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Monday, November 27, 2006

13 Conundrums Vs Science

The link article produces 13 major inequalities facing conventional science. Billy Bunkie The Science Junkie recommends certain fixes to these inequalities.

"1 The placebo effect

DON'T try this at home. Several times a day, for several days, you induce pain in someone. You control the pain with morphine until the final day of the experiment, when you replace the morphine with saline solution. Guess what? The saline takes the pain away."

The placebo effect is directly linked to immunology and perception based [quantum] events. The mind believes there is morphine, or some pain blocking effect, in the solution. And since to a tiny degree, there is, and since the body is riddled with natural pain killers of identical sorts and probably some residual morphine, these elements, conducting that attention, are emphasized, and pain is not expected. The biofeedback circuit is easily broken and is possibly broken. This X faith = true.

The #4 Belfast homeopathy effect falls under this category as well. Technically, you have given them medicine, or the possibility of medicine with the intent of giving them medicine. That is a quantum condition, which, unobserved, could be very high potency or very low. This is playing with quantum 'dark field' unobserved effects. You don't know how much medicine is in the dilution. And you have no proof or expectation that the medicine would be evenly distributed in each wash. A single wash could knock most or even all of it out, or 1000 washes could be entirely ineffective, depending on probability. Unobserved probability is all. Which is based on faith again. Unified Field Theory: Radiance.

The universal constant is probably caused by the field of yottainvisible dust. This stuff is barely charged and 10^-24~ tiny. That means meaninglessly small.

Faster than light events occur around this yottainvisible dust. They also take into account C-Relativity. This may affect the universe's creation and distribution.

The blue shift theory may be stimulated by a seemingly random but macrosensible [taken as a >lightyear Hz-level] polarization of the universe caused by Radiance via the Unified Field Theory. This could also explain the universe speeding up in its expansion. This could also provide regional buoyancy for ultra-high energy particles.

"Dark matter" is yottainvisible dust and its magnetics and electrifications. This dust may also provide a tiny amount of gravity, dispersed over space. You may be able to help me and figure out the ratio of space to dust per unit. 13%? Regardless of mandelbroting, the real amount of dust per area. This figure could be affected by quantum effects, and it could also give us a base probability of energy in a field. Or 'the' field.

There is life on Mars, according to Chilbolton. This could explain the interesting soil findings from Viking in 1976. It is also probable that these life forms are silicon based, also according to Chilbolton. Science, take the clue and look at your findings in relation to the messages we have received. But also consider faith and Radiance. You may find what you want.

Tetraneutrons are pretty interesting, but there is nothing saying 0000 cannot become an X-shaped particle. Neutrons are pretty cool and seem to help stabilize a molecule. Find out more about their true function. They have no charge, right? Then what are they doing there? I would examine them from a binary standpoint, or as secondary chemical effects from charged particles. Maybe they mark field lulls to organize charged particle organization. Resisters? I believe a neutron does not need to produce ohms.

Anything pulling on Pioneer probe would pull on everything. Is this not so? Could your attention to the pioneer affect its properties out of relation to anything else you examine? Perhaps they are from massive distant em fields. The probes are no longer in the radius of earth's or the sun's major em or gravitational fields [90%?]. Please find the major radius [90% of the force released within radius x] of magnetic and gravitational effect per mass of matter, or call it infinity.

Dark energy is the same thing as dark matter. Energy = matter.

My first thoughts on the Kuiper cliff were related to Hz of a field produced by the sun [and its satellites, which focus on the center point of the local mass. Again tied to the major radius figure.] There's another big belt something to the tune of 100 billion miles [?] out from the sun
that is very thick and dense with ice. I think such a wide loop would have gross mass. Please weigh it.

These data should help solve several of these 13 major conundrums. Enjoy Science! Praise God!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Unified Field Theory

There is a superfine dust all through existance, which I will call "yottainvisible" because of its expected scale. It is also 99.9...% uncharged and unmagnetic.

An electron is not [-], it just conducts it, as is shown by tests involving yttrbium crystals near absolute zero, with stationary electrons that still conduct electricity. This is a force called 'the funk that lives inside you'. It is not represented in matter. It travels on a 'string' aka string theory.

