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Monday, March 31, 2008

I have a theory.

The living ionosphere of Earth has a deadly virus.

It's called 'YHWH'.

It subverts the natural freedom of the planet and species it oppresses.

A normal virus operates by infectig the host cell and then magnetizing the host's organelles to replicate the product RNA until it bursts.

From my psychic visions, this is an electrical entanglement shaped like a hockey stick, bent at around a 45* angle.

I would wager that there is more detail to the shape of this RNA, and that knowing that detail can enhance the function.

Immunity to this shape is a living construction which can be introduced to earth.

There are two courses for this disease. It could be an intentionally introduced virus meant to evolve mankind, as it was made in a colonial creationist lab according to our Bible and not, as I also believe to be false, by a deadly race of space invaders, which would be more similar to a virulent influenza.

I believe that mankind is being intentionally evolved in an unpleasant process by this specie, YHWH, with the help of Satan and a host of other angels.

A process of electromagnetic grafting occurs in the letter I sent to the CIA, NSA, and AIR. Electromagnetic field stabilities are entangled in humans and then harvested and transferred to other areas by angels or dynamic living electromagnetic fields to complete a task or subtly but powerfully influence or coerce a scenario.

The endtimes may be held on a series of electromagnetic triggers that will then release specially tuned reactions to mankind's conditions, as have been described in the Bible. Recall that all manner of seals and horns and bowls and horses show up. I believe that several of these have already begun to tick and that when they are all finished some viral event will have completed.

What this means, though, is mystery. Is race of Gods 'YHWH' a viral infection and we the hosts or the emulsifiers to taking the energy of a planet and solar system and giving it to a giant Max Planck electric God race? It is becoming a low order of probability that God is actually fighting in earnest against 'Satan', unless they are somehow respecting free will in others, or unable to quash the concept. Satan seems to be one of God's created angels who was 'sent' like Osama bin Laden to turn on 'us' to produce obedience to God and to crush God's enemies not by his hand.

This too may be false fire from heaven. Or the leaked eschatological events from the neoconservatives.

What will this post-virus humanity produce, in the 2012 Age of Aquarius, Mayan 6th cycle of mankind, end of the Egyptian Time Corridor? If it's more fruits for the creature that infected us and put us through 10,000 years of torment, I say two in the head is approximately justice, but then there's freedom and equality on top of that. I certainly don't want to allow this potential rolling wave of bullshit to continue, or even for such ugly domination to be possible in the first place, but I also don't want to spend a lot of time getting caught up in fighting it. I can have both.

If we're going to be a fruit stand giving them energy that supply chain will be destroyed and its heart is inequality.

Solar IR

"Solar's had a pretty rough time breaking the ~40% efficiency level over the years, but Idaho National Laboratory researchers have apparently developed a nano-antenna array capable of collecting power not from photonic energy as is done today, but from infrared energy that could be harvested in any weather (or even at night). The cell production process is even supposed to be ridiculously cheap compared to making standard silicon photovoltaic cells, but, as always, there's a rub. The grid collects its oscillating IR energy at ten thousand billion times per second, which is proving to be a challenge to the nerds behind the tech, who are working on a way to convert that to the 50-60Hz power that the world uses. So yeah, it might be a few more years before this one pans out (if it does pan out)."

We will need to use an 8<9 system. 8 is a very effective damper of electrical systems, and is the myelin or fat of a system that insulates electricity. If we pass the energy through a kind of fatty membrane that will resonate and produce a circuit from being surrounded by a more dampering shell, this will be a good start to collecting that energy by field as a step-down from the 10 trillion hz system.

The car remote is a portion of the circuit. I could imagine the ionosphere as an energy background and each specie and the cosexes of the species, and man and gods and spirits, as cooperators of a complex system of circuitry, mostly by field in some cases. Mostly interactive em fields rather than circuits.

Satisfactory sexual intercourse for many lasts 'thirteen [13] minutes'.

I'd like to inform you that this is bullshit, and an opinion based on the responses of several humans, and may not be representative of your opinion or experiences.

