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Friday, September 29, 2006


The IT energy crisis, eh? I would like to solve this problem, but I'd rather see generators running vaccine refrigerators in Kenya. I'm sure there's a good solution. May the people of this world bearing good fruits solve it and apply both these problems.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Hydrogen Car

I have just done the necessary math to produce a vehicle that runs on water and produces an in-piston 525hp on a 2.0 liter V-2 engine at 1000 rpm. It uses an insanely small amount of fuel. If you like science, engineering, math, and chemistry, you will love the text below.

I will give a more compact and formal write-up on later in the week.

For the time being, AutoCompanies, your days are LTD. The text is made tiny for the purpose of space. It is the 'fine print' of the chemistry. If you don't believe me, read the fine print. 525hp at 1000rpm in 2000cc. Unreasonable mpg.

You could probably make a simple one if you look at and search for Stanley Meyer or 'water splitting'.

"Hydrogen fuel.

~10 H2 atoms per cc is natural. This will need to be compressed considerably to produce the level of thrust i am seeking. Since it will be gas, it will be possible to compress it dramatically. I imagine we could have a piston full of oxygen that then has bursts of hydrogen pumped into it.

A slick gear system can divide the packets of hydrogen to be dispensed into each piston at a time. More pedal will put more gas in each gearspace. They will release into the piston and boom. At very high pedal action, the gears will turn faster and produce more hydrogen. This will cause larger and more frequent bursts to the pistons.

The hydrogen will be split from water. Equal reactive parts of hydrogen and water come form splitting.

A [v.] small amount of the gasses will be stored in bubbles for dumping purposes. I imagine a backup of N 'rolls' or pistons full of hydrogen and equal oxygen parts will be kept in a bubble pouch about the size of a soccer ball.

The figure N should be no greater than the largest bump in acceleration the car could anticipate. For example, at idling approximately zero hydrogen will be processed from water. This should be enough to keep the engine turning at maybe 200 rpm. Or it could even stop-idle. That would be a seperate feature.

Basically I don't want to lose momentum on the pistons, so even as low as about 180rpm, 3 revolutions per second, well, that should be more than plenty to keep the unit engaged and in motion. It could go down to 120 or 60rpm.

But at its peak I'd expect a few thousand rpm. Instead we should allow a little air to leak into the hydrogen-filled piston. That will work better. We'll just reverse the process by squirting the h2 into the piston and o2 into the gear. the o2 will be the combustate reactor. As much o2 split as is put through the gear in h2 will be put into the piston for ~100% reaction.

hydrogen burns at 325 btu/cubic foot. 1 btu is approximately 1060 joules of energy. it is also 778-782 foot pounds of force. 1 hp is 2540 btu/h. I expect to give this car 500hp. we'll need to produce 21,166 & 2/3 cubic feet of hydrogen per minute. a cubic foot is 12" X 12".

A cubic meter is 30c X 30c X30c. 2700cc. 10 atoms per cc of hydrogen. this will be easily compressed into the piston. that is only 27,000 atoms of hydrogen per cubic foot. that is 190.5 million [x30] hydrogen atoms per minute to achieve 500hp, engine. we need to find an acceptable level of compression and rpm to burn [30]190.5mh2 every minute.

[***note here that a correction has been made to the original hypothesis. 1 cubic foot is 2700cc, not 900cc. For this purpose, the hydrogen will ideally be compressed 30:1 into the pistons. This will require moderate compression systems. Since the engine was already 2-liters, it would be senseless to make it 60-liters uncompressed. However, it can be made 4-liters and comrpession rates of 15:1. Standard gasoline vehicles receive 15:1 compression. Many diesels get 25:1 compression. 30:1 compression is not out of field. Furthermore, this figure does little to affect the hours of operation. 103 Quintillion, as shown below, /30, = about 3 quintillion hours of operation per gallon of water. X 2/3 for special electrolysis costs = about 2 quintillion hours. Thank you, please adjust figures accordingly.

Furthermore, the 1000RPM level is quite low. This could be increased to 3000RPM and the compression requirement reduced to 10:1, which is easily forseeable.***]

I'd like this to technically be a V4 approaching 500hp, with jugs the size of paint cans. let's see what we can do to approach that. I'll give it one cubic foot per piston. that is 4 pistons each rotating once, giving 900cc each of element. let's bump it up 11% and call it 1000CC per paint can cylinder/piston. we can do that. if necessary, we'll cut them in half and call it 500CC per. [The engine size change and compression in light of 30X has been debated above.]

