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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rainbows and the Deluge

Rainbows are the sign of God's covenant with Noah. Before the Deluge, [ante-deluvian] there were no rainbows, because the atmosphere did not have significant quantities of water in it, nor did it ever rain. The whole earth was watered from a spring welling up from the ground. It was probably a fairly even world with no or very few mountains and hills, and a high water table. Since much of today's water was in an underground sea, the world was primarily unflooded except for some oceans and big lovely lakes. Since the flood, the new water cycle has formed and washed a lot of the salt and nutrients into the sea. Now we see deserts, uneven distribution of nutrients, dry and swampy regions, and a very saline sea.

There probably were no deserts, no mountains, no rain nor clouds, and the earth's ozone layer and ionosphere were probably different. The planet may have been pleasantly warm all around from more even geoconvection and less humid skies, so there would be low winds most everywhere and few storms, hurricanes, blizzards, and probably even the chilliest parts of the earth were probably around freezing or so from low wind and ample plant life and uniform convection and watering, and if they did get very cold or hot it was at low humidity.

The artic regions are currently so frosty mostly because of supercharged permanent high pressure zones from geoconvection causing upper-atmosphere [very cold] winds to barrel down at the exact [~50 miles] north and south poles at around 200mph, bringing wind chill and coldness from the void of space right into earth's atmosphere. Geoconvection is when the sun's longwave rays beat down on earth, pass through clouds and most water, and turn into heat [shortwaves] when they pass through solid material. This is why the inside of your car gets unevenly hot in the sun when the windows are rolled up. The sun's energy turns into heat on the car's body and interior and gets trapped in the car's interior. Hot air expands, northward and southward from the equatorial region where most of the sun hits. If you opened the car doors heat would billow out. So it billows on earth, trapped by gravity, and other particles trapped by the ionosphere. This heat expands basically to the poles, where it all crunches up and has to go back down instead of out to space. So the super high pressure at the poles, and the cold upper atmosphere wind.

I speculate that if the earth had ~99% land cover with sporadic and small lakes, the low pressure zones over oceans would not exist, high geoconvection from equatorial regions would be matched by a larger arctic pressure force from arctic and polar landmass convection. The resulting pressure imbalance and rush north and south would be slower, we would have lower pressure levels at the poles, and the dry air would not contain freezing water or conduct so much coldness to the poles, and down to the top and bottom 33* of earth.

I know much geology, but I do not have major skills/funk when it comes to internal earth effects. So my hypotheses of the endogeo [underground] effects of the deluge are less solid and may contain gross inequities. However, I still wonder, and learn by hypothesis. You may learn too.

I wonder if the flood changed earth's axis rotation. I read that the Indonesian earthquake in December 2004 changed the earth's rotation slightly. That was from a single event. If a large portion of the deluvian water came from the Alaskan [now] deep sea trenches, that would be enough to cause the earth the tilt substantially on its axis, and could be stabilized later by waves, or crashing against mountains, or water crashing against itself at the south pole/ in the south pacific. This could also have set off a series of earthquakes and volcanos from the cracking and partial destruction of earth's crust, causing minor mountains and ranges and establish the current crust imbalance. That quantity of water could easily have crushed continents and caused the plates to crack and reform.

Due to creation, I don't think there were seperate tectonic plates before the great flood, or if there were they were not substantial. There does seem to be a Pangaea shape in the continental forms. The Pangaea plate may have been the entire earth's surface, torn apart by the flood. Our landforms may simply be the highest ground among those collected plates, and the spaces in between, where land was burst apart and probably plain magma showed, which was instantly solidified by the new oceans.

You'd see the flood from space.

If the occurance of the flood changed the earth's axis, it also created or exacerbated the effects of the seasons. If the deluge happened about 6000 years ago[?] and we see the earth today, ~300-330 generations later, could those environments produced be great enough to cause the phenotype changes [down-evolution] seen in human populations? It could be. Consider the dramatic change in environment that was likely experienced by contemporary humans. [80% of England's contemporary population is descended from Henry VIII, some 350 [?] years ago. I bet ~100% descended from Noah's family, and another 100% from Adam and Eve.]

White colored caucasian skin is more resistant to frostbite. People who went to the northern climates probably turned white like this in 50 generations or less, or died. Their skin also allows in more sunlight for the body to turn into Vitamin D. Yes, you make Vitamin D from your skin, and you need it. Above 40* latitude, the amount of sun people experience is usually not enough to give the body all the vitamin D they need. Hence cow's milk for extra vitamin D, hence cheese, hence ~90% of white folk are not lactose intolerant, and something like 50% of black folk and Pacific Islanders are lactose intolerant. This is internal down-evolution.

