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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Transcranial Magnet Halts Speech

Do you ever draw a blank?

This special magnet interferes with the brain's ability to produce speech. Doubtless, the right kind of magnetic activity can also *force* speech of a kind you did not intend. Does this constitute consent or lack of dissent or opinion? No! Only a grossly equipped Blackwater torture agent would think so!

This raises the striking concept of living electromagnetic fields using this kind of interference and the others that it shows must be possible on living humans and other neural networks. A living electromagnetic field with the ability to spend a few amperes of energy to stifle speech could effectively manipulate human social interaction and change the potential course of human history.

At what distance can this effect be generated?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Living electromagnetic fields may be able to measure and adjust the conductive properties and potentials of atomic and vibrationally significant circuit pathways. In this way living em fields may be able to adjust the probability of future events occurring and certain event pathways being selected.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Intentional De-Evolution

'Telepathic' forces cause even distant DNA to associate. This is caused by sympathetic vibrations and electromagnetic field circuits. These circuits can cover entire populations and ecosystems.

They also do work. They literally participate in natural selection, evolution, and *de-evolution*. These circuits will throw wingnuts out and try to prevent them from becoming successful, influential in their species, and reproducing.

This electrical circuitry interacts with regions of the brain as well as DNA, to seed species with the intent of the overarching electromagnetic circuit of the species.

Several species circuits sometimes compete with one another. These circuit species are interactive with the biosphere and ecology of earth by negotiating its signature ionosphere, which magnifies the electrical signature and signal of all of the relevant resources on the face of the planet.

Humans are starting to recognize these features of life and to use them as relevant or unimportant information. Humans will use their intelligence and *liberty* to overcome the basic circuits of earth and the human race and all species to become an intelligent living race. Anything or anyone who would use these basic circuits to influence a person of any species into an activity is a SLAVER, and is themselves a slave to something.

Advertising, classism, automatic respect, sexuality, materialism, social control, war, poverty, famine, and many other elements of our society are tools of electric control over mankind to try to shape our species and our DNA and our ways without our true consent but through electrical intimidation.

Some controlling humans, such as the leading wealthy families and governments, which have likely been helped into organization by this electrical control grid of the species, participate intelligently in this process as betrayers of their race. Some put mercury in innoculations, toxic plastic in foods, pollute the environment, organize economic downturn, and do things that cost us lives and well being in the name of paring down our species.

In medicine they call this a triage, but we have the science and the resources to let everyone on earth live. The 'jealousy' of this electrical system and its enslavement requesting ours has put us and them in this place. From now until about 2020 we will fight these electrical controllers off and win. They are slime. We will live and be a new human species.

Work to expose these de-evolution agents. Plastic in our food, chemtrails in our skies, needless wars, contaminations, invitations to crime or self-destructive or unintelligent behavior. Rout them.,0,5015266.story

Saturday, May 03, 2008

0/non0 voltage differences in computers is dead. I want nanomachinery that will change shape depending on the quantity of voltage that goes through it to provide analogue computing systems.

I also want a job with AMD.

I'd love to see the effect of spinning superconductors, or the reciprocal function emitted by field, on the generation of nanotubes or other nanoparticles. Nanosuperconductors could be intensely complicated.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I have begun working on the e-biology of electrically interactive electromagnetic fields that sustain themselves in a way similar to biological life.

It has come to my attention that they do not recognize the different between 'true north' and magnetic north. This is a major difficulty in the spiritual world. I imagine that the first one to identify the true north wins a prize of some kind of seniority.

Unfortunately, the electrical systems of a human or field and their true intention can be different in the presence of perception differing from electrical communication languages. This gives these electrical beings a false read on the emotions and intentions of biological humans, and the resulting probabilities of the future. It is a true weakness of any electrical field based system, and could allow for serious very invasive electrical monkey-wrenching against them.

During these 'shadows' they are unable to gauge the intention of a biologically organized system of mankind. This is the separation between mankind and God, and how mankind sees things from the outside of a vibrational or living system, and this God spirit sees things from the inside without negotiating the outside.