4000cc per stroke. [30]190.5mh2/minute. at 1:1 gas compression that would be [30]19.05 million cc, having 10h2 per cc. to turn [30]19,050,000 atoms into 4000cc... [maximum] we'd need to compress the hydrogen to 476:1 ratio. that is substantial power requirement to compress.

[skipped. This was the figure at 1rpm.]
If we can squeeze 4760 hydrogen atoms into each cc instead of the ambient 10/cc, we will achieve 500hp in 4000cc of engine. a 4.0 liter engine they say. We could probably ease that up by giving it an 8.0 liter hydrogen engine, but that may not be necessary. I'd like to keep the hydrogen engine as small as possible. 8 liters would ease the cc requirement to only 237:1. 2370 hydrogen atoms/cc. That is a lot of power for the bang! That thing will be a dang vacuum until the oxygen gets there.

2hs[g] + o2{g] = 2h2o[i] + 572kJ. hydrogen is naturally at 0*C 101.325kpa 0.08988g/L.

I am merely concerned about how dense we can compress hydrogen, so as not to melt the engine from its compressed gas principle, or to discover that it is very difficult to compress the gas to that level.

well, wait. if we wanted to put 19,005,000 into 4000cc, that would be at 1 rpm. That would destroy the vehicle. We could easily fill 4000cc 1000 times [1000rpm]. We would achieve 19,050,000 atoms at 4000cc in G rpm. that means 4762 atoms per cc per minute. if the ambient case is 10/cc, we could spin it at 476.2rpm without compression and achieve this measure. 500hp.

For each 476.2RPM we spin, we will produce ~500hp, using only a 4.0 liter engine. This is fantaCtic. We could spin it at 5000rpm and produce over 8000hp. Or we could get it to 5000rpm peak and have it be only a one half liter engine, with 250cc per banger v2.

Or we could compress it to 10X normal, which seems easily achievable, and duplicate the same results as either of those situations and get 8000hp at 5000rpm in the 500cc engine. I think we should go with non-compressed hydrogen, because compression is irritating and the earth's atmosphere, or the natural level of oxygen per water, can do it for us without compression costs.

This is using split water hydrogen fuel as a normal combustion fuel, not for an enzyme-enhanced room-temperature fuel cell, which would reach temperatures of perhaps 80*F. This is combustion engine technology. The water would supposedly be dumped. I should like it to be vaporized on very cold days so the roads do not get slick.

So basically we'll have to put a cap on this hideous monster at probably about 600-750hp, so it doesn't tear itself apart. Unfortunately, this will mean that a peak engine spin of 1000rpm should be produced, mostly for low noise I suppose. 500hp at 476.2rpm would mean that a 4000cc engine will get 1050hp at 1000rpm. Because this is not the goal, and 500hp is the goal, we will need to reduce the engine size from 4000cc probably to the twin banger 2000cc, and just call 525hp overhead cheating on the goal of 500hp.

I would attach this 2000cc, 525hp @ 1000rpm engine to a multitronic transmission of the strongest variety. Let's also see. We will use a maximum of 19,050,000 hydrogen atoms per minute. That would be at full throttle. I expect then to use only 9,525,000 molecules of water per minute. How much water would this be?

I will assume the gallon is at 86*F/30*C. water is 18.0153g/mol. One mole of water is 6.0221415 X10^23 molecules.

602,214,150,000,000,000,000,000 molecules of water = 18.0153 grams? that is ridiculous. Pure chicanery. 1 gallon of water weighs ~8 pounds, like 3,600g. That would call it about 200 moles of water becoming 1 gallon. I only need 19,050,000 hydrogen atoms per minute. This thing will use ~0 water.

That means that there are 31,000,000,000,000,000 minutes worth of 525hp production per mole of water.
That is 31,000 trillion minutes of 525hp output per mole of water. That is 103,000 trillion hours.

I can't turn that into mpg.

Something must be wrong. I believe I have made 3 errors. One may be in a fact I have stated. Can you find them? Well, regardless, it will take only a very small amount of energy to turn enough water into hydrogen and oxygen using the atomic ringing principle of Hz frequency. This will use less than 1hp. You can run your stereo on another hp, and the AC on 6 more hp. That gives you a 517hp car that gets many trillions of hours of runtime to the gallon of water.