Our earth is moving around the sun at approximately 19 miles per second. The sun is moving through the milky way galaxy at a searing pace. Yet here on the ground we are not. I speculate that the contraction and compression of these forces provide a large portion of the energy required for form a sun. These formations may very well derive a large portion of their energy from the 'wonder' or chaos or wind and cosmic radiation of the universe beyond the heliosphere carved out of background space by the sun. I would call that wind unstabilized string particles, which eventually stabilize as dust and the many atoms, which together compact into suns and the life that those wonderful strings first wanted to be.

I wager that we could derive a large amount of our power from this force. Reiki is a massive power source from the earth. There may be fantastic formational reiki forces from inside and outside the solar system.

This is closely in order with the theory of infinite smallness and an echoing of scale obeying intelligent order.

Hypercube Ionosphere

If we can coerce our earth's ionosphere to perform this function by emitting a high energy wave from HAARP, we will be able to intelligently cause our earth to emit a greater energetic signature. We might be able to restore our planet's electrical field to antedeluvian levels if we replace previous density with greater activity. One rotation of this superconductor should produce one unit of gravity, and one unit of new energy from the circuit forming.

It may be worthwhile here to make an enormous wheel turn once.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I need to discover the ways a pendulum works inrelation to quantum truth. I believe it reacts like an 8 in an em field. Its spatial relationship to a topic/quantum [10] will be demonstrated by its gyration as though it had been at 8=10.

Hmm. Forcing 8=10 may produce a continual -pendulum effect in everywhere that isn ot the pendulum. Could earth and the world be functioning as a pendulum, sealing us on special courses intersecting with futures and fates?

The Foucalt Pendulum.

The pendulum displays the entrainment principle. When placed inrelation to an origin, it will measure frequencies of that origin. Pendulums can negotiate frequency pairs and predict geometric combinations.

According to number theory, pendulum's measruements and geometries are disrupted by the instability of intelligence and review of justice. This is how pendulums are useful for and shows their sensitivity to scrying.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

This is not funny. There are alternative chemical theories. There is a spiral periodic table map which is very compelling.

Also the theories of alchemy and subatomics are continually advancing. Consider CERN and the LHC.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tantrik Powers

This may be coincidence. Or it may be an ancient and new field of science. It is wildly unethical and very difficult to build law governing, except for libertarianism and natural law, or fascism and absolute law, the leadership of which would be variable and arbitrary, and shake the foundations of the area to minimalism.

This atheist who was going up against tantric magic was like a stone, or a noble metal, being washed in substances that do not harm him, but which could affect someone who is open to their evil ways.

I would prefer, instead of allowing evil to ravage me to the point of death and return, to be free to build whatever I want, and for all to be free to build and be whatever they want. Will Satan build an army of creatures who are technically not alive and without free will during this period of freedom? It seems that he probably would. May we as 12 prevent that evil and dissect the goodness and love that it forms and celebrate that. Can Satan do that? He doesn't.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

We can presume that energy itself fulfills the requirements of being living things by its magnetism and perpetuation of self as a vibration and a wave. This would mean that everything is alive that has mass or a charge of any kind. As we can presume that electromagnetic fields forming helicies and double helicies in dust and space plasma are alive and certain vibrations qualify as alive, we can presume that all energy is alive for the reasons of its sustained and intelligent vibration. Its ability to communicate and our ability to perceive it in ways we find intelligible may be limited.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I also speculate that matter and anti-matter are the formation of two stable formulations from a single original energy system, and that this system is a dimensional structure.

Fate may be dimensional energy formation as polynary forms of matter becoming relatively entangled clouds.

Fate seals or approaches and 'time' passes as possibilities are solidified when opposing clouds of fate are solidified and destroy or re=enmesh one another, by field, forming new realities and new vibrations, which we call change.

for example, matter and anti-matter will form when electrons begin spinning in different directions. But polynary matter will form when energy hz causes matter to spin in 3 different directions, only one of which can be displayed in the 'foreground' or electrical probability at a time. This is multidimensionalism, which is overlapping our experiences and our realms of physics right now. Matter vibrating at frequencies irrelative to our own do not even appear on our radar, although they may produce sporadic emissions into our dimension.

This is 'the veil'. This is the interdimensional realm. Living beings reside in these realms, and can enter our world by changing their vibrational systems.

Loopy Photons and Quantum Entanglement

I believe photons entangling is the creation of a relative physical sub particle that is the local circuit of a physical law which the two photons obey.

Entanglement may be the creation of new laws of physics.