There are two charges in the world: [+-] and [++]. A [++] charge attracts like charges and is unaffected by [-]. [-] is also unreal. Whenb a + is challenged, it slides onto a quantum spectrum of possibility of creation, in which it is challenged by an up to equal force of -. Every + or potential + observed from a [+-] field, containing doubt, is challenged by an 'unreal' - force.

In a perfect [++] world, there is one polarity: +. This + would then group on a scale cascading upwards with other +. In a world of doubt there are 2 polarities: + and -. When centered around doubt, a + and - will perform as [+-] and attract to one another, stopping major accumulation by conventional magnetic principles. When centered around doubtlessness of faith, in unquantum condition, a perfect [++] charge forms, where + clings to + and - clings to -, causing - to disappear and + to become 'what you believe it to be'.

Subatomic particles in [+-] field are mandelbrots of charge fitted together. When they break into other doubt-field chemistries made stable by faith in observation or [+-] math, the subatomic particles last for trillionths of a second, until their charge is reabsorbed into the new [+-] magnetic equation and the particulate matter they once were falls back to ~chargeless dust.

Also consider C-relativity and TOIS in archives for detail on universal constant and astronomically tiny waves and mandelbroting subatomics.

The atomic bomb is a mandelbrot upwards in scale the same way that the subatomic force is a mandelbrot downwards in scale. It cascades upwards causing incremental astronomical force until the chain reaction no longer resonates with the atomic scale and math, and the effect entrains out of chemical force, through EMP and radioactive frequencies and out of the universe that affects us. It may also cascade downwards in scale causing unobserved astronomically tiny effects in a precise location, until it entrains down ad infinitum.

That is very cool, and may have attracted distant aliens to observe the bomb/reaction and the events that caused it, in the same way we would observe a supernova, and then potentially be able to arrive there to observe it before it technically began by laws of physics. If any event humanity has ever performed attracted the attention of aliens, it is an independent cascading fission reaction. Nuclear fission is controlled and probably does not cascade ad infinitum.

Let it be known that I could produce a magnetic charge in the arrangement of the protons required to make a 'shirt'. This charge would then *call up* the dust to become arranged in the magnetic form of the shirt, and it would "become". I could wear it and everything. It would appear out of *nothing*. Dust and charge. This is how I believe God made you from dust.

This is how I believe God made you from dust.

Proverbs and ++

++ and Proverbs

"he who corrects [++] and arrogant [+-] man earns insult." 2+ X [+-] = 2-, 2+. You will receive 2- per 2+ you introduce to a [+-] circuit, unless the [+-] is changed to [++] or [--].

The funny thing is that a + is multiply by 0 in a [--] equation. It does not interact with -. As is a - in a [++] situation.

[++] : ++-+--+- ==> ++++, ----
[+-] : ++ -+--+- ==> +-+-+-+-

This is a basis for quantum molecular and atomc structuring. It causes poles to form in magnetic fields and for + to attract to - conditionally. It can shift the amount of force required or available to break a +- "bond". It can affect the reactivity of elements and the functioning of macro [visible] systems.

However, observing the system with either [+-] or [++] charge or intent changes the system to that path, or affects it closer to it.

This could be circumvented using a dark-field microscope in an unobservable sub-visible platform [or a Schroedinger's condition], or by maintaining faith in [++] and not reacting in quantum form to auto-proposed changes in charge/theory.

This is how scientists 'find what they are looking for' within the bounds of a human's charge of faith.

It also solidifies quantum waves into either ++ or +- through faith in perception. Faith and perception are often nailed together by pain or desire, although even observed perception can be lying, and true energy cannot be represented in a way that counts as absolute observation. Even electrons are not [-] charge, they merely conduct it. A brick of iron could have 0 charge in it until it changed to a [+-] system.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tires and Exhausts

I'd like to see non-compressed air tires. Tires are always in danger of going flat, when that is not a good reason to stop driving. We should build tires filled with a biodegradeable elastic substance that will function partially as a shock, and improve shocks for a finer ride. They can be retreaded if necessary around a centerpieced sufficient tire. No one wants a flat tire.