Well, now for the other fun parts. What kind of body and build should I put on this hydrowater vehicle? I can use the plain engine to power and run an immense array of freight vehicles and every passenger automotive. Probably scaled down to the 300hp range for convenience. We can run planes on this kind of power, because you should only need like 2 gallons of water to do the trick. Stanley Meyer drove from NY to LA on something in the range of 2 or 22 gallons of water.

Ideally I'd like the car to filter urine so you've always got fuel, even if you can't find pure water. I would give it a carbon fiber body using the special electrolysis technique that I described to forge and purify coal carbon into carbon chains. I'd make the body of hard rubber with metal meshes running through it and give it a healthy skeletal system of carbon fiber for accident protection. I've made estimates before, putting the body weight here at around 800 pounds, which would easily receive 5* rating.

Then the engine itself, a mere 2 liters and V twin, would probably be heftable by a single man. I could also probably afford to make it from enamel embalmed ceramics, and case that in carbon fiber so it would not shatter or break. I'd call it 150 pounds or less. I'd assemble it as a single unit and then encase it. It would not need to be opened. If not, I could probably compartmentalize or buffer it on struts.

A fuel tank of two gallons is just fine. That would be about 20 pounds. Give it 4 broad slick tires and the optional/experimental Rochelle salt wheel and shock system. The tires I estimate would be extra tall with body area cut out for them under the hood and a shield or bars protecting them from the road and foreign objects. They must be extremely widely cammable. I would also center the gravity at as close to 1' off the ground as possible, and give it a 10" clearance, with wheel room indeed. I'd put an adjustable spoiler on the back coz we will need it at 525hp.

The multitronic transmission makes sense with such a huge engine. It should be remarkably light and have few moving pieces. I might make it ceramic as well, since no gears will ever be shifting. I could possibly give it a torque-shield so as not to shatter itself, or just make it from metal.

It'd come in tudor and 4-door. Wheels that could optionally swivel around to hug turns. No scoop is necessary from water splitting, exhaust is up to 2 gallons of water. It could spin up a compressor to provide vortex-tube style coolantless cooling, and heating when necessary, and also use scoops to capture psi. Tires would autoinflate.

Fuel guage, compass, nothing wireless unless you've got a laptop inside. AC/DC plug, ambient 8hz [e-] field beacon. Adjustable in BIOS among any non-harmful frequency, including FCC level broadcast, with automatic 20' antenna, and em field generators pointed around the antenna to work with pulling and strengthening signals.

Airbags, carbon fiber oriented crumple/shatter zones. Electric start using a supercapacitor. Seats that inflate and mechanically change shape to basically any position. They must also fold down to become suitable cot/bedlike structures. The steering wheel should be unlockable like a racecar, using a trunk key. The glovebox should not be lockable.

Ambient car lighting is obviously standard, in numerous optional LED colors and on various fade patterns. I may use focused LED frontlights, but they have very low watt/lumen ratios. It might wind up being energy efficient capacitated bulbs until I can broadcast signal in the visible range.

I suppose I should be able to turn all the windows into displays and run driving simulations or watch surround-picture DVDs like a drive in movie in my car. The windows should be unbreakable. The taillights should be unbreakable. The bumper should be a 6"X block of rubber with metal rods through it, and 6X3" on the sides. I might fancy those fliplights, or it could come to a grill at the front. It depends on what we have to work with. The grill would probably be stronger, but a 2 liter engine is tiny. I will not need a lot of hood. But I'd like a lot of hood. Maybe I can put the engine in the back of the car and use the front for luggage and a small room. It'd have tiny fadable windows, interior lights, and would not be lockable from the interior. How gangster could I get this setup? It'd have a tent to be pitched. It'd have cushions. The trunk opens, and there is a tarp you can pull down to make it a dome. That is living. It must also be 6' square. Maybe make it 7' long interior so I can lay down, and have some side divits for the wheelhubs, which are also seats. The hood will have to be bendable in two sections, adjustable to any angle and lockable at that angle, and rainproof at any angle. The structural integrity of the cabin must not be compromised by the engine's absence.

I want to be able to survive 100mph collisions from the front end. That means that this tent area must have crumple and shatter zones, it must be solidly constructed, it must have a skeletal system, and it must have airbags internal to itself for the car to crash into. I don't care if they pop some. Let them pop and diffuse newtons.

