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Monday, February 25, 2008

Nanoparticle makes Electrolysis Easy

In the presence of a certain nanoparticle, electrolysis of water 85% efficient. These particles may be further enhanced by using alchemical wave functions as demonstrated by John Kanzius. Combining his methods and these reactive nanoparticles, hydrogen electrolysis may become over 95% efficient, far more efficient than gasoline.
A fuel cell scheme. Fuel cells can be made using biological enzymes to become very efficient at low temperatures.
Aluminum-Gallium fuel cell reactions enhance efficiency of fuel cell function.

Oil is all over but the crying.

I also encourage this man.

I recently wrote a long post about drilling geothermal boreholes for heat in northern citieis instead of drilling for oil. Areas in England have shown temperatures of 168*F at 1800m deep, and mines in Louisiana have shown 141*F temperatures two miles [3500m] deep. Iceland, England, and Ireland have extensive geothermal resources, and it is probable that the American Northwest and perhaps the Northeast and Rockies also have these resources.

For the southwestern and southeastern United States, and elsewhere in the world's subelt, infrared radiation antennas and rectennas have been found to deliver theoretical efficiencies of 90%, with a man from an Idaho institution producing 80% efficient nanoantennae solar systems that *also work at night*. Fantastic. Producing a power plant arranged similar to the tower in the Californian Mojave Desert which produces a force of 600 suns at 80-90% efficiency would rival some coal and nuclear power plants.

I theorized covering the roof of a car with several of these antennae, juicing it up with nanotechnology and ultracapacitor enhanced lead-acid or liion batteries, a CVTransmission, and ~96% efficient electric motors for wheels, or Thane Heins' new illogical induction engine. That car would charge overnight and while driving, and likely be sufficient to convey passengers seamlessly except on very long treks. The new nanotechnology enhanced battery systems promise 10x the energy density of traditional liion batteries, recognized as around 1500-2000Ah/kg.

And check out this latest piece of science on reflective panels of solar arrangements. We will crush you, oil.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Psychohistory and Temporal Mechanics

In 2007 NASA scientists found that certain kinds of electromagnetic fields and dust may fulfill the requirements of being called 'alive'.

Recently the Russian Acaddemy of Sciences, the Max Planck Institute, and the University of Sydney have discovered that electromagnetic fields form helixes and double-helixes in plasma from space dust.

Furthermore it has been found on earth that DNA particles attract to one another 'by telepathy', and can recognize one another and pairs from long distances without explanation.

I understand that this is caused by Tesla circuitry. Cellular phones can be charged by this process. This electromagnetic field contains a powerful and useful charge. It can be used to magnetize chemical components and areas to pull physical DNA together into desired forms. This kind of field effect can trade amperage between species and most likely intersects every biological life form on earth, and if electromagnetic fields themselves are alive, each aphysical electromagnetic life form on earth.

Scientists have moved subatomic particles briefly through time. This is a proof of concept of dimensional or temporal progression being permeable. This permeable jello we are continually squeezing through conducts our circuitry through timespace. Different events or time-sensitive circuitry can have different levels of probability, or different levels of electrical resistance measurable in amperage. It is probable that forces will cause the path of least electrical resistance and probability to be taken unless acted upon by forces.

The BBC produced an article saying that astronauts taking bacteria into space, away from the earth's bioelectrical field, found that it mutated more quickly and became more deadly as a disease. I believe this is because the bacteria was attempting to restore the DNA Tesla circuit to sustainability or completion, which is probably the electrical minimum or resting point of each living biological field, considering its resources, electrical environment, and probable temporal pathways.

Studying this and surrounding conditions, we can know how much electrical force it will take to produce an atom, life form, or condition at a certain time and space or duration of time and spaces, and the probability of that condition being met at rest and with input.

This is nothing short of divination and as those who practice it are referered to in Cyberpunk novels, 'psychohistorianism'. When it involves biological or living systems, a new term is needed. What would you call it?

