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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Company Confirms Molecular Vibration

A company has used special frequency vibrations to turn plastic products back into crude oil. This is changing the chemical structure of a molecule using only Hz frequency waves, proving my theory of molecular vibration. This will also be useful for turning HOH into HHO.

Make it be.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Number Theory

Howdy! I want to teach you the basics of a certain non-euclidian social number theory.
It's quite simple and a good way to juggle social maths, present in game theory.

1 = the self. any singular thing.
2 = you and something. this is your perception, a love, an experience.
3 = usually society. you and two others, two possibilities. it takes 3
people to make society.
4 = square. privacy. sustainability. this is also geometrics.
5 = action. the pentagon. multiability.
6 = review. two societies, two courts of 3. mulling something higher.
7 = justice, correction, authority.
8 = equality, infinity.
9 = the mind, producing greater systems from conditions.
10 = completion, existance.
11 = law, difference, sameness, respect.
12 = progression, love, order. God. I and love. 1,2.

Those are the main 12. 13 is a society of God. Jesus Christ was the 13th
human after the 12 disciples. 0 also plays a role sometimes.

-1 is unreal, and represents a flaw or problem. You cannot show me -1
fruits. -1 can be tagged alongside a real number to show that the
problem is likely a contraction or disorder closest to that region.

Each number is jr to the number above it. We all obey God, within in the
society of God. A number has the support in truth of all positive
numbers below it. A negative number is not actually negative, it is
[-1]X, where X is a positive number.

This becomes an easy way to socially interact and is a kind of
shorthand. Even if it is not spoken, please consider it to produce
greater order and love in your life.

For example, "Hey, he's committing a -7!" would be someone doing
something that is unjust, or producing a fix that does not correct the
problem. Law superceding the thing it serves is 11 > 12. This is a false
equation. It equals -1. A -4 is an illegal breach of privacy. The 4th
amendmet relates to this. The 1st amendment is the basic right of
speech. The 2nd amendment is the right for my gun to be with me. The 3rd
has to do with the press, a social condition. Pleading the 5th is taking

Love always!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hz Gas and Water

Using the appropriate microwave hz frequency, plastic is broken back down into oil. This is a process that can be used to modify the chemical structure of materials. Wave energy can be used to change the chemistry of molecules into other molecules.

The appropriate frequency could also change an atom into another kind of atom.

It could change HOH into HHO. This article by Global Resource Corporation shows that we can move water into fuel, and that infrastructures are placing investment into using that to extend oil and pollution instead of produce efficient and clean energy.

Mop it up.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

P = NP

"There are about half a dozen problems that almost all mathematicians agree are supremely important. One that I particularly like is the "P = NP" problem.

This concerns a situation that occurs not just in mathematics but also in everyday life: often it is easy to recognise a solution to a problem, but not at all easy to find one. For example, if you are asked to factorise 10541, you will have to spend a long time searching for factors amongst the primes. But if you are told that 10541 is 83 × 127, it is routine to check that it is true. A non-mathematical example is finding anagrams of words.

So far, so uncontroversial. However, one of the great gaps in our knowledge is that nobody knows how to show that searching for solutions really is harder than checking that the solutions are correct. This is the P = NP problem.

This problem gets to the heart of mathematics, because mathematical research itself has the property I have described: it seems to be easier to check that a proof is correct than to discover it in the first place. Therefore, if we found a solution to the P = NP problem it would profoundly affect our understanding of mathematics, and would rank alongside the famous undecidability results of Kurt Gödel and Alan Turing."

It is easy to determine the truthfulness of a mathematical equation by finding whether or not it contains any [-1] to it. Since there are no negative numbers [see below] any negative number is an unreal and should invalidate the equation in non-euclidian number theory. the subtlety [a] of a -1 can be slight, but even a minor -1 should do it. Furthermore, any equation in which there is no -1 accumulating should be 'true', as it exists. Again, watch for subtle [-1]. -4 = 4[-1]. -1 = 1 X -. A decrease from 1 producing a <100%. This could be lost e-, indicating unsustainability and a desire for not being, which is fulfilled. "Not a pereptual motion device."

Saturday, June 16, 2007


[guest post for Technopickle]

According to this article, light that has electron spin controlled and its em field condensed can move through solid matter. This would mean that electronics can be made from light moving through metal instead of semiconductors. This would reduce the heat level of circuits tenfold and reduce the power requirements another. They'd be frosty, and the temperature would become circa unimportant for material stability and conductivity. Best, it can probably be non-volatile, meaning that it will be infinitely sustainable light within metal. That sounds like the best RAM ever for a chip.

Light would also be a very good processing unit for a qubit oriented chip. Photons can be made to determine uncertainties quite well. Adding to them the depths of spin and em density [and em frequency] can make a single photon of unique properties hold numerous bytes of information.

A single photon. It can also be processing power if the qubit is to be determined or shaped 1 or 0.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Mathematical Embedding

This article discusses mathematical theory and cell biology, particularly oncology. I encourage the synthesis of numerical truth and biogenesis.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Light as a Hz Medium

I am working on vibrational alchemy. The vibration of the magnetically charged particles inside an atom affect their magnetism. If we can harass them into magnetizing differently by chainging their hz frequency in a nonchemical fashion, we can move mountains with a wave and turn lead into gold or water into HHO.

Conventional 'chemistry' and atomics rely on existing atoms to produce these vibrational changes. Every atom and molecule is already at a stable vibration to have chemical fx. Throwing them together is with an activator is a way to get velcro to stick in different ways.

Sew the velcro.

Previously, I had used e- as a frequency transmitter. It doesn't matter in what way frequency is introduced to the atom. The method of introduction merely has a certain level of conductivity to each unique stability, primarily affected by amperage rather than affecting incoming signal Hz, speculated.

So long as the signal goes through the atom and resonates reasonably with the particles inside and the atom's Hz, it should be functional. This could be sound, though their amperage level is likely low. 14khz sound waves on an atom may require large amperage to have effect. Also, e- has been used, but more importantly, light lasers can be used. Lasers of varying Hz with scalable amperages should interact with atoms in a functional way.

This could be a functional method of ionization in a randomized field of 'radiation'. This is probably the way all forms of radiation affect matter. We can seriously untie all pollution systems even faster than biological measures could.

How could biology benefit from this level of Hz existance? Can biological functions be trained to take place in the environment of this resonance? Are there nonbiological electromagnetic life forms/stabilities?

A kind of 'funk' that does not attract yottainvisible dust. Would you call it a culture of spirits?

Thank you for the revolution.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Plants and Electromagnetic Fields

This article says plants can tell their neighbors by the presence of nutreitns and water and chemical cues in the soil. While this and chemical messengers may help to some degree, plants are more able to detect the presence of neighbors by their electromagnetic field, which is different for each species of plant, and which each living things produces a slightly unique field for.