At 525hp [engine], weighing in at let's call it 1100 pounds unloaded, featuring a multitronic transmission that is ~90% efficient, [best electrics get to 95.3%. or I could use a fuel cell and electric tranny per wheel] it should show up with about 475hp at the road. How fast can this take a car with an industry-favorable air resistance? Top speed level terrain?

What is the 0-60 of the vehicle? Well, a low 5 is good for a 450-500hp engine. However, this is in cars weighing perhaps 3X as much or more. Using a mechanical crankshaft getting at best 75% efficiency. With 15% extra efficiency and about 1/3 as much weight, I'd expect that thing to pull a 3-second 0-60, or maybe lower, according to educated speculation at .

I am reading that the BMW 7-series 500hp engine gets to 155mph. That means it has about 375hp at the road. I expect this car to have 475hp on the road. And it is again 1/3 as heavy as the 7-series. I cannot compare this vehicle.

According to, a twin turbo flat-6 producing 600bhp@7200rpm in a 6 speed manual 2480lb vehicle, the top speed is 174mph. The car I will work with is again half as heavy and has a more efficienct transmission, but the wheel-hp should be comparable. I presume the hydrogen vehicle should approach 200mph or more, due to its lightness with a similar engine to the previous.

Then again, I could double the RPM and nearly double the Hp produced. Getting 1000hp from 2000cc hydrogen engine is not apparently a difficult task. The car probably does not need to go faster than 200mph ever, and probably shouldn't either. The 600hp's 0-60 was 3.5. That gives me a lot of hope as well. I bet the hydrogen car can break 2 seconds. "

Let it also be known that I want this science to go to peace and not towards producing fighting or wars. Let it be activated to cease the end-stage oil wars and economic competition. There is so enough for everyone. Build the infrastructure, build the economic model that can handle plentitude and robotic labor, and make mankind a fine time.

One of the other major factors of this post is the midbody airbag. I *demand* that 2008 model vehicles come equipped with mid-body airbags, such as in the engine, behind the bumper, to act as 'pop-zones' on the vehicle to diffuse newtons in major accidents. They are like airbags for the car. The car counts too, because you're in it. (c) Use it.

"The US Department of Energy reports that in 2002, the United States economy consumed 97.6 quadrillion BTUs (quad BTUs)." -wikipedia. 1 hp = 2540 btu/hour.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Electromagnetic Life Signs

Greetings from Billy Bunkie the Science Junkie!

I have an electromagnetic field. It extends out to about "here" beyond the surface of my skin. A human being therefore is not merely the meat you can see, it is also the electrical portions of the body that you cannot see with the naked eye. Scandanavian machines have analyzed human electrical auras and special photography detects it as well.

If it can be shown that a zygote has an electromagnetic field independent of the mother's, it may be provable that the zygote is an independent life. An EM field would form before any obvious appendages or other physical signs, but would show that the entity is individual from the mother.

Every thought that goes through my head has a unique electromagnetic signature because of the unique neurological environment that resists and shapes it. Then, when that neural arrangement is no longer being actively thought of, the cell's ambient electricity gives it a very weak but still measurable circuit voltage, meaning that everything you still believe is hanging right there around your head for as long as you believe it.

We may be able to measure unborn babies' first thoughts, or at least the presence of mental activity, before they have physical organ systems arranged to support a physical life, but after and during their first example of physical existance. This could become so as soon as the egg and sperm meet, if they produce a unique electromagnetic field in the zygote.

This field may also play an important role in medicine. A medical illness would probably affect the field electromagnetics of the body before physical symptoms arrived. This could shave precious hours and days off of the early detection time of serious illness. EM scans could become a routine and life saving addition at standard medical wards as soon as the FDA begins to recognize that you have an electromagnetic field.

We may have been able to determine if Terri Schaivo had mental capacity if we measured her mental electromagnetic field, even if she was unable to use her sensory organs or translate those E-M signals into communication with physical forms of communication.

This is Billy Bunkie the Science Junkie saying a mind is a terrible thing to waste! Join us next time when we talk about whatever's in my head. *wink!*

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Radiance and the true Strong and Weak forces

Charges (+) or (-) can be either outwardly flowing (radiant) or inwardly flowing (diminishing). This is its use for goodness, an external and radiant, or evil, an internal and diminishing, and affects its magnetic attraction, but not its strength of magnetism. It could also be represented as 1+, 0+. or 1-, 0-, in the non-euclidian math system.

