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Monday, October 30, 2006

Special Electrolysis Notes - Vibration

I am not proposing forcing water to vibrate differently by using high amperage electricity or waves, although you're getting closer.

I am proposing using the entrainment principle to force water to vibrate differently by using electricity that is at a certain Hz.

H2O and HHO vibrate at different frequencies. If you get H2O to vibrate at HHO's frequency, it will turn into HHO.

Since two waves in the same place use up energy if they vibrate at slightly different frequencies, we can 'nudge' or push or repel the vibration of H2O using a certain Hz of electron. This does not require significant amperage, and the main source of power shell increment comes from this vibrational resistance and not from high amperage.

The energy transferred to the H2O molecule to turn it into HHO appears to come mostly from vibrational resistance between these two waves, and not from transferrance of amperage from electrons to molecules. The amperage of the electrons does not materially support their vibration level.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Brain electromagnetics

I theorize that the brain's main systems of circuitry, along with the flow of 'chi', or 'funk' through the body occurs in a circular pattern, with an internal circuit from a loop with overlaps at the genitals and in the brain. [see visual]

The two peripheri of this internal loop likely cross again at each of the chakras. The top and bottom chakras are placed in relation to the crossings of the two peripheri, being the 0/1 male/female genitals, either internal or external to this loop, and the area above the cross inside the brain, perhaps indicating either being of the world above or below.

It is also noted that seams in this energy flow arise from the brain at what i would suspect to be the midpoint of each of the two hemispheres of the brain, pushing outwards. Their magnetic field force reaches a ceiling, and the forces push out in all lateral directions from that maxima, forming the complete semispherical chi zone of a human.

The extremeties are secondary to this primary loop, and may function energetically using field receivers in the bone structures of the metatarsals and metacarpals or through the metallic blood, and the skin and nerves. Forearms have circularly looping blood vessels. The iron in it and the cells thereof would accept signal at an appropriate wattage to the body. A similar statement probably is true of the legs, which have donatable non-circuit-breaking blood vessels often used in heart surgery. The second half of the appendages also both have two bones which could form AM-style loop receiver circuits. The skull itself could be one such 3D AM circuit.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Making Alien Spacecraft

Just as superconducting material can be made to float in the air caught in a magnetic field, we can make ships that will do this in the field of a planet or sun, and electrify them differently to produce different force.

Using contained-chemical-circuit water splitting for energy production or a Motionless Electromagnetic Generator [MEG, [c] 2002], or a Moray Device, c. 1929, we can get approximately unlimited e- funds. How to turn e- into motion is the key.

If CERN will get its Hadron going, we could potentially use stabilized and magnetically controlled microblackholes to pull the ship around by gravity. Or we could use massive ionized particles or photons and repel off of them using the electromagnet.

Until we understand the workings of gravity, we are little able to use direct mass force. We must rely on magnetic pull, which is somewhat inefficient compared to direct mass force, via gravity. The same could probably be said of direct mass time vs waiting. I want to wait in a certain direction [through time]. We may be able to sew e- directly into matter. E- is not energy, but is an electron that conducts it. If we can build e- from energy, and we can pull e- from a void, we may be able to build matter by seperating e- from their charge and bundling them into conventional uncharged matter, which would then take on a charge and vibrate and acquire properties.

This is very exciting. It may be possible to build a spacecraft or planetary craft that could duplicate the workings of alien craft. More important than becoming 'masters of the universe' though, is becoming just and honorable masters of the universe who bring glory to God.

"The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but one cannot live in a cradle forever," said Russian-born Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the father of modern rocketry, whose work was critical to the development of the Soviet and Russian space programs.

The name may be pronounced as follows: "Soil. Coffee. Sky." It also looks like gunpowder.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Chemoid particles are entities that cross back and forth between a stable physical object and an unreal or field object. Certain subatomic particles can transfer between the real/stable physical world and the field/mental world 3 trillion times per second.