Black folk where the sun beats down without substantial vegetation coverage after the flood, and with a large amount of prisming atmospheric water, got black skin to shield them from the sun. A black person can stay in the sun for much longer, sometimes up to 90 minutes or more, without getting a sunburn. White folk can burn in like 10 minutes. This is down-evolution. Incas and people living in high altitudes develop barrel-chests to hold more oxygen. Their blood may also have more hemoglobin to make up for the reduced oxygen content. Could these have expressed in ~300 generations? I believe so. The original person [Adam] was probably olive colored and entirely genetically unspecialized. Putty colored, you say? Look at us today. If you're human, you have genetic expression. Whiteness, blackness, special nutritional requirements due to historical environment, that is expression.

You may also consider that all dogs evolved from wild wolf-like creatures during the period of domestication, which according to creation is certainly less than 8000 years. Humans can do it too.

Consider! <><

Scientific Hell and Probability

Someday, the negatively charged quantum conditions caused by thought will go 'straight to hell' instead of binding to the X that caused them and requiring them to be dealt with in association with that X [X often = a human]. This will be all negative thoughts being whisked off, perhaps repulsed, from the individual who may have come across them.

Consider this science because of the collapse of quantum uncertainties caused by observation, and the fact that thought is a kind of observation containing a level of uncertainty present in reality. Once communicated, [even telepathically] that thought becomes intention which reduces uncertainty even further.

It is possible that this was the action of the Apple. Causing the human to 'observe' or 'judge good and evil' the thoughts they had and causing a quantum condition to collapse, mathametically binding the thought to the human. And we all know how wild thoughts can be. It binds mind to body in an unexcellent way.

This action will of course be accomplished by God. Jesus Christ saved mankind, among other Holy actions, by providing the 'dotted line' between man and God, along which man should [but can't] act to please God and become godly. By trusting in Jesus we trust in the truth of his words and miraculous actions.

This is intense. And I am observing these thoughts heavily because they are on critically important topic and I want them to be right to an overheating degree. I have no way of making them right, and faith is a factor in their rightness because of the speficity of the action and belief. Divine glory and inspiration is the only thing that could possibly give these to me.

I think everyone needs to have a chance to observe and accept or reject Jesus Christ for a quantum condition to collapse of the endtimes occuring. Jesus Christ told us to tell everybody, and that time is factually approaching.

The unobserved is a dotted line, which can be observed in any desired way. Note *unobserved*. A lot of mental elements are unobserved, except by God, who is perfect and can do anything. God's knowledge of an event does not collapse a quantum wave into a 'particle' unless God wants it to. That collapse is, if like light, the turning of a wave into a loop. A double coincidence. ^v^v into __O__O__. That double coincidence is an event meeting itself, and observing itself, and condensing itself [within a single loop's length of uncertainty -> astronomical-down]. Can it be uncondensed? Yes, even imminent quantums can be uncondensed by will. [And the past is unimportant, so it is never changed, because the future is infinitely possible, even if astronomically unlikely.] Because the future, or an imminent looping quantum, is made of many variables which have not yet been 'observed' [only the present is observed at any 'time'] any or a series of those variables attaining astronomical up or down values could change from a 'very unlikely' event into astronomical certainty [by faith]. For example, my leg could spontaneously reform along the electromagnetic pathways that God intended for us to have. See 'ghost limb syndrome' where people get itches in places they no longer have. Similarly, even faulty electrical paths are deviations from the straight line circuit Xz [man to God] by certain math. So a healthy looking individual can have a complete spiritual change in an instant of belief and healing.

Area Magnetics and Mental Circuitry

A coiled circuit is used by power companies to transmit power when a direct connection is not available. The energy is picked up by the coil from a field produced by the originating source. The power comes from the field as e- and into the coiled wire, and down the remainder of the circuit. We can usurp electricity from the earth's geomagnetic field and possibly from background radiation from space using this method. [Dr. Moray] This coil [0] is the opposite of an antenna [1]. Briefly consider the sexual implications.

This can be accomplished by neurons, highly conductive biological cell chains, and even by circuitous fields and existing electrical flows through any matter. If a neural or electrical pattern has coils in it of any sort, these coils will pick up certain Hz levels of any electrical field they operate in. The fewer and shorter coils, the less power generated.