I would also like to see wider exhausts for petrocarbon fuelled vehicles. It seems that a 'custom' exhaust can improve horsepower by a considerable level. These things are just shaped in the factory. Install larger exhausts standard to provide more powerful cars.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Quantum Ringing and Visible Objects

"he quantum world is about to get bigger thanks to a technique that will allow objects big enough to see with the naked eye to exist in two places at once.

Quantum properties are most prominent in single particles. In bigger objects thermal vibrations destroy the quantum effects. So in theory, chilling a large object should allow its quantum properties to shine through.

This week, three teams of physicists have perfected a way of doing this (Nature, vol 444, p 67). Their technique is to bombard a mirror of roughly 1014 atoms with photons in a way that damps out thermal vibrations, cooling it to 135 millikelvin. [WB: also note that this principle may fight entropy in some way. dampening heat to turn into photon power could be a good way to recapture ambient heat. also, the universal constant?]

However, the researchers will need sophisticated techniques to see the quantum behaviour. "You can see the mirror with the naked eye but you won't be able to resolve the quantum effects," says Markus Aspelmeyer, at the University of Vienna in Austria."

Dude, I was correct! I talked about this principle and called it 'ringing'. I learned that the quantum harmonics of macro-objects are dampened by thermal activity, though. I suppose the resolution of a quantum would affect the ambient level of energy, as it is then defined, and adjusts the whole unresolved sum in its probability.

I believe if this energy could be decolorized, or given an equal uniform Hz level, it could be visible. That must mean that one thing, so long as the properties of it are identical [temperature, charge] will balance with one another in their ringing orbit. Otherwise, they would gain erratic waveforms and collapse within a few cycles [of electrons around the atom/molecule], or at least form a terminal orbit.

This means that the scale of the object or quantum event is not important, only the principles of it. This is mind over matter, it is substance over condition. [Ethics over circumstance] Ethics can equal circumstance if they do not deharmonize. That is what Jesus told us about the law.


"the charge is quite small. the frequency is important. consider this: **do not add the difference**. The difference will be absorbed from magnetic resistance between the frequencies of the energy and the atoms.

We reap the chemical fruits of this non-chemical interaction."

This is more efficient than standard chemical reactions, because it is not a chemical reaction. It is a chemo-magnetic reaction relying on the functions of magnetic entrainment [using the entrainment principle discovered in the 1700's] and vibrational chemistry [where vibrating objects interact]. If you get U-235 to vibrate like U-238 it will try to find a way to shift into U-238.

The vibration of an element can be called its electrical charge. When you run electricity through a magnet, and all atomics are magnetic, it produces a different pull. U-235 will pull magnetically like U-238 if you get it to vibrate at the U-238 level. It will effectively give it a "three under" magnetic signature, that will attract those 3 other neutrons from all locations possible, like any other element with 3 slots open in its outer shell.

WE can combine magnetic entrainment and vibrational chemistry to make the atoms/molecules like vibrating magnets. No additional atomic components are necessary the case of splitting water, only the arrangement is different, from H2O to HHO. Oxy-fuel.

Also examine below how non-radiant energy loops into an atom! An atom is basically a weak force state collection of many wave energies in which the energy arrangement loops in a circle until nudged out of it by some power or force.

A wave is probably made by interaction of Hz-scale [++] and [--] fields in succession, and signifies the delineation between these variably attracted fields. A piece of energy would be shuffled along those adjacent fields, and rejected from them all, indicating the level of radiance in the field is unseperable on a quantum level. If the level were seperable, it would split the field and produce a 3-some level of charge, which would be either rejected in a new direction or decompose into a smaller quantum state made of a mathematically even level of [++] and [--] charges formed from the original destabilized [++] or [--] field. This probably produces all the fractionalized fields and mathematical electrical harmonics in our universe. It must have been amazing when it began, probably from a single [++][--] wave of titanic amperage.

When a series of charges collect into a [+-] from a collection of such [++] and [--] charges, in weak and non-radiant formation, we see macro/atomic stabilities form. These are the magnetic/atomic strong/weak forces, which cause charges to seperate into poles and also hang together, except where radiantly [+] or [-], in which case they whim/wonder about at "c" [of e=mc^2, where c = your speed + the speed of light]

Magnetic radiance probably has to do with polarity or direction of pull of charge, either convex or concave.