These particles are special because they may communicate chemical articulation from wherever they go to the chemical world, and representations vice versa. They may also represent and refresh quantum possibilities and reflect the condition of the world into the world of field. Perhaps the conductors, or the tempo, of the physical [observed/observable] world and mental world, and having to do with their correspondance. This may affect quantum conditons, and make non-chemical things chemically represented oreffective.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Carbon 14 and Supersymmetry

I'm also examining Carbon-14 dating more closely. I heard somewhere that a man dug up a chicken bone and it was dated to something like 14,000 years ago, or some nonsense. We may not understand radioactive decay well enough to use it as a sample. They say that the short term measure can vary wildly. The long term measure may also vary wildly.

Chemical Analysis Broadcasting Company

This technology demonstrates the ability to use a scanning ray to determine the chemical composition of targets. That is somewhat dangerous. From what distance does it resolve? This is definately something to keep watch on regarding rights!

There are laws saying that police from helicopters can use 20X binoculars but not 40X binoculars to view the public. This seems reasonable. Should google earth be allowed?

Since rights have been prepped, what can this be used constructively for? Normal chemical analysis often involves a chemical process to uncover. This could potentially replace that and make chemical science cheaper. What is the Mona Lisa printed on? Is that can recyclable? It could be used to analyze gasses such as exhaust fumes. Try it! I am amazed we can do this/this can be done! Well, I suppose all information is crystalized in all energy for all time.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Review of C! Relativity

[QUOTE]Hey, that sky looks like ground!! wrote:
I read somewhere that a proton has a lifetime of 100 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 years. With a photon, add a few more zeroes onto that number. I dont want to figure out what number that is exactly, but im sure it might go into the several hundred quadrillion years. When its time is up, the particles should simply vanish. Poof. Gone forever, and eventually you will have a universe with literally nothing in it. Given, that amount of time is just plain unimaginable, but it shows that matter (and therefore energy since they are mainly the same stuff) can disappear.[/QUOTE]

The particle is made of solidified energy. The energy will be fine, but the particle will no longer be a magnetic association.

I'd like you all to examine my theory of infinite smallness, on my page at

Articles show that subatomics are tangled 'knots' of basically stable waves, creating local electromagnetic conditions, functioning as matter. These funks operate together to weave yarn, rope, and a sweater where normally there would just be a very long length of string. You see these 'sweaters', or whole clothing outlets, as an atom, molecule, and visible particles.

Regarding relativity, you may have heard that light always appears to be moving at 300kkm/s, even if you are moving very rapidly. Therefore, c does not equal 300kkm/s, it equals your velocity plus 300kkm/s. Since that figure of 300kkm/s is so static, it may be a function of your relative scale and not a definate.

You are already moving at 300kkm/s, the speed of light, just standing there. You don't notice it because you're moving in a circle, a bunch of tiny circles on your atomic level. But it counts. You also vibrate at a certain hz frequency because of this microcircular motion. This is energy!

Examine the articles on radiance of magnetic energy and the true strong and weak forces to find how an atom energetically solidifies from original waves of energy, and it's transition from quantum possibilities into conscious energy into physical particles into your pencil. Dig it.

Google Cosmos

I demand Google Cosmos. I want to have a searchable browsable map of the stars, and maybe some good tags for footage occuring at those areas, including space missions and satellite photos etc.

I also imagine that a properly designed and understood non-chemical propulsion device would be magnetically associated to pull evenly on your body's electromagnetic bits so as to make inertia meaningless and unfelt and harmless. Until such a time, chemical rocketry is the method we can use.

I also wonder if the US or other nations have successfully backwards engineered alien technologies for flight, and if we have or can make our own 'flying saucers' or interplanetary ships. Unfortunately, even if our science is ready, it seems our society is not ready, and this would be a huge and wildly inefficient gap in capability and support. Some UFOs we see may be our own, complete with information campaign. I am certain not all are ours.


If I can force my own magnetic field to become similar to this superconducting process and make it the opposite of earth's charge, I can levitate.

100GB chemical storage

This kind of hard drive could be detected by sensing the microelectromagnetic fields of the individual molecules. The lasers are still a very good way of writing the data. Quantum work can also be done here to detect the status without collapsing the quantum wave.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I wonder if Neanderthals were Nephilim.