Note also here the interaction of fear and coils. Fear is an empty space, and when fear intersects a straight line, it causes a curve. These curves can become coils if left unchecked. Most non-empathic humans hardly recognize them, or only know to feel for them by their actions and moral compass, not merely their thought, or fear.

Certain coils are natural. The gonads are slated to be coils, which likely pick up ambient or signaled messagery.

The unwanted coils not hooked up to effective hard-wired biological electrical systems will essentially shock the part of the body they have formed in, likely intensifying the fear response, and building up conductive channels in the cells nearby, also increasing the liklihood of continued wasted and distracting electrical pathways. Fortunately, these pathways and their biological repercussions can be mentally reversed, since thought itself causes quantum points and paths of microconductivity to form, significant on a cellular level [in the 700-800 nanoampere range for white blood cells] in even the most average human. Never fear.

This is similar to the way memory neurons pick up field Hz signals, but both the gonads and the brain perform useful function, and return usable signal. Unnaturally formed coils do not return usable signal.


Now consider area magnetics on an astronomically large scale. Earth's magnetic field is a field local to the superheated iron and nickel core, or other measurably magnetic substances as denoted by the Hollow Earth Theory. It produces an binary charge that reaches solid hundreds of miles above the earth's surface. Beyond this threshhold [non-area magnetics, distance magnetics] its tug affects all other magnetic forces in a [X/^2] manner over distance squared, and everything is magnetic, even if it is stably balanced. In a similar way, all other things, even distant dark matter clouds, pull on earth, even just a little. Local bodies pull even more broadly.

Because of Newton's laws, earth pulls back. This is the pull that we may feel. While the moon has a very small amount of gravity on us, it creates the tides. We feel the tides and earth's response to the moon more than the moon itself. Because *we* are magnetic, we are part of earth's magnetic field. It is a binary field because it has pockets of + and - magnetism all over it, not just by the poles. The poles are dominant magnetic forces in the region, but on a scale of our bodies, our conscious choices and established battery-like chemical magnetic charges are the dominant magnetic forces, because of proximity [X/^2]. Earth is riddled with these small, often transient variant fields. They don't significantly affect earth's overall charge measured from a distance. Earth's charge becomes an ambient area for us, which our local magnetics become used to and are relatively unaffected by, like the tides.

But when earth begins pulling on us in response to mars, our ambient area of magnetics changes, and the normal response we give to earth's field changes. Depending on mars' [stable but unknown] electromagnetics and hz, this can affect us in different ways, and will affect individuals with unique EM & Hz uniquely but on a theme. The theory of area magnetics can explain all astrology and why hospitals ramp up readiness for the full moon, when people seem to do extra crazy stuff on record.

The magnetic center of an area can be measured using normal gravitational physics, but applied to magnetics. This point is the action of the magnetic "bundle", and its Hz is the dominant and acting Hz frequency of that bundle measured from a distance.

"From a distance" when referring to a magnetic charge or field, refers to a measurement from outside the threshhold of its charge. When by backing off, the charge does not continue to change. Differently strengthed magnets in a bundle can potentially produce non-circular magnetic fields. Since magnetic forces become very low due to divide-by-exponents after a certain radius and fall out of the numerical neighborhood of forces for a region, this is considered "from a distance", as those magnetic forces approaching astronomical smallness [see Theory of Infinite Smallness] still affect even distant forces, and can become highly emphasized or effective in certain situations.

The magnetic center of a bundle is entirely imaginary. It is an artificial grouping of independent magnetic forces, which have no reason to be associated with one another in exclusion of the remainder of existance. They merely are numbers that are close to one another in comparison to other numbers. This is the neighbohooding effect. Earth's magnetic field is imaginary, because the magnetic bundle that it is formed of is an artificial seperation. Earth's magnetic center is in a different location [probably] than the magnetic center of the whole of existance, measured from a distance.

[it may be so that the magnetic center of all existance, due to the theory of Newton's Laws, is the center and origin of all things. thusly, creation of any negative or positive particle from its opposite would intensify this magnetic signature. is a (-) an IOU to reality? what of ()() [0000...]? infinity is real. that i have a hard time wrapping, and because of infinity, the magnetic center of the whole of existance cannot be known. ever! except by God.]

The secret is to find joy and love in all you do.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Some new technological possibilities

Microbotic plates that 'grow' food products. I have examined nanoproduction and we can synthesize starches in the same way that others would synthesize chairs or non-biological materials. We could make you your own liver this way too, if necessary. It could produce these things in minutes instead of the days or weeks it could take to stimulate them to grow into that 'shape'.