Entire actions can be + or -, and when X is radiant, X attracts [or entrains] other things around it to become like force, either radiant or diminishing. This is the true Strong nuclear force, which scientists have labeled the weak force. It is when (+) + (+), or (-) + (-). The weak force is when opposites attract and form stable atomic cholesterols. This can occur on small atomic levels or on area-magnetics levels (forming 1+ non-euclidian style ambient circuitry).

They call the weak force weak because they are labeling something that causes atoms to break apart or wind down, but they are not weakened down, they are torn apart into other things. The true strong force, radiance, is strong enough to keep stable atoms from forming.

Unresolved quantums could be radiant or diminishing. They have not yet been observed as true or false, or their other properties. [see below on atomic ringing].

I liken a strong radiant to a wave, while a weak stable force as a loop. The loop expresses as mass, an anchor, and radiates entrainment of gravity for all other things to become weak like itself and stay. This occurs on a descending grade through space which is a force of attraction. A radiant force occurs as a wave, unstable, continually updating and malleable. Weak is false, it is a 1 = 0. That's radiance flowing in a circle. It produces a loop of overlap that says 1 != 0, and is unresolved, so that force does not move forward in time, but remains looping wherever it is until it is resolved. It is like a hanging code error that we call an atom, and it will just stay there, unobserved quantums, until someone or something comes along and forces it to express a property through action in the universe or observation. We call the method of shifting unresolved pieces of atoms around 'chemistry'. It makes new unresolved/stable states, which are observable and useful in a weak force entrained environment/economy.

The strong force says 1 = 1, and is true, and updates continually through time as a functional physical program of energy. It has no quantums as it is an open wave, or they are all continually observed and 'unhanging', and is anything *imaginable* right away, but as soon as something else is imagined along its path it is that instead. It could also be numerous things at the same time. The weak force is merely when that atom or wave stabilized, turned weak, and began looping. Technically this is true as atoms can be anything on the correct hz and charge and atomic number, but an electron or a flying proton or subatomic particle or piece of energy is technically not a macro object. An atom is not a wave, and relies on certain stable elements at all times which do not change until their force is overcome or resolved.

I believe that this radiance occurs through time and has affects on their expression. You may be looking back in time when you see a stable atom. You could be looking at an atom that is days old. "The last time this field equaled 'true' it looked like this:" It's like the video card freezing. Weak force.

Atomic Ringing

Everything is ringing right now, just a little. Most of it is inaudible and invisible waves. Radioactive elements ring in unstable ways that cause them to ring themselves slowly apart. It is a piece of atomic code that continually ends up a small amount short/second, and the atomic bundle eventually = 0.

You're making noise. You're making waves. The ringing of an atom, or item, via area magnetics, is from this principle. Like heat, the e(-) inside things bounce about, in their unobserved quantum shells. Ringing is their hz level and how far and hard outwards they bounce. Even on their original shell associations they can come to be almost anywhere [even in a macro scale] it's still a stable wave as their baseline with appropriate corrections to the harmonics later, which are equally as likely or unlikely. Like plucking an e-string harder, the sound produced will be different or louder, but the string/electron is still attached to the guitar/atom. The thing is with atoms that there is no physical boundary for the radius of an electron's forte, so long as it remains atomic harmonic.

If a group of atoms all ring in symphony, they can cause a visible object to appear to be in two places at once, or more. Which one of them would be the 'real' object, though? I have no idea. Probably the oen that is being reacted with to be observed, although that sets off a new branch of quantums, one real, one that cannot be shown to be real but is not necessarily unreal. It is just easy to disbelieve in it. It is hard to cook on the same stove in Jersey as Frisco, but it can be done with appropriate harmonics, even when you're touching and observing both of them. That requires the quantum uncertainty wave to remain uncollapsed into the weak state.

Radiance can produce things that are otherwise quantum impossibles, because a radiant will not resolve into a stable loop. But the radiant can remain along a mental or otherwise guided pathway to look just like stable things. It's like buying something on credit instead of cash.

All the electrons of an object can be made to ring into a certain area, even one outside of the object, due to harmonics. Also, you can't observe an electron without changing its power, and they are tiny, so just by looking at it, you cannot necessarily see it to define it one way or the other and collapse its quantum uncertainty. How this would show up on video, uncertain. The camera only records electromagnetic certainties, and these quantum uncertainties might not show up on an EM camera roll. A camera that recorded in quantum states, now that would be a fantastic scientific object, but probably not great for the vacation in Florida. "Yes, you went." You might also be able to tell on that camera if you really enjoyed it, which would remain up to you from moment to moment, as it is your opinion. Opinion from the past recorded on camera would change with your whim. This is represented in some ways on EM tape, and any quantum uncertainties recorded on normal EM tape will align themselves to the surrounding radiant conditions.

