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Monday, May 15, 2006

Time Travel is for suckers

My name is William Bunker. I am from Massachusetts.

The theory of infinite smallness states that there is no largest or smallest particle. furthermore, it states that all things are made of the grouped electromagetic fields of a cluster of 'objects', those objects also being clusters.

A magetic signature of a cluster of objects can be taken from a radius, such as the exterior of an atom. It tells the average or total sum of the magetic properties of that cluster. It tells the magnetic signature at a radius, but not the identity of specific magnetic objects inside that cluster.

This can be compared to a topographical magnetic map of existance, and is an effective way of measuring things at a local size scale.

Infinite size also affects time. Size and time are both relative. A bowling ball 10 billion light years wide would take hundreds of trillions of our local 'years' to roll down an alley of comparable scale.

The regional speed limit is the speed of light. Light is actually moving infinitely quickly, and size is merely a way of dividing time. When moving at the speed of light, light appears to be going at the speed of light.

Just by being, you are moving at the speed of light, but in tiny groupings and vibrations of your molecules and atoms. You are moving at the speed of light, but the period of your movement is miniscule. Therefore, you experience relative time on the size scale that we see.

When moving in one direction at the speed of light, the period of your 'wave' of existance approaches the period of the 'molecules' of the next astronomical 'level' of scale greater in size.

If you move more quickly than the speed of light in one direction, you will break from the predictable path of 'vibration' of the astronomical iteration of an 'atom' [being approximately 10 billion light years wide].

By moving faster in one direction than the period of the wave of your scale, you will resonate with the higher wave. This would be like an electron breaking the pull of an atom!! I see it!! It is the multiple dimensions of the universe! This is scale translating into depth!! Amazing!!!


01:32:29) H: i create meaning, but i do not often create content. God creates most content and ithink i merely interpret it
(01:32:29) s: What?
(01:32:52) H: love is the answer
(01:32:54) s: Ok, now I'm lost.
(01:33:00) s: Oh, THAT I get.

(01:33:13) s: Love is the Highest Power, and in the end it always wins.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think as you approach the speed of light time slows down and ultimately, when one attains the speed of the light, one becomes timeless, like God.
the human nervous system needs to be trained to conduct energy at this speed through prayer, meditation etc..
this is the physiology of enLIGHTenment or atonement ('at- one'-ment) or Christhood, that is, being one with God, light.
remember, Jesus is a god of sun, not actually the Son of God, although it's perfectly correct to think of Him either way, it's just a matter of perspective.
for example- if you were to say Jesus is the Son of God, i would interpret this as originating from a mythological, poetic perspective.
Thinking of Jesus as a sun god, is more of an anthropological observation, which is backed up by actual empirical evidence, through the study of human history.

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am now recognizing the analysis of God creating content and we examining it. Humans have a subdued 9-function, which is originality. they tend to copy [8] and to avoid creation. this is what makes us gardeners, and also servile to God and the heavenly host. we also have a subdued 3-function. we should realize these potentials. they also decry a 12-error of 12>13 in the major EM field of God, hence jealousy, belief in progression before anything else, and prohibiting our voluntary intentional pan-social association [13].

12:06 AM  
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