We'd synthesize photosynthesis. I can imagine a small metal lunchbox with an extra-thick bottom that would contain the machinery. You'd put basically dirt and water into it, and X electricity, out the top would come FOOD. Edible safe food, probably of the most delicious caliber you could eat. Pre-cooked too. Made cooked. And warmed by the hum of it. A device would moisten the dirt and turn it to mud, presort it, and it'd be assembled atom by atom into the foods we're eating today that we need to wait for plants and animals to make for us. I bet I can make you beef before 2020. 2018!

I'd also like scratch'n'sniff newspaper or wallpaper. And possibly tasty wallpaper. Man I'm bored. I'm gonna lick this wallpaper. Inspired by my cat. The cat must get the royalties. Lol! That's a joke.

Oh, and similar microbiobots that stimulate your cells to heal. They will get their daily bread from your body's own electric field! Or another. Like the companies do it with the coiled wire, my brain's on fire, coz this is inspired by dreams, seams in the dress of life, cops, come and try to snatch my rights. What do you do when you feel the fool in a society that just can't fill the pool, with drool, I'm no better but I've seen better and it hangs on a cross and it lasts forever.

"Best junk ever!! We're coming from never to check the weather on your radio dial its raining style and while I turn the dial up I reach in the cupboard for a cup to fill with the juice i love to use to seal the cracks in the sides of my room."

I also will enjoy rapping more in the future.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Emotion, Water, and Chemicals

It has been shown that water forms into differently arranged crystals when it freezes in the presence of different strong emotions. It is presumable that it is also in this state when unfrozen.

I can also speculate that other gasses, liquids and even certain solids over time will organize into these properties. Hmm. Perhaps that is a conduit of God's miraculous power regarding the Deluvian flood and other astronomically[up-scale and down]active events.

I speculate especially that human hormones are the product of emotions, and that chemicals and emotions can be converted into one another to a degree. This would mean that energy = matter, and that emotion gives dint or another spectrum [interpretation or analysis] to matter and energy both, and originates in consciousness. It may also say that matter and energy originated as consciousness, and that consciousness has always been, and always will be.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Clothes Dryer 2

A standard dryer uses the 220v plug setting for an average of about 35 minutes, but can use it or an hour or longer. It requires a heating element and an alternator as parts.

A Bunker Dryer runs using an airtight decompression chamber. The clothes, water, and air are decompressed to ~5psi, causing the water to evaporate into the air and leave the clothes. The wet air is cycled by fan over a condensation pipe, where it will collect and drip through a one-way valve out of the chamber.

The entire process should require no more than 5 minutes and use a standard 110v outlet. 110v at 4 or 5 amperes should do the trick of rapidly decompressing the chamber to a suitable pressure, and the pipe could be refrigerated artificially, or it might simply appear cold to the touch from inside if it is a thin layer around atmosphere at normal pressure, due to the thermodynamic principle of expanding gasses. This will use substantially less equipment to produce, take less time, and use less energy to dry clothing.

It may be possible to invert the charge on a power tire inflater [~$16] to produce depressurization to an airtight chamber. Putting a groove and a one way seal into that chamber may produce the condensor, or it may require about 16" of modest refrigeration, also estimated to be a low price. This unit could cost under $100.

William Bunker
17 August 2006

Monday, August 14, 2006

Ambient Circuitry

There is a fine universal constant of an astronomically small number of amperes continually rummaging around every void in space. Even a vacuum has this charge, while not having atoms.

This can be logical because of recent experiments of freezing yttrbium crystals so their electrons stop moving. They still carry charge. Electron presence or motion is not required to conduct energy.

I have also calculated that by quantum principles, attention changes the conductivity of ambient space and objects by a tiny amount. This astronomically small amount is likely nearby or equal to the ambient constant, and can likely carry these constants very effectively. Mental entrainment may also play a considerable role in this nanoelectric state.

The function of the ambient constant should be more closely analyzed.


Then she rocked out for freedom.

Based on non-euclidian mathematics I & II, time is a state of quantum decision. Farther forward in time is presumed to be closer to the production of X & [/]. Events made of numerous quantum possibilities degrade into smaller particles, each containing portion sets of the quantum bits, while certain others are 'decided' or learned as X or [/]. The two or more resultant conditions carry on the remaining unspoken quantums.