The legends say that a neanderthal could throw you through the arches after a football game. That is a mighty hurl.

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are cheaper than I thought. I had previously been going on the conservative estimation of $1500/KW capacity for even old fuel cells using platinum diodes and proton exchange membranes. According to wiki, even by 2002 fuel cell KW capacity was $1000. Note of reference: nuclear power costs $3200/KW capacity! It also gets ~23% efficiency, while good fuel cells get 65% efficiency. Wow.

What's more, that $1000/KW and 65% efficiency are on the old Molten Carbonite fuel cells from like 2004 running at 1100*F. The newest fuel cells circa April 2006 require no proton exchange membrane and run at room temperature. I estimate that their efficiency will increase by at least 10% from not needing to 'warm up' and use 1100* of energy capital, and from being able to begin operation right away. I also estimate that the cost per KW capacity of fuel cells will decrease to wiki's estimation of $30/KW or less by 2007, because no platinum diodes are necessary and no proton exchange membrane is required in the new enzyme fuel cells. I'm going to tack it at 75% efficiency and $30/KW in my hypotheses.

"Fuel cells are not constrained by the maximum Carnot cycle efficiency as combustion engines are, because they do not operate with a thermal cycle. Consequently, they can have very high efficiencies in converting chemical energy to electrical energy, especially when they are operated at low power density, and using pure hydrogen and oxygen as reactants." -wiki

I presume that generating this power at 75% efficiency means that 75% of the energy from the combination of hydrogen and oxygen can be utilized via wire. And it appears that putting this through an electrical drivetrain that is >95% efficient means that about 72% of the potential energy from the reactions will be usable.

I would estimate that using enzymes means that a very large number of very small reactions are occuring, raising the system's efficiency considerably over that of forced mechanical events.

Since discovering that hydrogen burns at 325btu/cu', and that a cu1 is 2700cc, and knowing that 1 hp is 0.746w, and that 1 btu is 1054-1060 joules...

1 watt-hour is also 3600 joules. 1 joule is one watt per second. To produce 1 Hp for one second, it would require 746 joules of power to be dispensed. 746 watts/one second.

I am seeking a fuel cell device that will provide either ~100hp or ~500hp and can be mounted in a vehicle. I believe electric methods are more efficient than the chemical ones I have already examined.

a 71% efficient electrical transferrance would require an output of 373kw to produce 500hp in engine. which would become about 355 [500 x 0.71] road hp.

Hmm. Frankly, electrolyzing hydrogen would require electricity, but produce hydrogen. An inefficiency comes at the drivetrain of a chemical land rover. Most crankshafts are annoying and get about 75% efficiency. However, to electrolyze more water, that chemical energy must be cycled back into electrical through an alternator, which is inefficient. Also, the rover will use electrical devices for certain. It may be more efficient to make the system all-electric and use a fuel cell as the engine and the hydrogen-oxygen as the ringer.

I should somehow devise a device to cycle water through a ringing electrolyzer and back through a fuel cell immediately.


The Meyer Fuel Cell. I'll have it split water in one chamber as a normal ~14khz[e-] water splitter. The water and oxygen will then bubble up to to fuel cell where enzymes will select them to be joined and do so. The water will then run back down to the Meyer to be split again. This will be an enclosed box which will produce electricity at will, without byproduct. No water will ever need to be put into it, it will be entirely microbe-free forever, and the enzymes should last forever also. The water will certainly not be destroyed. And because of the excellence of the Meyer system, it will be 300% efficient by hydrogen, and cycle through the enzyme fuel cell at an estimated 75% efficiency, providing enough electricity to split the water again and siphon off the rest to the product, or when shutoff is desired, siphon it all off and split no more water. I could even add a turbine for the up and down flow like in the encapsulated steam engine.

