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Monday, May 15, 2006

Wave period, frequency, and justice

Time, Reality, Quantum XP, and Relativity the cosmological constant might be related to the layering of 'time' in scale of the hugeness of reality. yes it'd probably take a hundred billion years for a ball the size of creation to roll down a bowling alley proportionally as long. this is how time is made, though. it is scaled by size. a tiny ball going down a tiny lane as long as an electron would take infinitismally little time. your time is relevant to your size. and your velocity is a measurement of your 'period', or affects it. amazing. this produces time in the x- and y- quadrants that may be entirely independent.

i don't really know how i feel about that. it makes me somewhat uncomfortable and i don't know how to reconcile x- and y- time. i am more comfortable with time being created by the rolling of a ball than on which axis it is spinning.

this can also create the possibility of alternate times/quantum paths of experience, and navigating these 'realities'. this also means that your action and motion affects reality on a fundamental level, regardless of the expression of the action, and principly on the FREQUENCY OF THE ACTION!!!!!!!!

"that is so important i'm making it a new blog."


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