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The interior of an atom

The interior of an atom is not empty, as this text states. It is full of tiny very low amperage tesla circuit pathways. These airborne wireless energy exchanges may steer the atom through 'wonder' like a rudder and guide its interactions. Also inside the atom are the reverberations of the electrons' 'wobbles', which are irregularities in their orbit storing up charge like a Tesla battery. Some modern cell phone chargers use this electrical field technology.

So the inside of an atom is not empty. It is a very busy electromagnetic field that is invisible or unstable to the naked eye. The electron is the tiny stable portion of the field. The field itself may be equal in string potential to the proton, and guided or headed by the electron, which would be an inverse cave of the electrical functions of the surrounding field, responsible for organizing the qunatum events that occur every second.

The electron itself may be an amazingly dense piece of data by omission. A 'wing' if you will, with infinite tiny flaps, a fractal stemming inward to the edge of data.

It looks like a fingerprint on the video recording, the first time an electron was ever caught on video.

The relativity between a human neurological circuit and the organizing properties of a quantum electron field and its role in magnetizing stable visible reality may be more interesting that we know.

Friday, February 22, 2008

BILLY BUNKIE THE SCIENCE JUNKIE has been picked up as a Red Hot Blog of the Day at

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RedOrbit is a science page. Their latest post regarding the satellite shootdown is a good read. American military forces shot down a satellite using a missile recently, deepening an era of space combat first publicized by the Chinese when they blinded American satellites with lasers. Arguably those satellites could be shot down with lasers as well, even better than with missiles, which can also be shot down with lasers.

See, another one of my awesome blogs, for more on America's and the world's military positions. Also visit and my special blog for a big hit of truth about those forces!

Try my very popular OkCupid test: The Will I Survive the Future Test! It was rated #6 out of around 35,000 tests one day. So far, around 2000 people have taken the test! They also have a fantastic dating algorithm and have turned out a fine website. Kudos to those Harvard grads. Rage Against the Machine is also composed of Harvardites. In la Belge they might call them 'Harvoords'.

The Science of Sydney

The University of Sydney, famous for partciipating in the 'telepathic' DNA attraction with the Russian Academy of Sciences and more importantly the Max Planck Institute, has produced new research showing that the Milky Way Galaxy is twice as large as we first suspected. The 100,000 light year wide disc known as the Milky Way was once thought to be 6,000 light years thick. But simple internet browsing and number crunching by University of Sydney scholar and astrophysicist Bryan Gaensler led a team producing these findings.

"It took just a couple of hours using data available on the internet for University of Sydney scientists to discover that the Milky Way is twice as wide as previously thought."

Science is easier than we think. Scholastic institutions are formal clubs that place their stamp of approval on students to be passed on to corporate institutions. But these institutions' curriculum is often dated, inappropriately broad, even within one course, and too infrequently dissatisfies students' curiosity.

The diplomas of approval frequently guage a student's ability to memorize or study, especially against their topic of interest. Inability to decide a major and select classes is epidemic among students, and shows how ineffective schools are at providing for students' curiosity or scholastic demands. Corporate institutions want the same, however, and most infrequently choose bright minds full of satisfied and growing curiosity. Fewer of these minds reach the end of Ph.D programs.

Market and scientific competititon is too tight. Curiosity and fulfilling it is more important than rote corporate production or the fiscal sponsorship decisions of corporate megabankers who can outcompete small businesses or defeat the market share of the startups from curious graduated minds.

We owe as much scientific nobility to freelance scientists from outside the institutions as we do to Harvard or Yale scientists, and the overlap is tremendous. Thane Heins, Stanley Meyer, John Kanzius, Randall Munroe, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, pocket mathematicians everywhere, open source computer coders, kids from MIT, the nerds, the truthers, New Media and the web journalists, myself, and everyone who has a love of the world and life.