Going back in time would be functionally joining these quantums together universally as their previous states. This illusion can be achieved by traveling fatser than the fastest material updater, light. Since c != c, but c+your speed as a ratio function, and the world is a series of waves within waves, this effect is scalable and returning to the older ripples of the major wave functions can detach and rehinge the illusion. Time is an illusion, and quantum states are illusions of your decision. It is constantly the present, based on the quantum states resolved by shared observation and time can be restored to dissolution and re-resolved with this ripple effect.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Creation vs Competition

Considering, every living thing is not necessarily designed so that its genes 'win out'. Up-evolution does not occur, and down-evolution is customization. Each living thing is created by God to fulfill God's purpose of love. This may not necessarily be 'so competetive', but more beautiful. The world is full of beautiful things that serve no purpose but joy.

Do the laws of physics compete? No, we compete to use them. But they were made by God just as much as we are.

Do the events of your day 'evolve'? Yes, in a way. But they down-evolve. You have to select from among your choices presented *to* you [not by you] what you will do. You have many choices, but they form 180* of direction, not 360*. After you have made your choices, new choices arrive as the consequences of your choices. You can't force yourself to become legitimately successful, you are given that. If you take it and do not deserve it, it is not yours and you are stealing it. Life is never stolen to be had. If it is stolen, it is not love, and is destroyed.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Second Edition - Non Euclidian Math

This also allows for the intensity of numbers, instead of merely their size. It could very well be "1" instead of 1. It is the *charge* of a number. An enormous 1, possibly made of a million 1's all identical, built up with incredible chi, could entirely knock you over. And cause you to be overwhelmed by 'just 1'. That would take considerable faith in 1=1 to withstand without being torn apart by (1 != 1)ing. Faith is the answer. Faith is all things. (Faith is all good things.) evil = illusion. all = X[z] or [/]. [/] = illusion. False.

unfortunately, in unique math, there is frankly no number greater than 1. Because a 2 would simply reduce two dissimilar ones. Within those ones there could be differentiations, such as Xy and Xz. 1Xz. 1 = x, where 1 = 1. or rather, x = 1 where 1 = 1. x = 1 and 1 = x are different orders of seniority of internal reality. that = is a defining characteristic, not always an equalitative.


I can imagine seeing justice occuring as a quantum event. You make justice by observing. Oh man. Unobserved events are unimportant and are therefore undifferentiated from their original quantum state. You cannot judge something you have not yet observed. That is injustice and = [/]. So obviously you haven't yet. You observing the event = false, which you are still experiencing until you have. Then it is dealt with, justice is served / becomes real, and is resolved as X[z] or [/].

OH MAN! This is how the universe is resolving all things!!!!!!!!!!

I am inappropriately excited.

You are the circuit breaker that makes the entire world from possibilities. You are grand central station of quantums into X or [/]. You are a massive transistor. Or rather, each neuron is a transistor, and experiences (by resistance)? Resisting the charge of life is experience. Being pushed by God's breath is experience.

Now it is a matter of getting it in the right plug.

"Babe, I love you and you are here with me!"

0 resolves. 1 = true. God we help you.

Justice = true. And it was good.

When Satan left God, Satan, a 0, stopped helping God. As a 0, it can not build charge, as it is made to help. a capacitor, a storage loop, is not meant to build charge. RAM on a computer is not the processor. it cannot build [or resolve] programs, only sort programs built. Justice = true. When Satan stopped helping God Satan caused his own eventual death by dissemination, his own no longer experiencing God's breath or resisting it by winding to a halt from resistance.

We who serve God will serve God forever. Endlessly. God will blow on our faces forever.

How does this resolve? Justice = true. All possible things become X or [/]. It is the demonstration of all justice.

God will wipe away every tear.

Non-Euclidian Math

This is a Billy Bunkie original. Public: please note that this is experimental math.

Xy = event viewed as threat
X = not threat [event]
y = threat

Xy experienced as false.

event =! threat.
[event -> threat ]* [this is the correction of the false]
threat viewed as a threat = yy
No = ( [/] )

([/]x) and (yy) are both false = true. they both self negate. they both resolve as ([/]), which is 'no'. ([/]) = imaginary. (they resolve into nothing. threat erased. X remains, as Xz.)


X[/] = undesirable X. non-chi X.
[/]X resolves [/] in the presence of X. without X, it resolves as [/] = [/]

Xz is default good. z = circuit to obeying God.


Xy[/]. [/] in the presence of Xy. Xy = X not to God. error.
Justice to Y = Y[/]. = (error = false)

all such things resolve as either X or [/]. Good or nothing.

maybe it's code. rather than math.


mathematology / symbology:

1 + 1 = 1 (because 1 = 1. one is the same one as the other one. "unique math." platonic math. math of the forms. there is only one 1. and it is it. There is only one God and God is God. I am Who Am. JHVH.)

