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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Open Letter to World Transhumanists

Hello friend! Congratulations on Transhumanism!

I am an empath, Eagle Scout, mathematician, and candidate for Massachusetts House of Representatives. I study fields mathematics that seem to correlate closely along existing channels of research into developing technology and discoveries. I measured correlation between my own independent scientific study and others' discoveries at CERN and researchers in other fields, as well as political, social, and economic trends worldwide. I feel I am at the cutting edge of math and electrical sciences and walking with our leading scientists. Some are you and your colleagues.

I want to discuss the future of global business with you. Our nanotechnology and nanomanufacturing will soon join with special chemistry. We will build nanomachines that produce special hz frequency emissions to disresonate atomic and molecular stabilities apart. This is done today by Danny Klein and Aquygen in Clearwater, Florida on a macroscale. Doing this using nanomachinery will allow us the scientific and technical foundation required to begin complex nanomanufacturing. We have the technology barely within our grasp to do this in 2008.

I have contacted others about analogue computer function, particularly Tyler Emerson of the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence. I wrote to him,

"I am pleased by your efforts to produce a powerful and accurate AI. I want you to benefit from the concept of an analogue computer. Normal digital transistor computers take signal of a lump quota with numberous undefined or generic features such as hz, amperage, spinology, and use it to fill bags of data as 0/1. This is crude. The electricity coursing through the system itself must be data. The electrical signal into the computer must be modulated to produce analogue signal. The computer must be made of nodes [cells] that work to modulate signal to produce a field or matrix effect of data. This is just within our technical reach in 2008. I want to work for you. And Transhumanism."

Building a robotic AI and a biological nanomanufacturing system of tissues similar to humanity and introducing an alchemical magnetic energy collecting engine to replace the metabolism of a biological human being would be limitlessly wonderful and literally transhuman. The key would be re-engineering DNA to produce this kind of computer and metabolism mid-species from a womb. This technology must wait until we understand more about biological fields and hz frequencies of living electromagnetic fields.

Regarding global economics, these energy sources need to replace our use of oil and the global capitalist system. Introducing alchemical engines to mankind's economy will be very beneficial to mankind as a whole but devastating to the current economic players. The world energy industry has $5 trillion and likely $50 trillion of infrastructure. They also hold hundreds to thousands of patents of this technology. The owning families and investors would gain little personally from releasing this technology although mankind will gain immensely and suffer without it. How shall this technology be introduced to our market without triggering a global event depression or war? Massive intelligence will be required. The result of the technology's distribution will be massive economic decentralization. Ideally this decentralization will not actually reduce real value because of intensification of technological capabilities centering around the prior major economic centers such as General Electric. General Electric would begin development of these kinds of technologies and nanomanufacturing to produce enhanced lives for their research associate employees and others in the economy. This would function as the 'new economy' in a post-shortage financial ecology. Economy and wealth would come from technology and advancement instead of trade and a shortage-competitive market as it does today. This must be the techgnological singularity. I hope to be one of these researchers.

Regarding transhumanism, I believe like the Max Planck Institute, NASA, and others that some electromagnetic fields are alive. I believe among them are the Old Testament God Yahweh. I am a creationist in seriousness and believe that God's curses on the human species are electromagnetic. I believe mankind is 'bioenslaved' and was made partially as a storage battery to counteract the complications of the shortages in physics a living electromagnetic field. We have seen DNA particles recognize one another from a distance and move towards one another using what was called 'telepathy' in press releases. The force performing this is Tesla harmonic electromagnetic fields attracting and forming our electrical magnetic field ecology. This is likely guided as 'evolution' by this living electromagnetic field Yahweh using field hz frequency resonation modulation to affect field interactivity.

Nikola Tesla specializaed and pioneered many of these sciences in the late 19th and early 20th century. William Reich worked on them in the 1920's-1940's. Their biographies and works are great studies in this category.

I am interested in human scientific resources being devoted to understanding the electrical algorithms of these living electromagnetic fields. I believe the curses of the Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel, the Great Flood, and other curses are measurable electromagnetic circuits in our biology which are warped and intend to damage humanity in favor of the jealous and abusive living electromagnetic fields. I want to work to free mankind's genetic, ecological, and reproductive energy pathways from these spiritual 'curses'.

I believe transhumanism is a perfect vessel through which to disseminate this information and change humanity and society forever for the better. Please examine my scientific page at

Have you had empathic or spiritual experiences or read these scientific articles?

I look forward to your commentary, and I wonder if super science has a place for me.

<>< William Bunker


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