Randall Munroe supports Barack Obama, but Barack Obama is not the candidate many believe him to be. He is a next generation neoconservative who is providing all the platforms they can live without, but withholding all the points that they need for power. Even marijuana decriminalization. But they keep all the corporate money, and produce even more with their unfundable and solutionless healthcare plans that will add to our budget.

Our economy is in shambles and our nation's Constitution still full of holes. Barack Obama is not the restoration we need. He is a time out from the rink, only to continue later. We must eject these players from the game.

Where is the budget plan to eliminate the Federal Reserve and change the IRS? It is gone, replaced by bigger-government healthcare programs, while the Constitutional review of Congress' purse has been swept off the table. The Federal Reserve Banks must be removed from power. Their media is producing attention to Obama and his attractive but empty statements that will not change their ways.

Reviewing healthcare companies in the private sector and building stronger competititon to keep their prices down is the key. Pharmaceutical companies spend $2 on advertising for every $1 of research. Institution tuitions are still moving up at runaway levels. Insurance quotes are rising quickly, and have approached $12,000 annually for a family. New healthcare systems will not come from throwing more money at them from the state without examining market accountability.

The depression we are on the brink of could topple America, and the world's economy. George Bush's neocons and David Rockefeller's bankers planned this. Ron Paul would stop it and restore us to a nation of peace. Others will not.

George Washington's Speech in Plain English

The Woodward Effect roughly is stealing momentum from the future, which is possible, and then also it is possible to guide us to a different dimensional frequency than the pathway created, most efficiently so if the dimension is from outside the vibrational similarity of the entrainment principle. However, this leaves a considerable amount of dimensional waste which is physically unecological. Gray aliens type:[- --] allegedly perform this kind of world-trashing. Mankind should not. We can use superstring theory to produce this force instead. Furthermore, these are not 'reactionless' events. The reaction is in another dimensions. And the superstring effects are not reactionary, they rely on wonder, which is infinite and boundless, relying only on dimensional cohesivity and stabilization to produce their energy, which comes from stable energetic alternation like a well balanced wheel. This, too, can be overcome by building intelligent dimensional ordering and Tesla-electrical field circuit engineering systems of the very atomic stabilities that form our world. Using dimensional stabilization and cohesion, polydimensional space can be made where dimensions inte4ract with one another basically in a limitless mandelbrot or other infinite shape. However, this is like rolling over your debt forever with bonds. You will someday be crushed, or forced to intelligently abandon or smash the dimensions back into equality. Dampering them could produce this without harming your system, but that is like defaulting on debts, and destroys intelligent energy data, which is to be conserved. It is as good as "hello". Do not crush "hello".

Thane Heins' electrical induction machine may function by producing a mobius strip of an electrical field, or a field circuit with a full twist. This would produce two cycles of energy per twist, and could form an atrtactive low-pressure zone of energy, basically, an electrical tornado of moving energy which attracts more of itself, and stores it in kinetic energy through the induction engine.

Chew on that, MIT, Harvard, Yale, NASA, the Max Planck Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Bilderburg Group, and even you, University of Sydney. Even you.


Monday, February 11, 2008

If you put a geothermal borehole in the city of Boston, you could heat the entire city without petroleum or nuclear power.

This plan is on my itinerary to begin if I am elected senator in Middlesex Massachusetts in 2008.

If we had a geothermal borehole in Boston we could also open electrically engined airports, or "VLEV / no emissions airports. The power source would exist to waste that much energy on quiet safe clean electrical flight. We would make billions of dollars and start new industries.

We should begin no-and low-emissions airlines.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


This man has produced an interesting machine.

Shortly after I produced an essay on the integration of free energy and sent it to numerous individuals, these articles began appearing in the Toronto Star.

More to follow.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My field explodes

"New discoveries about magnetic field lines and the first-ever direct observation of their reconnection in space are offering hope that scientists will learn how to unlock fusion power as an energy source in the future.