We as a world may be entangled with one another, in a way that would cause us to experience Newtonian relative forces. Notice how many other photons shot through the optical cable merely took on differing and separate axes of vibration, denoting X and Y. [X < Y]

In the entanglement, one acquires red hz, the other blue, and both interactively vibrate. They probably passed through a single point, or an 8, where they had equal relative location, or a radius of their matter that entrained to the other particle's radius, potentially, for an instant.

The internal function of the photons may have worked to either bounce off of one another and avoid their pairing, or to 'entangle' by accepting the cascading origin pairing, and share magnetic properties with one another's origins. This then maintains by a circuit or more probably a field sensitivity they attain likened to one another. Their unique hz has been affected and they are paired, like becoming the offspring of their union. The action of the one has special dynamic hz resonation with the origin of the other, causing internal forces within the photon's origin point, which is sensitive to minute levels, whereas other waves would be rejected and bounced away after having Newtonian effects, these two particles share hz, as though family, as though their DNA has been changed to be like one another, as though their unique bubbles have been joined and film sealed over and a new bubble popped from the pair.

I also believe that this principle can be used to cause matter to emit spontaneous lateral motion based on local hz frequency. You could make a functional energy to motion engine with this entanglement principle.

This is spaceflight, this is matching the aliens to a great degree in tech and ability. E to motion has been cracked.

Using what I know about mathematics and having observed magnetic shifts and dynamics in polyvariable systems, I am able to intelligently and accurately predict the action of physical particles, especially subatomic particles, without using laboratory equipment.

This is a discovery of great value.

A-shelving of all matter would work, and produce perfect circuits everywhere, but it would take a very long time I wager, and require much 'attention'. Magnetism may be circuit specialization. Specialization and work may be tangent.

This could be defeated by relativity or by a sea of patiently buoyant infrastructure.

Where did all the 9 Go?

This article says that in the early days of the universe, the universe was full of radiation and had equal parts of matter and antimatter.

This may not be so. In number theory, 8 is stability and equality, while 9 is intelligence and inequality, or leaving and failure to rejoin, [until 10, which is pairing and magnetism and local effects.]

The Old Testament God is also #8. While Satan is #9. Man was supposed to be a justice, 7, which would never leave God. But we did.

I suspect that these antimatter particles quickly take 9-routes away from the matter instead of rejoining with it and crushing themselves.

As opposed to producing 'nothing' by anti-matter and matter striking, they form a large explosion of energy, which is fantastic and A-shelf, or 100% recovery of energy.

Satan would want there to be ~nothing, or for separation to rule the world, so he becomes #9, of leaving and inequality. A real thing plus a fake thing does not equal nothing, though.

Matter and anti-matter may simply be 'fake' and 'fake'[-1] energy stabilities. Energy being the real thing present, and energy being 10.

This would display itself on a graph as a dip around 8 and a surge around 9, or the opposite, on an x-slope rising at 45*. This is caused by an inequality, possibly a horizontal line forming at the 8, a literal form place, a Tesla circuit creation, which sprays or distorts matter or energy from other Tesla style electromagnetic field circuits, really more like meteorological patterns of energy than 'circuits' as we are accustomed to, but functioning in many ways as circuits nonetheless.

This causes the astronomically magnetic tendencies we see in this local environment, local being a scale of earth, and possibly as much as several solar systems away, or possibly the entire galaxy or all of reality, but more likely a local circuit board expression of a common systemic 'global' field problem, or a result of the confluence of energy patterns from this part of the milky way galaxy or the whole galaxy, or from numerous galaxies MR [major radius], or a collection of the magnetic input of all circuits everywhere effected on us locally.

This is a cloud of electromagnetic tendency that likely contains our local laws of physics, or our local prescription for the general laws, or our method of interpreting the incoming energy sigals altogether, extrapolating more distant effects, or recovering as such from the radius of our known and visible universe, beyond which energy flow patterns that we have not yet interpreted with our local-physics lens lay.

You may recall a post I made earlier regarding a possible electron the size of about 2-3 AU. And another much earlier about the particle form of a love-field., as all fields can be condensed into particles, and it is probable that all of our laws of physics are actually electromagnetic effects or circuits forming fields.

