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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Energy and Physical and Emotional Health

I had previously posted in this blog regarding electric medicine describing the ways bone and tissue can be affected by trauma and internal magnetics, and by relief how electric health functions. I believe this is expressed the same way emotionally, but emotional conditions are either unbound to physical parts or those physical parts are represented by neurons or neurochemicals.

Also, I would like to see scientists attempt to teleport only 'part' of a subatomic particle in the way they have in the past with whole subatomics, atoms, and light.

I am also interested in non-verbal feelings based esp. It is the dsl of psychic communication. Feelings can bounce back and forth without verbal translation or super-conscious comprehension in fractions of seconds rather than periods of time. When you allow your own emotions to issue from your body without being censored by your consciousness and brain, EM communication and negotiation can be very rapid!


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