Note that inappropriate or additional ringing may become CPU slowness or inefficiency.

So, time is a wave that can turn into a loop to become hanging or stable objects. It records stable conditions and they are passed by the continualy radiant truth of 1=1 at a steady pace of imagination. Cesium is stable but its energy is not false, just its loop [TOIS, waves within waves]. We can measure the energy running in that collapsed wave/loop as electron cycles and thus we measure time in a local area of imagination or observation. At what Hz does observation occur? It depends on radiance, which is timeless and time is meaningless to it, but all stable loops will continue breaking down at the speed of light/hanging stabilities.

I believe eating the Apple in Eden caused otherwise perfectly radiant humans and human energy to become tainted with weak force. If one remains in weak force continually, one will have a stable and unimaginative life. But if one remains in strong force continually, one will dream forever. A body is a place to go back to when you stop dreaming, or a place to dream from and have stable things decided as good.

Christians, you can use this radiance to produce good things in the world. Be radiant, and the things around you will be radiant also. Goodness will collect to goodness, and evil will collect to evil and all shall be judged.

Friday, September 15, 2006

MegaScience 2006

The foundations of science can allow us to do fantastic things in 2006. We can solve the majority of the world's physical problems. Go forth and spread this news and the news of Jesus Christ!

There are 20 US patents for free energy systems. One given in 2002 is a Motionless Electromagnetic Generator [MEG] that produces some 100X the energy used to extract power from the universal constant found in a vacuum. Many others make use of water adjustment techniques for power, using everything from charged water to molecular ringing [you're ringing right now]. Others use trapped sound, some resonate with the earth's magnetic field, and still others make use of other field electricity and cosmic radiation.

Nikolai Tesla had an electric field-receiving 1930 Pierce Arrow automobile. It had no engine, just electricity absorbed from a field like radio waves.

3D printers can form molecules on an atom by atom basis with nanorobotics. You could print pizza - a cooked pizza - from nanorobotics. You could print an entire organ system. Stem cells from umbillical cords or adult cells electromagnetically and chemically coerced into becoming stem cells, can be replicated and used in medicine. Synthetic blood electricity could be used to fight pathogens better than any chemical antibiotic. Your own body continually electrifies you just a little bit, on a level of a few hundred nanoamperes [uA].

In the name of Jesus Christ, these technolgies constitute logic and ways of service to God that can change the world. May they be blessed by the Lord!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wireless Electronics

There is a radio style that is powered by the signal it receives. The difference between an ambient circuit and a direct circuit is physical connectivity via wires.

An antennae is not connected to the radio station, nor is the phone connected to the other. It transmits this signal wirelessly, by electric field or signal through space. If you've ever seen one of those pieces of tape with coiled wire in it on a product you buy, that is a minute antennae. In the same way that some radios pick up power from signal, so can your electronics be designed to do so.

If you had a powerful electromagnetic field around you house and your appliances were designed to interact with this field [they are currently designed to run on direct connection circuitry, aka the plug] the appliances could run without being apparently plugged into anything. They would shake that power from the field and use it to chop veggies or run the dishwasher.

Tesla apparently had a 1930 Pierce Arrow vehicle which received 240 volts through a component in the glovebox and used that to power the engine. It got to 90 without difficulty. The power was 'beamed' to him through the em field he produced in his tower. It is like running a car on radio waves.

This is important.

Oil won't last forever. Plus it's sticky. But they use it because they can charge you for it at the pump, and they can't measure how much energy your car has used from a field. Arguably, Congress has the right to regulate this kind of interstate economic activity by its original powers in the Constitution.

You can run your car on radio waves. Yes, you can.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Psychic Plants

Cleve Baxter performed numerous polygraph tests... on plants. He would imagine the plant being harmed without touching the plant and the polygraph would change. It is also said that carrots produce a ~40khz frequency when being cut.

Interpersonal Electronics

You could speculate that an electrical circuit produces a field once it becomes a loop. A straight line of wire without a reconnect could carry a certain number of electrons, but it would not produce a true field.