1 + 1 = X. 1 + 1 = 1. 1 = 1. Note that the X is like two crossed ones. It is the fusing of two instances of one, to symbolically ensure that 1 = 1. X is always unique 1. X is the human. No, the ideal human. The human, where what is right = (human = human.) The creation. Add notches to those singles for another puzzle.

And notice how the invalid [/] (actually the symbol of the zero with a line through it) represents a zero without a one.

A 0 c/o a 1 = no. 0 = no. 10 = frankly 1 validated. not ten. An 01 is a one emphasized. 1.0 is precisely one. comparing one and zero by the period.

Note how all of these mathematical equations/sentences provoke Justice = true. they all equal X[z] or [/].

Compare this to the story of creation. I bet Adam's rib, a 'friggin' one, was biochemically bunched in a circle on itself to create Eve. A circuit in and of itself, circular in bone. To carry a bundle of charge.

Bones actually are not significant resistors. The pain of electricity comes from the joints, where the e- has to bridge the gap between bones.

That is comparing the science to the math. That is the mortalization of math. That is also known as computer code. Code turns numbers into figures, binary into Second Life. Think on it.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Geomagnetics, Ionosphere, and Solar Convection

The morning smells fresh because:

The earth's magnetic sphere creates ions which destroy or break up pollution particles and microbes. They also push unpleasant things by their charge away from the earth into the midatmosphere, where they are chilled out at low temperatures. This happens even at night.

The sun's rays heat the earth and that heat convects upwards towards the atmospheric ceiling from the equator. It also moves up and down at 30* and 60* latitude[longitude?] and then at the north and south poles streams downwards to the ground as all points meet and have no more room to expand to. The earth is thus encircled by atmospheric belts. This causes very windy conditions, high pressure zones, and circulation from the upper[chilly] atmosphere at both poles. Sunlight also reflects off the white snow caps rather than become absorbed and turn into heat. Flying along 30* or 60*, or flying upwards at the equator can cause turbulence and affects weather.

We rely on the ionosphere to freshen the planet. This is critical among earth's geomagnetic properties. Mars has no such belts, a very thin atmosphere, no speakable convection, and a very weak magnetic field. Their planet's surface is not continuously freshened, has no oceans to regulate temperature, and is not suitable to support life.

I believe this principle is demonstrated at a certain site describing the most likely and unlikely routes to human extinction.

I speculate that oceans function as emotional buffers, since water forms crystals based on mood. The energy of the mood could be evened or consumed by the bodies of water. This may also happen in high humidity, and be less present at higher altitudes.

Linux Networking Reduces Lag

You may know that Super Science not only deals with astrophysics, temporal mechanics, and theoretical technology, but it also deals with conventional electronic toys like linux networks and computers.

Linux2 could definately benefit from using... linux networks... I am dismayed at the chaos and difficulty of windows networks.

I am pleased that Linux2 is pressuring networkers into becoming more competetive than linux2. I'd stilll like to seee linux2 though, it'd be better than current networks and cut out a considerable portion of the expense and difficulty of computers.

I also want to see perfusion of the >$500 computer. Along with cheap internet. I am pleased that AOL is offering free broadband, and I'd like to see more people able to use the internet, both in America and worldwide. I like meeting foreigners online. I'm going to see if I can slap together a computer for half that much, and tweak it to do what is cool. Then I will see 3rd worlders online and that can really begin the information perfusion and distribution between 1st and 3rd world which has been pending since they met.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Examine This Illusion! and Build Stuff

This is a fun stream of a fountain! Click the title to see.
Hub site.

This one is also fantastic. A Rube Goldberg machine made with nature. It is so peaceful it makes my scalp tingle in special ways.

Check out what you can build with this guide gallery by an inventor!

You can make an AM RADIO using like wire and a safety pin and an earpiece. Designed during WW2 the Foxhole Radio, my friends. Easy entertainment for cheap. Fun science!

Also this is an easy to build robot using an old palm pilot. Go do it! I bet we could have robots running off palm pilots skimming all over the place. Palm Robots!? That'd be the funkiest. I want a small rolling robot that is also a palm pilot. Give me robot!!

Okay, I'll make do without a robot.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


The goal of Linux 2 will be to provide a free operating system that is more stable than Windows XP or any of the windows platforms, run programs from any operating system, be naturally virus resistant, and be user friendly and usable even by non-technical individuals while allowing advanced users to program in depth and adjust core settings and also code their own programs into the OS.

