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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Quantum Physical Number Theory

There is a numerical representation of forms existing somewhere in the universe. Perhaps it is more of a panexistential pattern that dictates the way quantums will organize and collapse. But it exists and occurs as a string of numbers in a line which have concentric circles emanating from them.

The points where the number emanations intersect, which is a geometric pattern, is where and how they interact. Each number has a frequency and a charge and bioelectrically and by natural law and number theory represents a certain set of conditions. [See #T, below] Problems arise in human life when we recognize these numbers differently than they are. Because of the apple, we know both the right organization of numbers, and the wrong way. Whichever one we have faith in is the one we see, despite the greater amperage of a higher number over a lesser one. It is a connect the dots game, and if you see two potential pictures in the dots, which one acts? It can be frightening.

Particularly prevalent in these number errors seem to be the 11 > 12, the 5 > 6, the 3 > 4, and certain discrepancies with 0 & 1. The 0 on the number line is not " ". It has weight, as this is a non-euclidian physically represented number theory set, with quantum powers.

All of these errors are true falsehoods and artificial correlations, often based on inappropriate emphasis, numerical illusions of perception, and exacerbated by traumatic incidents or excessive examinations or desires.

I believe these beliefs can affect the body's production of hormones and neurochemicals via the pineal gland and can make otherwise normal biochemical arrangements appear at different hz frequencies for that molecule, affecting the body's internal systems. The pineal gland may function as a tuning fork for numerical quantum resonation, affecting quantum enfolding and collapse. Pathology in this area is akin to a zombism and addiction to evil, and may account for why numerical evil is a patternizing and semi-contagious behavior, and also why most behaviors are patternizing, and for the causation of physical stability [8], which can degrade into entropy [-11] through entrainment.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Open Source Free Energy

I've really got to encourage the next scientist or engineer who produces a free energy device, such as Mr Kanzius seen below, to allow the whole world to begin developing energy production immediately.

Think of it. The buoyant economic tide would give him back any amount of money that he would be paid for it, and the humanitarian effects of it would make him the next Winchester, Gandhi, Kennedy.

Salt Water Burns in the Presence of Special Radio Waves

Make this the lines of a song:

"Salt Water Burns in the Presence of Special Radio Waves"

This is the embedding code.

This man has made salt water burn by using nothing more than radio
waves. One special frequency range, and enough amperage to cause
combustion. It is the simplest free energy machine I have ever seen.

This is so simple that even a low skill level engineer could get it to work. Peak oil is finished.
I want this technology pirated by enclavers and home owners and sportsmen.

The Navajo reservation is working to have a coal plant not built on their land. They should use this energy instead.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Field perception and positive negative atomics

How do we see? It is electrical signal at last to the brain's conscious regions. I believe that we can perceive by field using the subconscious. If the link between the subconscious and the consciousness is strengthened through meditation, trust, or study, field perception can be achieved.

Theory on positive and negative atomic charges. The positive is an attractive force. It seeks for all things to approach. The electron or minus is a repulsive force, and seeks all things to part. A negative number or charge is quantum-unreal, as an electron is. It is a "-1", a series of seats reserved by a few crusts. When it finds a positive force, it seeks to surround it so no new attractors can approach.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

We need to establish what I will call "panhuman overlapping primacy". This is where two sets of data/society overlap in one respect but are completely different in another respect. This is "12".

How to make this functional is immunity. Libertarianism is a good choice for a set in which to found this overlap. Libertarianism will provide a good nest in which to lay two or poly eggs, all obeying and supporting the tenets of greater set/nest. The nest also being sufficient so that it causes its eggs to overlap one another.

Between these eggs there will be a voluntary decision of personal primacy. From these, the selection of which egg to join will occur. This will result in almost infinite possible eggs occurring, but none of them detracting from the others, each of them being supported wholeheartedly by the people involved because of the nil detraction from the individual's enjoyment and energy for the 'egg' and the null penalty for leaving or switching or changing the egg, within the rules of the poly-nest.

Libertarianism and an end to materialism will produce this effect.

This will destroy all fear but from present immediate physical harm.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Social organization likely runs using electromagnetic fields, either in parallel or in series. Parallel is a democratic format where every unit of the organized social force is of equal seniority. Running in series is when there is an order of seniority to the social function. One feeds into the other, and the last/top one directs.

I hate running in series. I refuse to. God is truth is the only God that I obey, with Jesus Christ my guide and friend, as these can be my savior from my own destruction. I am in series with Jesus and all those who promote and love goodness. The circuit that we all build is love.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

String Theory and

This comic from XKCD and a sketch I had on my desk gave me the fantastic realization that all things including potentialities apply to the rule of Number Theory through the principles of String Theory. String Theory and Number Theory combine to form Stable Theory, whereas all non-momentary things are patterns of the stability of these string vibrations.

The picture I saw was a 1 curving in a circle.