"The reconnection processes in the [Earth's] magnetosphere and in fusion devices are the same animal," said James Drake, a University of Maryland physicist.

Space contains magnetic fields that direct the flow of plasma, an energetic fourth state of matter consisting of positive ions and electrons. The plasma particles normally follow the paths of the magnetic field lines like streams of cars following highways.

Magnetic reconnection can release that stored energy when two magnetic field lines bend towards each other and fuse to create new field lines. The effect is not unlike an earthquake forcibly realigning parallel highways into perpendicular routes and channeling cars along the newly created paths. Although some released plasma energy travels in a straight line — called a super-Alfvenic electron jet — other plasma particles fan out as though escaping the opening of a trumpet."

Staff Writer Jeremy Hsu

DNA coils arrange 'telepathically' or as 'impossible'. "Current explanation: none."

This is performed by Tesla circuits. The electromagetic fields of DNA are very sensitive and attract to one another along large and complex routes of evolutionary species tesla /wireless circuits. These circuits can have millions of amperes of energy collected amongst them in the fields of billions of life forms around the whole earth, and the organization of these nucleotides produces a feedback loop within the Tesla field matrix to make them cling with stronger and magnetism seemingly 'from nowhere'.

I suspect that this dark matter that is proposed based on the escape velocity of stars from galaxies causing them to remain when they probably should fly away is related to tesla electronics.

The equation of love has much to do with human fertility and fitness, evolution, quantum circuitry through time proving potential resources and success, niches, and other factors.

Love is a Tesla field circuit as described above.

The Tesla circuit produces a low pressure energy zone within the world-circuit, focused between the two creatures to be in love, making a magnetic pull zone. This magnetism pulls the DNA together through your skin and bodies, attracting you to one another. The ohms of resistance in the circuit will be analyzed by a large feedback loop based on the complex interactivity of electromagnetic fields. The fine mechanics of field interactivity are described by universal number theory, amperage math, and superstring theory. The rough mechanics of this evolutionary process are organizing the density of electromagnetic events and lifeforms to be the highest possible for the planet. This is monitored over time, as Tesla circuits can chart the ohmage of its own circuitry in the future, ad move through those future electrical probabilities. The double-slit experiment and Schroedinger's cat can help here. All it seems to do is look for building the highest charge.

This process involves the creation of numerous life forms to shuffle proteins around in a loop and organize them in more conductive ways.

The positive organization happens in many cases, but can also push species or individuals *out* of the circuit, by attracting them to fitness or fertility reducing activities and events or even preferences and habits.

This is what causes our 'love' to form from field. Beyond that point it is latched together by physical and chemical distinctions such as visual and social recognition, memory, body chemistry and other factors.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I have worked extensively on electromagnetics, from my studies in subatomics to astronomical field condensations and dynamics to area magnetics and field origin, field vibration, the quantum uncertainties and ringing of electrons and its affect on local amperage and vibration, the origin of magnetic fields, and alchemy.

You can see hundreds of my posts on these topics at Billy Bunkie the Science Junkie and its associated blogs. I have also placed a compact version of my modern notes at SOEMP.

More recently I have been working on the spontaneous formation of helixes and double hexlices in large astronomical fields and the function of energy field condensations within their cycles. The Max Planck institute, a Russian Academy of Sciences, and the University of Sydney presented these findings in 2007.

I believe that in the same way electromagnetic particles can be condensed, so can fields. Since fields are naturally unobserved and can be found at the macroscopic/area level it may be far easier to produce their entanglements. They also have much to do with electron ringing and quantum uncertainty, which is easily modifiable, even without substantial equipment,although the effect is generally by field as well, rather than directly observable. A crossover or a a 0=1 manipulation of production could probably turn those fields into solid fruits. I am reminded of the phase change.

They say this dusting occurs in plasma, which means it has a latency or tendency to form in other phases, as the plasma is a medium of the originating organization. This may be similar to the key-gen system or admin password for physics.