This can be achieved with several excellent code features. It must be downloadable through an internet site, which can be updated by user groups. Any program or file that the user/system desires to run on it must be decodable through a translating codework that can be accessed like a codec from the internet, to be added to a library collected into the computer's translation branch. This way mac and windows programs can be installed and their files translated into proper format for the OS and processor to read even before they are recoded. This can also cause macromedia and shockwave and other file types to easily load drivers and be viewed.

The translation can be worked by AI estimation systems assigning values with user interface and assigning new comments or tags to bits and types of bits. It can also be upcoded by users or possibly developers.

Stability should be produced by using customizable core defaults. The core operating system should be what a system reverts to at fatal fail. A program failing should not cause the OS to fail. These should not need to be run simultaneously, but the OS should be reverted to and allow the programs to take over non-essential functions from the OS at will or possibly by user permission.

It is critical to be spyware and virus resistant for all functions, even essential ones, to be labeled in an operation manager system inside the OS. This should be core at all times, and grouped by color as part of certain programs. I'd also like most programs to be internally customizable to run without all of their internal functions, but instead to not fail and merely provide a fraction of the function and customizably report missing data in variables.

The user's svchost.exe files, which group collections of processes, should all come with comments for the user and be disablable, and even reroutable using a plug & code style visual coding system interface.

The OS should have software recommendations. For example, a plug or OS zone available or designed for antivirus software files. This is mostly interface and recommendation for software. These recommendations can come in a file and be deactivated after startup. Core, involving system efficiency programs, which should be built into the OS and BIOS to the hardware, and certain software elements, anti-virus programs and anti-spyware, and reviews or recommendations with comments of various functional software pieces. All freeware of course.

[For example, Linux 2 should recommend Ad-Aware SE, Spybot Search & Destroy, Spyware Blaster, unregistered Spyware Doctor, it should have a registry manipulator and tips on registry items. Uninstallation should take the program's files from the registry as well as HD. The BIOS should be modified to keep the HDs periodically defragmented or organized, the boot files or sector of the OS should be defragmented and pushed to the front of the drive, functions of DriverHeaven TuneXP 1.5 should be incorporated into the system. All resources should be easily accessible and routable with comments. RAM should be automtatically set to the quickest T-setting. The processor should potentially have a minimally floating bus speed and voltage depending on monitored cpu temperature and system loads. This is a considerable amount of liability for software, but it should be considered, and permissions can be requested.]

Linux's functions of being virus resistant by limiting permissions should be duplicated in Linux 2, but it should be embedded in a more useful user interface. Installation of programs from the internet or from media should be as simple as a click, and those files and programs should be reaccessible with another click. The programs should have detailed explanation of what they do and their code and visual coding should be examinable by users.

Software and networking should be made considerably easier! Networking is freakishly difficult, and two networked computers should become the function of one computer, with boundaries set at their OS installations, seperatable later as hardware. Permissions for adjusting users and system settings shall be based on input slots. The keyboard and mouse of a certain computer are the only ones that can give permissions for that computer.

It is annoying for a mouse or a camera or other smallish device to require installation CDs. A mouse has only a few bits of input, which will assuredly show up at the end of the cord. The computer should be easily able to receive and analyze these and all foreign inputs to its system and determine what sort of signal they likely are, with minimal human interface, but with full customization. If you want your computer to interpret a mouse's x+ input as X-, then open up the visual-code of the mouse signal "interpreter" [similar to file type interpretations above!] and drag or indicate that incoming signal [likely already labeled as 'probably' or 'definately' x+, and drag it over to the 'translated' area for the desired sort. [perhaps x-, the opposite. this would provide 'pilot' style mouse control when the x- was tagged onto x+.] Additionally, visual buttons for doing these functions should be makable in the [mouse] interface page to assume pre-existing user settings, and also likely setting sets. The presence of these devices can be detected by external-facing polling from the RAM or processor to the ports every second or two, and from there signal should be established and move through the device instead of a USB-style polling system or device polling.

Code labeled as maliciouis in this manner will be identified and not allowed to run. Code that the cpu does not recognize can be searched on the internet for likely algorithms and data type organizations [for example, the likely organization of your mouse's data input, and data type, and learn from the net their standard setup components and their comments.]

This OS should use minimal system resources, to make it backwards compatible with many 98-level systems. If they are organized well enough the system resources should allow even a slower computer to run more modern programs and allow older motherboards to run using new Linux translation codes to have more free RAM using the ideally smaller Linux2, and an adequate amount of well routed processing power. Upgrading RAM, video cards, or chip replacement may be all that is required of certain systems. Further use of existing computer resources can be acquired from software fixes to hardware limitations and BIOS adjustment.