Considering neural activity, a short circuit loop in a mental structure would cause an unnatural field effect. Deviations from direct neural function would be incorrect uses of energy leading to boxcar canyons or piling up, but if those electrical boxcar canyons become epidemic and meet in a short, they can produce these unnatural field effects, which can simulate authentic function and authentic circuitry, but without the standard social connection [in the case of interpersonal electronics] or chemical function [in the case of intrapersonal electronics].

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Electric Medicine

[Reviewed for clarity]

I say all of this as a Christian, and know that it is all within the power of Jesus Christ, son of God.

So, it seems that a cell is a magnetic structure, as well as any atom or particle. Particularly cell walls are strong delineations of a regional em field, so an injury via trauma would be severe if it cut through cell walls. I would expect an injury to merely divide cells from one another for the primary portion, except in crushing damage.

What is trauma? It is force applied magnetically. When two atoms approach, they never touch. Their electromagnetic fields touch and repel. Atoms that are coerced to move by that electrical resistance thru a machine [muscle, chemical reaction associated with energy release or chemical transformation] function as catalysts for electrical change in the regions they move to/thru.

Your body is a mess of electrical charges, bound magnetically to one another to make your whole electromagnetic field, and the field of every cell. Cells is probably small enough and close enough to each other that regional electricity and magnetic fields are significant actors. A stiff force applied to a stiff mass shows up as bundled em charges piling on one another at the connecting surface. Less so with softer masses. The stacked charges either overwhelm the standing charges and assimilate them into their own em configuration or the standing charge resists it and the foreign magnetic cycle is repelled while the old remains intact. The standing mass' em force can be weakened to the point that their charges do not stick to themselves without being overwhelmed. This is the difference between recharging a battery and rebuilding one.

If the standing charge [your arm] is overwhelmed by the presenting force, your arm aligns itself in the way of the piled charge, including possibly capacitance representative of the standing force. This can be one battery's charge approaching and rearranging the smaller' battery's charge, effectively overlapping it and causing the pieces of the standing charge to rearrange systemically to handle the combined amperage of the atomic resistancies of the piled charge, incorporating it into the bone's natural charge.

This is why the wounds persist, particularly in bone. Their charges have been misshapen. The DNA in the cells still appears as God intended, but the em-organized and physical form has been rearranged. This charge can cascade thru the bone or stiff structure until it can be negotiated by standing associative charges.

The bone remains injured or tense like pressurized [crunched] tectonic plates. It probably contains supportive pieces whose charge has been corrupted by the incoming magnetic force. These pieces have been em-rebuilt to afford a different bone/stiff macrostructure, compensating for incoming force. This compensation remains after the force is done, since the cells absorb magnetic charge deeply to be strongly bonded[?] to one another. They have attached to the incoming force and negotiated it with corresponding opposite charge. This opposite charge still abounds. Earthquake aftershocks, waiting to be released. The piled up charges will slowly release from their collected points.

If the outstanding deviant electric charge can be dispersed or drawn from the injury, the bone's natural magnetic charge should resolve, and the bone will 'magnetically' pull itself back together. If performed 'instantly' the bone would visibly slip back together over its fracture to uniformity, and I imagine cell response would be prompt to reseal lost chemical bonds, possibly in a matter of several hours or days and returning to full strength within a week.

Theoretically, this can be done mentally by shifting body field magnetics and relying on God for help and associative work. Christian reiki has been demonstrated effective. The magnetic charges in the body are effective and exist. Magnetic fields and charges guide cells.

Trees rely on this magnetism. They bend in the wind instead of snap. Bones can conceivably bend instead of break if the charge passes through them instead of attaching somewhere and there piling up. If the charge is passed on like through a wire, the incoming force can simply be dispersed like voltage.

Hmm. The heart may be a place the body keeps spare voltage, to be distributed throughout the body, or where it is needed. The cells are in constant contact with the blood which flows everywhere, and are highly electrical.
What keeps cells together? Their chemical attachments and their place as a part of an electricomagnetic matrix operating on a unified hz frequency.

Internal difficulties will dislodge this unified hz. The piled em charge may be released on a slow level. Say if a measured ampere of charge were stacked up in a small connective region as red in the existing cell fields, it could be released as low level em field radiation over a week or 3 weeks' time, slowly healing, or the charge could be drawn out rapidly and dumped somewhere else, or neutralized.

Different hertz levels reflect as different colors, within the visible range. Equal amperage on all hz [color] frequencies is white charge.