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Thursday, August 03, 2006


The goal of Linux 2 will be to provide a free operating system that is more stable than Windows XP or any of the windows platforms, run programs from any operating system, be naturally virus resistant, and be user friendly and usable even by non-technical individuals while allowing advanced users to program in depth and adjust core settings and also code their own programs into the OS.

This can be achieved with several excellent code features. It must be downloadable through an internet site, which can be updated by user groups. Any program or file that the user/system desires to run on it must be decodable through a translating codework that can be accessed like a codec from the internet, to be added to a library collected into the computer's translation branch. This way mac and windows programs can be installed and their files translated into proper format for the OS and processor to read even before they are recoded. This can also cause macromedia and shockwave and other file types to easily load drivers and be viewed.

The translation can be worked by AI estimation systems assigning values with user interface and assigning new comments or tags to bits and types of bits. It can also be upcoded by users or possibly developers.

Stability should be produced by using customizable core defaults. The core operating system should be what a system reverts to at fatal fail. A program failing should not cause the OS to fail. These should not need to be run simultaneously, but the OS should be reverted to and allow the programs to take over non-essential functions from the OS at will or possibly by user permission.

It is critical to be spyware and virus resistant for all functions, even essential ones, to be labeled in an operation manager system inside the OS. This should be core at all times, and grouped by color as part of certain programs. I'd also like most programs to be internally customizable to run without all of their internal functions, but instead to not fail and merely provide a fraction of the function and customizably report missing data in variables.

The user's svchost.exe files, which group collections of processes, should all come with comments for the user and be disablable, and even reroutable using a plug & code style visual coding system interface.

The OS should have software recommendations. For example, a plug or OS zone available or designed for antivirus software files. This is mostly interface and recommendation for software. These recommendations can come in a file and be deactivated after startup. Core, involving system efficiency programs, which should be built into the OS and BIOS to the hardware, and certain software elements, anti-virus programs and anti-spyware, and reviews or recommendations with comments of various functional software pieces. All freeware of course.

[For example, Linux 2 should recommend Ad-Aware SE, Spybot Search & Destroy, Spyware Blaster, unregistered Spyware Doctor, it should have a registry manipulator and tips on registry items. Uninstallation should take the program's files from the registry as well as HD. The BIOS should be modified to keep the HDs periodically defragmented or organized, the boot files or sector of the OS should be defragmented and pushed to the front of the drive, functions of DriverHeaven TuneXP 1.5 should be incorporated into the system. All resources should be easily accessible and routable with comments. RAM should be automtatically set to the quickest T-setting. The processor should potentially have a minimally floating bus speed and voltage depending on monitored cpu temperature and system loads. This is a considerable amount of liability for software, but it should be considered, and permissions can be requested.]

Linux's functions of being virus resistant by limiting permissions should be duplicated in Linux 2, but it should be embedded in a more useful user interface. Installation of programs from the internet or from media should be as simple as a click, and those files and programs should be reaccessible with another click. The programs should have detailed explanation of what they do and their code and visual coding should be examinable by users.

Software and networking should be made considerably easier! Networking is freakishly difficult, and two networked computers should become the function of one computer, with boundaries set at their OS installations, seperatable later as hardware. Permissions for adjusting users and system settings shall be based on input slots. The keyboard and mouse of a certain computer are the only ones that can give permissions for that computer.

It is annoying for a mouse or a camera or other smallish device to require installation CDs. A mouse has only a few bits of input, which will assuredly show up at the end of the cord. The computer should be easily able to receive and analyze these and all foreign inputs to its system and determine what sort of signal they likely are, with minimal human interface, but with full customization. If you want your computer to interpret a mouse's x+ input as X-, then open up the visual-code of the mouse signal "interpreter" [similar to file type interpretations above!] and drag or indicate that incoming signal [likely already labeled as 'probably' or 'definately' x+, and drag it over to the 'translated' area for the desired sort. [perhaps x-, the opposite. this would provide 'pilot' style mouse control when the x- was tagged onto x+.] Additionally, visual buttons for doing these functions should be makable in the [mouse] interface page to assume pre-existing user settings, and also likely setting sets. The presence of these devices can be detected by external-facing polling from the RAM or processor to the ports every second or two, and from there signal should be established and move through the device instead of a USB-style polling system or device polling.

Code labeled as maliciouis in this manner will be identified and not allowed to run. Code that the cpu does not recognize can be searched on the internet for likely algorithms and data type organizations [for example, the likely organization of your mouse's data input, and data type, and learn from the net their standard setup components and their comments.]

This OS should use minimal system resources, to make it backwards compatible with many 98-level systems. If they are organized well enough the system resources should allow even a slower computer to run more modern programs and allow older motherboards to run using new Linux translation codes to have more free RAM using the ideally smaller Linux2, and an adequate amount of well routed processing power. Upgrading RAM, video cards, or chip replacement may be all that is required of certain systems. Further use of existing computer resources can be acquired from software fixes to hardware limitations and BIOS adjustment.

The average computer running Windows XP can be improved by perhaps 33% on top of its regular system performance using identical hardware in the same OS. This can be accessed using Linux2, and every mb of RAM less than Windows XP Linux2 will use will further increase the usability of the hardware, and similarly the better routed system function will improve CPU X software performance. This will make significantly better use of existing hardware, old hardware, and improve the function of computers and software in the future.

Linux 2. I would like to see this project worked on by companies allying with Nuremberg in Linux Valley, Google's summer programmers, Linux and Red-Hat productions, Ubuntu, das Penguin, and all world programmers and computer buffs to build a better open source OS.

This site about Mozilla Firefox extension building is a good key into the program.

No one wants to learn this unless they liked the link above. The OS must be visually basic to reach numbers like XP has. The visual portion of it should however be strippable to get to this kind of interface, although I would still keep visual elements basic defaulting OS, factory [from factory settings/installation]. It's free now. Another free but fisty OS will not draw users in. Linux2 needs to be easy like Sunday morning, if you follow the guided path of commentary and stuff, which should take you from point A to every place your mom or dad would want to go, and also most low-intensity gamers. But tweekers need to use this system too to make it better, to get more mileage out of their existing boxes, and to give their minds a chance to learn and remake the excellent ways the computer works.

Also, please keep a list of all existing settings somewhere in the HD or maybe latent in the BIOS to revert to for when you crash the OS into a tree accidentally, or code an infinite loop into a basic function. It will happen. This OS needs to be new coder friendly too. So shove those comments up in there as far/complex as they will go, on command, within a reasonable time. Maybe add comment-extension packages from the internet for semi-advanced users who want more guidance about tweaking their OS or even programs.

We should develop a few programs and convert a few programs to run well in Linux2. I'd like to see Doom 3, Civilization 4, and some of those caliber games recoded into Linux2. I'd like to see Linux2 come with a 3D game developing program like Doom had, except with interface reminiscent of Linux2. Users making games reduces the overhead of software companies and dramatically improves the lot. If we put program-making software and guides right into Linux2, users can make their own program if they don't like the ones out there or can't find [or afford] them. They can probably even shake down the sprites or the files from the internet if they choose and throw them together in their own way.

Linux2 could potentially 'pirate' software portions [non(c)] and allow users to throw them together, build them into 3D objects, populate a world with them, adjust physics settings, avatar view and imaging systems, light functions, AI point-origins and behaviors, material properties, gameplay, sound, and much more for 3D shells. For strategy games they could select and incorporate any set of rules and conditions they choose to in a mini3D realm or 2.5D realm, or text, or symbols. The desktop could become a game that they program if they choose.

This can go places. (c) William Bunker?


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