The average computer running Windows XP can be improved by perhaps 33% on top of its regular system performance using identical hardware in the same OS. This can be accessed using Linux2, and every mb of RAM less than Windows XP Linux2 will use will further increase the usability of the hardware, and similarly the better routed system function will improve CPU X software performance. This will make significantly better use of existing hardware, old hardware, and improve the function of computers and software in the future.

Linux 2. I would like to see this project worked on by companies allying with Nuremberg in Linux Valley, Google's summer programmers, Linux and Red-Hat productions, Ubuntu, das Penguin, and all world programmers and computer buffs to build a better open source OS.

This site about Mozilla Firefox extension building is a good key into the program.

No one wants to learn this unless they liked the link above. The OS must be visually basic to reach numbers like XP has. The visual portion of it should however be strippable to get to this kind of interface, although I would still keep visual elements basic defaulting OS, factory [from factory settings/installation]. It's free now. Another free but fisty OS will not draw users in. Linux2 needs to be easy like Sunday morning, if you follow the guided path of commentary and stuff, which should take you from point A to every place your mom or dad would want to go, and also most low-intensity gamers. But tweekers need to use this system too to make it better, to get more mileage out of their existing boxes, and to give their minds a chance to learn and remake the excellent ways the computer works.

Also, please keep a list of all existing settings somewhere in the HD or maybe latent in the BIOS to revert to for when you crash the OS into a tree accidentally, or code an infinite loop into a basic function. It will happen. This OS needs to be new coder friendly too. So shove those comments up in there as far/complex as they will go, on command, within a reasonable time. Maybe add comment-extension packages from the internet for semi-advanced users who want more guidance about tweaking their OS or even programs.

We should develop a few programs and convert a few programs to run well in Linux2. I'd like to see Doom 3, Civilization 4, and some of those caliber games recoded into Linux2. I'd like to see Linux2 come with a 3D game developing program like Doom had, except with interface reminiscent of Linux2. Users making games reduces the overhead of software companies and dramatically improves the lot. If we put program-making software and guides right into Linux2, users can make their own program if they don't like the ones out there or can't find [or afford] them. They can probably even shake down the sprites or the files from the internet if they choose and throw them together in their own way.

Linux2 could potentially 'pirate' software portions [non(c)] and allow users to throw them together, build them into 3D objects, populate a world with them, adjust physics settings, avatar view and imaging systems, light functions, AI point-origins and behaviors, material properties, gameplay, sound, and much more for 3D shells. For strategy games they could select and incorporate any set of rules and conditions they choose to in a mini3D realm or 2.5D realm, or text, or symbols. The desktop could become a game that they program if they choose.

This can go places. (c) William Bunker?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


We have this story about Noah and the flood. ~270 flood stories have survived. The Hawaiins have this story that after the first dude in the world died, the place became corrupt and violent. So God decided to flood it. One guy, Nu'u, built a big canoe and put a house on it. He and his family were the only people to survive the flood.

The Chinese say Fuhi did it. With his 3 sons and 3 daughters. Noah had 3 sons and their wives.

Toltec Mesoamericans say the first world lasted 1716 years, and that only one family named Coxcox survived. Bible birth dates before the flood added together produce 1656 years. That is within margin of error. So it Nu'u to Noah. Say em. Say em both. Then look at the Hawaiians language patterns.

Do note that this boat shaped piece is 300 cubits long, as described in the Bible, and located at 'Noah's Big Boat' in Turkey.

Consider Atlantis. Probably a flood legend, and probably no longer exists at all because of the flood.

Well, if you're going to get it you've gotten it by now! Join me in researching this!


I'd also like to examine the possibility of up- and down- evolution. It is easy for Darwin's finches to be produced by natural selection, but these finches will never ever turn into eagles, or humans. This is down evolution, and the creatures have drifted downstream from their starting point.

If up-evolution occurred, there would be a much looser grouping of species. It would not be chains of species, but more of an intense fraying of species ropes into individual fibers, each competing for space as individuals or possibly families and not as species. Instead, we see tightly grouped genetic chains, specific methods of genetic transmission, and new species appearing in steps like a staircase. Up-evolution would be like a waterfall or a ramp.

Down-evolution is unexceptional, as in there is no up-evolution. Genetic drift is like cloud transformation. These clouds will not become mountains or planes though. End.