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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Thickened Big Bang Theory

cropperb wrote:

Hi science junky! Would you happen to know if this guy is for real?:

And I have also attatched a video with an interesting question that you might know something about... I would appreciate any enlightenment you could provide.


Mr. Cropper


Dear Mr. Cropper,
I've never met him, but I was told that the universal constant pushing on all matter is what makes gravity and force. A shadow of the UC is made behind one side of matter. Quite a lot of matter together makes a large shadow, which is a uc vacuum on one side, the side closer to the mass, specifically.

A black hole is quite a lot of this matter being resonated in the same spot, producing a theoretically large shadow on all sides.

i believe that at 'the beginning' before God created the universe, all matter and energy resonated in one spot. the world is technically a hologram.

from there, energy and matter disresonated with itself, ejecting it with freakish levels of force, as it was previously atomically overlapping.

furthermore, according to Australian scientists, energy and magnetic charge of atoms is unrelated to subatomic particles. they merely conduct it. i call this 'yottainvisible' dust. see my page at for data on the dust. this energy disresonating from a single sustained solidification into the world and all things would be the second biggest event, the first being the original singularity. it would immediately begin attracting new 'dust' and form electrons, protons, atomics, and begin what we'd call the physical world.

this is the thick big bang theory.


i like how the survivorman on discovery channel is like mark trail. video coming soon!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

negative numbers are unreal

I believe that the number line goes no lower than "0". Negative numbers are unreal, and formed from non-circuitous mathematics. No one can show me -1 atom. A debt is not made of less than a vacuum, it is a mandelbroting of various other #s and number portions that together produce "at least zero". There is no real 'less than zero'.

This eliminates all debts into their kind and form.

Something under 0 is not a negative number, it is portions of other things to be turned to 0. These other things can be examined and valuated above 0.

[see Receipt For Labor and Neuroempathy for more analysis.]