Theoretically, this provides a conceptual theory of 'forms'.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some say that patterns repeat themselves in scale between an atom and a solar system and a galaxy. This may be true, but the world might be arranged so that the tiny things *actually are* the enormous things, like a loop dependent on scale. Imagine if size scale is a belt rather than a V.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spacecraft and 4mm

If you have not yet checked for relativity from this slingshot operation, involving high speeds and astronomical distance, consider the atomic clock that circled the earth 300 times and lost 1/600 of a second. If the rotation was in a plane traveling only several hundred mph and the slingshot is an operating approaching 30,000 mph, is 1/600 of a second enough to add 4mm/s?

This is a copout. There is denser physics afoot.

Also consider the comparative pressure of a hole in a rapidly moving train. It is lower because of the rushing. Temporal pressure may be lower because of this rushing in comparison as well. Even rotating energy density becomes a low pressure zone that attracts other things. This is why entrainment occurs and how we get 'le clusterfuck', or hz-activated quantum bunching.

An hz-activated event is electronically coded to have certain hz frequencies either lighter or denser than the regional average. This sequence of spectrum difference, which could be grand or slight, and will show up as a single color on many machines even if it is 10 data centers of articulation. It is like a swizzlestick with the curves varying in size, made of energy. When you pass it through a system, it will produce a special kind of whistling that farther dow2n the chain of reaction influences and condenses quantum events and other energy signatures.

The normal energy for a given area is "8". This is the environmental constant, which is actually moving very slowly, but entrains and bunches together enough to look like it is not moving locally, although pressures and 'confidences' are shifting. Articulated or hz-activated energy is a '9', which has either more or less energy on various levels of the spectrum.

The 8 literally looks like a stabilized area, with two portions measuring and cycling everywhere, locally. The 9 looks literally like an 8 with a bite out of it somewhere, or an inequality in it making the top bigger than the bottom. This is an intelligent organization, which has been done for a reason, stupid or wise, which is 'intelligence'. On a macroscale, the entire universe is actually <9, as it is dissimilar, and will serve "10", or quantum entrainment and other energetic properties that make it 100% efficient and A-scale. Can anything be 100% efficient on a local level? Maybe, and more? Forever? Probably not eternally in a single dimension.

A 12hz energy slice has several geometries overlapping. All possible geometric combinations that add up to 12 are there. Putting 8hz energy in earth's 8hz resonance field produces no loss. Similarly, 3x4hz produces no loss in a 12hz system. That hz geometry is there, waiting in activated potential, with ~100% efficiency, and could be sucked out of the 12hz at a moment's notice.

This is not an argument that inequality is intelligent, although it is proof of someone having moved the dots of infinity in the past by changing or writing the laws of nature which are little more than "Phun", and have even changed very slowly, such as the speed of light declining. That may be the work of some gross 9 resolving slowly. Solve for trillions of years. That is a very large gear.

I wager that all laws of physics are actually electronic field effects. Because they are electronic fields, they are -11's<12 which means they are cogent to a single dimension, and you can probably turn them into particles. Give me the particle that articulates the speed of light law. It is probably an electron spanning roughly from the sun to mars or jupiter with smooth or sloping relief facets that are tens of millions of miles long. This may be orbiting a proton that is light years long. It might actually be a galaxy, and the electron a solar system, or perceived charge, a black hole, or a macroscale electromagnetic field, perhaps the relief structure in the form of Hawking Radiation. Actually, considering the relief structure, saying that an electron is a black hole on the astronomical scale would be rough-consistent. This could explain the electromagnetically enhanced principles of extra gravity and physics around a black hole that could describe the exponential scale of magnetism.

Please examine the effect and composition of Hawking Radiation to see what hz spectrums come from it and what geometries it produces down the road, away from the BH.

I have discovered the way subatomic particles coil. They are gendered. The electron is female, and proton is male. They both behave along lines of similarity to the behaviors of humans with those genders. We also are electronically motivated and influenced beings, likely to produce an electronic effect or product, in a 9-environment that is resolving. After this resolution and even beforehand we are physically able to change our capacities and resolutions.

Friday, March 07, 2008

We may be watching the world through a big big lens that is our laws of physics. The world is probably just a lot of dots out there of association, and from every place we may be choosing to cohese it from our local laws of physics, which are little more than a map of everything in our local physical language.