These looping string stabilities form all matter, atoms, molecules, and macroconditions. They are made of attention. They can be modified by chemical function or, on the larger local levels where an atomic stability cannot affect them, by Hz or local-sized stabilities.

An atom is uncuttable because it is the smallest known stability, which arranges into a circular valley of pattern. An atom is cuttable and obeys certain chemical and energetic laws but they are local to its scale.

Science, atoms are fun, but they have predictable stabilities and methods of being affected by electricity and Hz and charge produced from shifting chemical bonds.

The energy freed from certain chemical reactions will shuffle off as differing stabilities, such as heat, [local atomic] magnetic charge as ions, various forms of non-heat radiation.

All things are either stabilities, however briefly, running in loops, or are pure 'wonder'. "The Funk that Lives Inside You" [real term]/breath/attention of God. The valleys this funk runs down are the mathematical probabilities and attractive and entropic forces of universal String Theory calculation of 1=1. The funk is governed by laws of the opposite, of wonder, of change. They are the 'strong' and 'weak' forces. Together they operate to produce stabilities honorable to God.

Then there is gravity and radiation. Radiation are stabilities of this Funk and Valley partially solidified, as radioactive particles are stable but travel by a force of wonder as well. Gravity is also partially solidified. It is the opposite. The Funk has not been solidified and the function is unstable, but the Valley has been established. Gravity is a valley down which anything will slide at a controlled rate into other funk.

It has also been described as a shadow of force pushing from the universal constant.

It is an amperage driven probability ~constant produced from an environment of wonder. It pushes wonder/funk into valleys to cause regional collection.

These things all coalesce to entertain God, basically. They are driven on the largest looping stability, which is 'everything', in an MC Eschered vibration frequency of all possible things. The 1 loops into itself as a zero, completing all things and moving into them.

The fan spins not to go in a circle, but to move air. The universal laws will change if metaphorical 'air' is not moved by their spin. Electrons in circuitry. Attention in circuitry. 0 being the base circuit, 1 being the charge, 12^ through #T being the air, 1/0^. Deviation from this occuring based on attention and functioning for these purposes.

How would this take effect? Through all attention, ruled by #T, sharpening the main 0/1, or submitting to the entraining current of the 0/1.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Atomic Laser For Spaceships

Italians made a laser that sends atoms instead of photons. This could be done for entire ship systems and potentially for macro life forms. If we can cause a living thing to be sent as such without causing it to destabilize its pattern, it should defeat inertia on an atomic or self-synchronous level and articulate the speed of light. From that point, negotiating relativity and FTL capabilities may be possible.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Studying em frequency and molecular resonance in this way could also produce many excellent waves. We may be able to approach a broadcast frequency in the visible range. This would mean a radio tower that produces light of all kinds like you've never seen before. Or put this fixture in your room.

It may then be possible to have this visible vibration spectrum *go through walls*. Imagine lighting your house or an area without substantial interference from solid objects. The total destruction of shadows.

Molecular Alchemy

These scientists worked using an STM and voltage to change the structure of a single molecule. They said the process changes it electrical interaction with a platinum surface it sat upon. This is because of the change in vibration of the stabilities. Examine string theory and atomics. If you remove a bundle of stabilized string from the molecule, the entire set will have a different stability, namely changing from CNHCH3 to CNCH3, but electromagnetically shifting from a certain hz frequency and massload and segregations to a different one.

By bathing the stability in harassing waves, the hz frequencies can be affected up or down, which will push the flowing river of energy over certain threshholds and into new valleys [a valley being a lowest point in a stability, the threshhold being a mountain of required potential*]. Adding a component of voltage from electrons as a medium could provide synergy in the reaction and allow more powerful and more specific chemical change functions within a complex molecule than simply waves.

*here is where the efficiency lies. The hz frequency harassment can replace a chemical input to overcome threshholds. This is wildly efficient and a non-chemical process. Technically it is electronic and not chemical.

The demonstrated process was a blunt shot that happened to line up. An electron is a very large signature of frequency and voltage that breaks many molecular stabilities. Using a variable voltage system of hz fields and wave harassment on a molecule can produce analog results, while electrons would be the digital.

Science will soon discover the cascading mathematics behind atomic stabilities, and the secrets of alchemy, giving them the ability to overcome materialism. Please prepare society for this venture.

Monday, July 02, 2007

"November 17, 2000 09:34

(30) It is thought that being close to a gravitational field has a biological effect on all matter including cells. The effect is to slow the movement of electrons in the orbits of their nucleus, which slows the mechanical and biological functions of the observer close to the gravity. Thus the passing of time is a local phenomenon depending on how close you are to a gravitational source.

This is one example of a theory involving "time shells" progressing in size and intensity around a gravitational point from all matter. The more massive the object, the larger and more influential the time shells around it (like an onion). Another offshoot of this theory is that kinetic energy is actually the conversion of stored energy in the atom as it passes through time shells in a gravitational field."