from the original error. Yahweh has a type 12>13 error, and a fascination with #12, pride, jealousy. #11 is conformity. #12 is progression and love. [<3] #13 is voluntary change and association. #14 is voluntary sustainability.

To voluntarily not change in the presence of Yahweh or Satan or the functions of other spirits who are evil and trying to feed their imperfect, dying fields is heroic for a human in 2007. For a field to be sustained, it must be fed pure hz[x] from x12 living em field enjoys having 12 under its control, as though it were trying to destroy all "12". It translates to courage to continue, in the belief that they are getting closer to being right by changing the environment they are in and reducing the threat of beings knowing 11<12 being present. A lie in the dark is still a lie, however.

Satan's 11=12 means that he seeks greater conformity and wants to reduce or hates progress. This fits the Satan personality legend. Yahweh's 12=13 means that he seeks greater progress and less voluntary change. This fits the proscribed laws and brutal punishments of the ancient Jews.

Co-parasitic beings often line up in 11=12, 12=13 error groups to mutually weaken their opposition. Both of those statements are true, but they demonstrate Goebbel's Big Lie explanation.

This Yahweh and this Satan, and the magnetic beings that serve them, are evil and seek to soak humanity for energy to support their failing electromagnetic fields and lives. That is why we were created, as food sources for Yahweh. Producing "13" under Yahweh's control gives him power. Making us 'gardeners', where we produce 'intentional change' on a regular basis, gives him tiny electromagnetic fields from our neuron networks of accepting intentional change, to plants or animals or other puzzles. These fields sustain his leaking field. Also our love of his origin regardless of his error may also support him. It is intelligent to appreciate someone's life, but to respect their errors, as we are expected to by religion, is theft of right.

Humans also interact electromagnetically with one another in these ways. Every piece of human corruption is a +- theft of energy. Some have grown to enjoy these thefts, as they are slightly electrifying, and some trained neurological elements find gratifying. Demons or other spiritual beings may work to shape the vibration of particles and the gearing of potential future events to maximize their 'food' productivity with the help of their human hosts.

Much of the shaping of fields relies on the actual event neurological interpretation of ethics or morality. Knowing morality and progression of number theory and preventing illegitimate events and thought is a good way to batten down the electromagnetic hatches and study or attack electromagnetic parasites.

Do you have an energy hog in your house?

I would like to see experimentation with living electromagnetic fields and sceintific electromagnets. Granted most of our magnets are entirely 50%/50% +-, which is seen as 'ambient' background, or neutral and which should not substantially affect spirits, it is a conductive area to be contended over. We can use energy to produce ++ magnets which may have positive effects on the 'class' of a spiritual area.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

EM Fields and Powerlines

Consider this video on the electromagnetic effects of power lines, in combination with the BBC video about the effect of a spacetrip on bacteria, combined with the experiment on piranhas causing giantism. Evolution and health and pansocial mood are affected by electromagnetic fields and their densities and polarities.

These fields are also produced by cell phones and other electronic devices.

Learn about sympathy of fields.

A field will attract other fields to it geometrically in hz up and down the number chain. It will also push away fields that are competingly close, like an actor on a stage.

[Consider this video on theta brainwaves. Note that playing it with the stereo headphones will tune your brain's brainwave geometry to a special frequency. This might not be the frequency you should be experiencing right now. It might make your brain tingle or hurt in certain ways that you feel it should not. Or it could be a fine tuning experience that makes all music and events occurring after you listen to it seem slightly imprecise, a symptom of very accurate musical rhythm.

Does this also translate into IQ, EQ, and psychic experience of megageometric energetic events?]

Ferrosegments and #T

These ferrosegments arrange themselves according to number theory. i believe that this is what subatomic particles arrange themselves as in the presence of an em field emitted from their smaller components. The ferrosegments are large enough to be visible and are stable representations of field effects of energy. This energy is present in nanofields inside and around an atom, and their confluence frequently causes atoms to form. The atoms remain in these valleys of probability and stability until pushed to other forms by differing local field structures. Dissimilar fields not producing lower energy valleys will not combine without outside force intervention/intelligence because 8[equality]<9[intelligence].

I believe that appropriate field interference will dismantle and change atomic stabilities, as stated below on this page around March and proven later by companies turning plastic back into oil this spring and John Kanzius' display of alchemy this summer.

My theories on water H20->HHO vibration began at the article on this page on October 30, 2006. They advanced through Spring 2007 and came to fruition in the two laboratories mentioned in Spring and Summer 2007.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

God and EM function

The thing we know as God, which speaks to humans and performs miracles in the world, is an electromagnetic life force. Scientists have discovered electromagnetic fields that fulfill all the requirements for being alive.

The universe vibrates constantly. Different vibrations in geometric patterns can guide the direction and probability of ambient field circuitry, electrons, and em fields. Quantum vibration and mass common vibration can cause probable geometric degradations into tangible conditions and pro-fields. This is how fate is designed and planned, this is how miracles occur.