You'd see a box with a dial off, on, and up, and two thick cable wires coming out of it. It will make you basically unlimited electrical power. The car can have this on an autosensor. I will charge up a series of supercapacitors in the car to help regulate power flow and provide a battery for starting. The switch will be connected to the electric wheels. This switch will also be disengage-locked and be a gas pedal. The brake can be a disc and power down the wheel or provide it with reverse flow current if slip works out that way. There can also be a reverse pedal #3. That would be keen. The thing will go either way full steam.

Okay this is not challenging any more. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Energy and Physical and Emotional Health

I had previously posted in this blog regarding electric medicine describing the ways bone and tissue can be affected by trauma and internal magnetics, and by relief how electric health functions. I believe this is expressed the same way emotionally, but emotional conditions are either unbound to physical parts or those physical parts are represented by neurons or neurochemicals.

Also, I would like to see scientists attempt to teleport only 'part' of a subatomic particle in the way they have in the past with whole subatomics, atoms, and light.

I am also interested in non-verbal feelings based esp. It is the dsl of psychic communication. Feelings can bounce back and forth without verbal translation or super-conscious comprehension in fractions of seconds rather than periods of time. When you allow your own emotions to issue from your body without being censored by your consciousness and brain, EM communication and negotiation can be very rapid!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Steam Engines and the Lung Turbine

All coal and nuclear power plants bring you energy not just by making extremely high temperatures from coal fires or radiation. That fire boils water, which turns a simple wheel.

This is a hideous waste, and can be done approximately 1000X better.

Water is a very heat-absorbant liquid. It takes many calories of heat to raise the temperature of water. One Calorie is the amount of energy required to raise one kilogram of water 1* Celsius.

It requires millions of calories to turn any substantial amount of water into energy, which must be produced by the burning of coal or disrupting uranium's atomic structure. This produces heavy pollution and waste.

Water boils at 100*C. Bromine, element #35, boils at 58*C. That is already a pure savings of 42%. Bromine may require less heat to boil. Bromine and water probably expand about the same amount during phase change, producing similar buoyancy.

All the water boiled off from coal and nuclear plants is lost to the environment. We just let boiling water rise off. That is what you see coming out of a nuclear plant's cooling towers. Steam. We should encapsulate whatever we choose to boil and allow it to return to its liquid form slightly below the phase change level, and then reheat it slightly. All we do when we turn a steam turbine is make use of escaping gasses produced from the phase change.

Heat isn't the only thing that affects phase change. Scientists have made wood *melt* before it burns using atmospheric pressure and heat. If the pressure is reduced to a low enough level of pascals [1 pascal = 1 newton of atmospheric force per square meter] , water will boil at room temperature. It is even easier to boil bromine at room temperature. And if we adjust the pressure, we can condense it back into liquid with almost no effort.

If we took room temperature bromine and put it in a ballon inside a capsule, and then reduced the capsule's pressure below the bromine's boiling point, the bromine would turn into gas and escape, turning any turbine. Once the bromine had evened out into the area of the balloon above the turbine, we can increase the chamber's pressure, causing the pressure in the ballon to rise, and condense the bromine back into water, where it will then fall onto a waterwheel and turn that for power. This is a simple Lung Turbine that I just invented which can make use of the phase change far more efficiently than a steam turbine.

Satellite Launch Mechanism

A circular ring of superconducting electromagnetic field producing track can accelerate a satellite to extremely high speeds and then release it into flight of orbit. This method can use substantially less energy, but it produces very high g-forces.

I say go. Design the sats to experience the g's, and stack them with modest co-booster equipment and flaps to guide their orbit. Use non-panel solar cells and specially equipped HD's and unfolding portions. Perhaps encapsulate them in an aerodynamic shell to be shed once in orbit.

This also shows that maglev trains can be feasible. This will be meaningful to the Midairport project as well. Image points to by J Fiske/Launchpoint.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Science Corroboration

I invite you to examine my wave-loop theory and also the atom in stasis theory and apply it to these concepts. This science article and this one too are from 2006 August 12. I am uncertain of the original date of the loop/wave theory but it is in its infancy during summer 2005, and was worked on numerous times between now and then. I am participating in science with the zeitgeist. Gesundheit. Aufwiedersehen.