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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Steam Engines and the Lung Turbine

All coal and nuclear power plants bring you energy not just by making extremely high temperatures from coal fires or radiation. That fire boils water, which turns a simple wheel.

This is a hideous waste, and can be done approximately 1000X better.

Water is a very heat-absorbant liquid. It takes many calories of heat to raise the temperature of water. One Calorie is the amount of energy required to raise one kilogram of water 1* Celsius.

It requires millions of calories to turn any substantial amount of water into energy, which must be produced by the burning of coal or disrupting uranium's atomic structure. This produces heavy pollution and waste.

Water boils at 100*C. Bromine, element #35, boils at 58*C. That is already a pure savings of 42%. Bromine may require less heat to boil. Bromine and water probably expand about the same amount during phase change, producing similar buoyancy.

All the water boiled off from coal and nuclear plants is lost to the environment. We just let boiling water rise off. That is what you see coming out of a nuclear plant's cooling towers. Steam. We should encapsulate whatever we choose to boil and allow it to return to its liquid form slightly below the phase change level, and then reheat it slightly. All we do when we turn a steam turbine is make use of escaping gasses produced from the phase change.

Heat isn't the only thing that affects phase change. Scientists have made wood *melt* before it burns using atmospheric pressure and heat. If the pressure is reduced to a low enough level of pascals [1 pascal = 1 newton of atmospheric force per square meter] , water will boil at room temperature. It is even easier to boil bromine at room temperature. And if we adjust the pressure, we can condense it back into liquid with almost no effort.

If we took room temperature bromine and put it in a ballon inside a capsule, and then reduced the capsule's pressure below the bromine's boiling point, the bromine would turn into gas and escape, turning any turbine. Once the bromine had evened out into the area of the balloon above the turbine, we can increase the chamber's pressure, causing the pressure in the ballon to rise, and condense the bromine back into water, where it will then fall onto a waterwheel and turn that for power. This is a simple Lung Turbine that I just invented which can make use of the phase change far more efficiently than a steam turbine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A two-cycle heat engine:

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