All particles may simply be vibrating at every possible hz all the time, and we are merely stringing together potential universes of the combinations of all particles. Each particle also itself being a condensation of vibrations of underlying energy concentrations over a relative area, similar to the matter-density formations of the solar system and universe.

God may be a major em field with voluntary matter density that operates densely within our solar system and especially this iron-nickel cored planet earth, and the sun to a great extent. Or it may be a force of desire to cause all possibilities to be, or all things to be possible through versatility of life and evolution, themselves complex living em pro-fields of God [breath of God].

I would speculate from my experiences that this God vibrates at perhaps 24-35000hz. General human society operates at around 200hz, and has been escalating slowly for thousands of years, according to a book I once examined. I have also studied various hz frequencies. The 100's place accords to #T [number theory]. 35hz is the minimum frequency reported before basic war breaks out in an area. Some wars probably get down to 17h [personal justice]. Frenetic war, which becomes an unpleasant topic, can get to 6hz, a review of every thing. Do not recreate this hz frequency through the lens of a human being or society. Humans also can accomplish hz frequencies of up to ~1200hz. Gray aliens report around 1700-1800hz.

Geometric hz vibrations allow molecules in an area to report to two concentric vibration origins simultaneously. One at 6hz and one at 8hz would show up at 48hz, and gemoetrically keep time with both origins.

Gray aliens have an error in 18>19, which stops them from vibrating at higher levels. Humans probably have an 11>12 error inherent in their difficulties with good and evil that stops them from vibrating above 1000hz, but this has been recently solved or challenged effectively in certain locations.

If the garden is true, then humans must contain either the potential for 111... hz level, or have mandatory 0 in their hz frequency line [0-1]. This means they are either "10's" created, but without freedom of association via 11, and innocent of wrongdoing in the garden, or are 12's, and are beyond good and evil. I believe God intended or expected us to be 10's, but that we were made 12's somehow. [9: mind. only a thought. 10: existence. binary 0/1. 11: voluntary association. 1 with 1. 12: progression. 1 < 2]

Perhaps as God wants all possibilities to be, we were made with progressive life. All this time we've been dynamic and God tried to rule us in the OT with mere law [11]. A creature of 10 would obey 11 always, for 10<11. But a 12 would struggle under it as we did and do. The 12 is ruled by 13, which is the intentional society. Perhaps that is why we are 12, made to serve the heavenly host, vs to serve law. Jesus Christ knew this and fulfilled the law [11] with love [12].

Progression is difficult to detect, and it shall be known by its fruits. Seeing 1 and 2 at the same time [1_0 & _2]

Because of these changes, humans can increase their society from the >1khz level to the 1800hz level, intentional equality, probably with all living beings in the universe. the "00" might simply be a measure of scale or interior complexity, lending to steadfastness of em fields and interior geometries and may increase amperage.

What problem is posed with the 18>19 error? 18 is clearly not greater than 19. Intentional equality is not more important than intentional mentality. Gray aliens have social difficulty parting from one another because of their desire for all things to be stable.

Satan, the counterpart, the EM-depressurizing shock diamond to God's 'all things possible' wants to make everything stable, frozen in hell. Both God and Satan use carrot-stick methods to try to achieve these goals, which I find disgusting, and is why God is dynamic and interactive with Moses [and you] in the Bible, and why Satan is dynamically sneaky and crafty in destruction, versus immediate all-out assault, 3: the desire to achieve a goal vs merely pursue it.

Grays appear to desire this as well to some degree, or fear infinite potential enough that they cannot organize beyond 1800hz. They are mental creatures to a great extent, and social as God has created races and 'angels' it seems, and may fear being torn apart mentally if they are apart from others. The earth's EM field supports us to a great extent, and the antedeluvian period had a stronger em field and other properties that fought off extraterrestrial space radiation, a randomizing and destabilizing chaotic geometry which has coalesced into planets and stars. In simulated antedeluvian environments piranhas have grown to giantism, and probably will experience veneration similar to the ages described in the OT Bible. Before the deluge, I would probably experience genetic and mitosal stability sufficient to allow me to survive hundreds of years instead of one hundred. I might also be 7' tall from this enjoyable living environment. Furthermore, this allows for the proof-of concept of humanoid Titans from other planets with far superior em field environments and advanced DNA, as gray aliens appear to have differing DNA from humans as attested in the Chilbolton crop circle.

Mere strength of em field should not be the determining factor of life. It should not simply be equal to whatever approaches and harasses it. Intentional field generation and sustenance is important for aliens and men to continue advancing in em complexity, along the lines of evolution. We probably began with an auto or selective-auto [-11] towards reciprocating incoming em signals, perhaps like the FCC enforces all em signal devices accept any incoming radiation, good or bad, but with logic circuits and a wonder-circuit [12] to aid in deciding on the 8/11 event. This is almost 8>12, 11>12, and forms a kind of built in coercion circuit in humans. This may simply make us easily corruptable with a membrane of wonder between involuntarily associative slavery and true life. 12 may be 'analog'. This would be placed in the human to make us servile to God and versatile to influence in order to attend gardening and possibility exploration and expansion. It'd also make us a really great fuck.

How to remove these corruptabilities?